11 July 2008

Relationship Randomness

Aight first things first I wanna show some love to my girl Real Hustla for sending me a Fathers Day gift eariler this week. It was by far and away the best gift a girl has given me since Eb the Celeb sent me the ESPN pack. Yes the 2 best gifts I've gotten have come from blogworld.. That's actually kinda sad lol. Here's a pic of the goodies:

I love it, I simply love it. I wear hats everyday, I needed some wine goblets and she even took the time to make me a beanie(the beanie didn't really come out in the pic but it's there on the right). It even has a HANDMADE tag on it, and she sent my daughter a coloring book. And she wrote me a card. She's the best. She even tried to send me a bottle of wine but interstate trafficking laws prevented it. The best I tell you... lol Californians are some of my favorite people. In case your wondering my favorite people list it goes:

Washingtonians, Californians, Southerners, and somewhere on the next page after Canadians are fake ass celtics fans from brooklyn... lmao

Moving right along, since I know you want an update, the bridesmaid era is officially fading away. She said she was too busy to hang out with me or return my calls/texts. Soooo... it is what it is. On a side note back when I met her I was real hesitant to even mention her here in the first place because I'm not big on talking about my relationships. So in the future I won't be mentioning anyone else. I don't want to jinx any of my future exes.

In marriage/snack news... here is an example of what I need. This is my co-workers lunch box that he insisted I take a picture of to show women I meet.

You see that little blue spec of plastic in the corner? That's his actual lunch, everything above that is snacks. I'm telling you this dude gets a mini 7-11 every day for lunch. It's sooo beautiful.


BorednTalkative said...

Damn, she even wrote a message on the inside? That's sweet. I wonder if I can find a husband to do that for me.

So where do we British people rate on your list?

Ieisha said...

I don't think you jinxed anything. The bridesmaid simply did not know what she had.

In the words of Common, "it don't take a whole day to recognize sunshine," so her loss.

As for the lunch, I'm gonna take a pic of what I pack myself for lunch when I'm heading to class. You're gonna be green with envy, lol.

I'll ask the question though: would you pack wifey that kind of lunch if she requested it?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Boredntalkative - Your the only British person I know so ya'll A OK with me.

@Ieisha - This is not about what I would do... lol Naw I wouldn't have a problem returning the favor and packing a lunch or too.

Opinionated Diva said...

Mental Note...be nicer to Eb & Real since my birthday is coming up. It's not until September (9/21 if anyone *DAVE* wants to write it down), but this gives me enough time to plant the seed! LOL

Sorry to hear about the Bride's Maid. Yeah I only talk about dudes in the past tense or dudes I have no intention of being serious with...which is why I refer to _____ as a blank and don't even give him a name.

You luv me Dave...you know you do, so stop hatin because my team murdered you team. tsk tsk

The lunch pack...the funniest thing is "Yo Da Man!" written on the side! LOL

youknowyoudeadazzwrong said...

LOL@ you not talking bout nothing else cuz yune wanna jinx ya future exes. That is hilarious to me!!

I mean dayum...can I get a care package/gift/something? LOL! Blog people are the best!!!

RealHustla said...

Cheesin', Dave. I'm glad you liked the gift, you deserve it. Aww man, I thought you were gonna model the beanie for me? What it don't fit or something? Hey, I approximated the size of your big 'ole head the best I could.

As far as the brides maid goes. Whateva', moving on.

@Diva, I'm on it girly!

The Jaded NYer said...

I love how she wrote him lil notes on the inside...AWWW, that's what's up!

but why can't you make your own lil snacks/lunches, with your own inspirational notes? I mean really- who loves you more than you??


PS- i feel you on not writing about dates on the blogs... that's why I steer clear of it. I could be dating the entire upper east side of Manhattan and y'all would never know it...

Ms. Behaving--> said...

LOL @ you and this...this "snack kick" you've got!

Maybe [just maybe], there's something wrong with me but something about that lunch bag [can't quite pinpoint WHAT] looks reeeeeeeeeeeeal elementry schoolish to me.

Nice of Real Hustla to send you a daddy's day gift.
Californians are some real cool folk [yes indeed] but us Brooklynites [who fell last on your list of favorite people *GASP*] are what's really good!!

Got one word for ya on the news about the bridesmaid --->NEXXXXXXXXXXXXT!!!

Hope you have a great weekend! :-)

Cruz said...

Nice gifts, where can I sign up? I want some too!

DiamondsR4eva said...

That lunch is beautiful, filled with love in every bite LOL

Your gift looks really nice, blogging does have it's perks huh?

I'm iffy about blogging on relationships cause it's a double edged sword, it can help but it also might hurt

Have a great weekend :-)

Dreamy said...

You and Bridesmaids didnt work out cause it wasnt meant to be. See if you were to get with a sista like me I'd treat you right, best believe that!!!

Id pack your lunch everyday and then some honey,lol!!!!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

lol... so that's the key... its these little things that keep men happy... lol