08 July 2008

When Blogging Gets Real

Aight so I have a story to tell. A couple months back this girl sends me a friend request on myspace. Lets call her Sexy Stranger so Sexy Stranger said she read my blog thought it was cool and wanted to add me. No problem, she was cute and I pretty much add anyone to myspace. Well couple months go past we send a few messages back and forth nothing real deep or personal just casual BS talk. Then Sexy Stranger posts a pic from her job on myspace and I notice that it looks alot like where I work. So I drop her a line telling her how it's a small world and that she must work near me. That's when we have this convo

Sexy Stranger: Yeah I've seen you on the train a couple times
Me: really? you never spoke.
Sexy Stranger: Yeah, I wasn't sure it was you. You even looked right at me one day like you knew me
Me: Really? I might have been debating on weather I was going to try and holla at you. I don't remember seeing you.

Long story short I play hide and seek with her on the train for a week or so and then we finally bump into each other. We get to chatting. Which was weird because she asks me questions about Bridesmaid, taking my daughter to the movies and some other posts I did. She has a complete advantage on me because she knows like 200% more about me than I know about her. Not only that but turns out she went to High School with one of my close cousins. So not only does she know me but she knows my family. I mean WTF!!! This whole blog thing is cool when people can't recognize you in public. Now I know why people don't post their pics on here. Being anonymous has it's benefits. Did I mention I'm anti-social? I guess it's cool though, I met a new friend. She doesn't seem like a crazy stalker ever though I teased her about it.

And since I'm anti-social and like to hide in public heres my new commercial for Cookin' with Dave... lol


ps. I don't want to hear any Lakers jokes (looking at you Diva). I loved those commercials and even though my team got shafted by David Stern I think it's time to let it go and focus on the NFL season.


Ms. Behaving--> said...

It's a good thing she turned out to be cool people...
[I could imagine that being a pre-tty creepy experience for me.]

Cool commercial :-) ---> Now get to cookin'!! LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm sorry...I hope she doesn't get offended, but I just think it's CREEPY for someone to know who you are, sit across from you more than a few times and NEVER say anything. Never??? Creepy.

This is exactly why, you wont see any completely clear pics of me on my blog. Not happening...if it does those will be passworded posts.

You are so crazy for that commercial!! lol...yeah like Liv just said. GET TO COOKIN!

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL...I am JUST noticing that last line!

You are going to learn to love my FLAKER jokes...boy did they flake out in that last game. But anyway...you are going to learn to love my jokes, because they are not going away, so look ALLLLL you want! *side eye'g you right back"

I'm from Brooklyn son...I aint scurred of you! ha!

RealHustla said...

Whoa. Okay, I'm never going to post my picture, again, not even for half a day. And Sexy Stranger, that WAS creepy. What's your blog address, huh?

Well, Dave I hope this doesn't affect your writing style too much. Some of us will never be as lucky as Sexy Stranger.

Ieisha said...

Ya'll some paranoid peeps!!! Maybe I just like the attention. I'll post the pic and be PROUD of it. But I'm crazy and up front like that. You being anti-social could pose a problem.

What are the odds that a person who reads your blog actually rides the train with you and works near where you work? Be proud of your blog! Don't start filtering stuff out either!

As for the commercial, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

After you make that apple pie, can you hook a sista up with some zucchini bread?

Dreamy said...

Im with Ieisha maybe i just love posting pic of myself, cause i cant see my blog not having a pic of me on there,lol.

and dont be filtering stuff now

and i love the commercial. cant wait to see the show!! im gonna have to let Ashley know she is really into cooking,lol

Dreamy said...

omg and beautiful smile!!! you are such a cutie

Big O said...

Yeaaaaaaaa.....i think its creepy....thats all. lol


dakinkykid said...

Good read.... Yeah you never know who knows who you are... Kinky

Sha Boogie said...

LMAO!!! And you look so dead ass serious!!

dejanae said...

tis a small world
as long as she aint a crazy freak
(well the bad kind) it's all good

youknowyoudeadazzwrong said...

Ummmm... what? Homes I can't on this one.

[cue stalker music]

I call 'em like I see 'em


The Jaded NYer said...


you just described my worst nightmare

*goes to delete pics from blog*

RealHustla said...

By the way, love the commercial. I had to wait till I got home to see it. Hmmm, 10 minutes of video? You must not make your crust from scratch.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

LMAO@ everyone. Ya'll know if she was really a stalker girl this whole post would have been different. You can't give stalkers attention like that.

DC is a small place and it's not surprising to bump into people repeatedly. I think her recognizing me is more due to my myspace page than this blog.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

This post is fun and scary at the same time. There are several reasons why I don't asscociate my picture with my blog and this is just one of them but I bet ol girl is cool though.

This is a fun blog...My first time here.

*Sexy Stranger* said...

Hey All... *Sexy Stranger* here...

I just wanted to say, no I'm not a stalker, and yes, as Super Dave sai..DC is a small place...so you are bound to run into someone at some point in time..also the "Six Degrees of Seperation" Rule kicked in here..so we just happen to know a few of the same people..

So I think it was just a coincidence..

Keep up the good work..the blogs are fun, funny, and a great read!!

Carla said...

Super Dave....I'm sorry to inform you that that's what you get for putting your life into a fishbowl for others to anonymously observe....

Ms. Lovely said...

See, that's why i'm a little shaky about posting my pic..Esp with the way I air folk out..The last thing I need in my life is a shanking from BlackMon lmao