29 August 2008

101 Things....

First off I wanna say thanks to everyone who commented on my "Make Me better" blog. I was sure someone would have something bad to say but everyone was real positive. Ya'll are the best ever.

Did you know 45 people subscribe to this blog? Who are these people? I love ya'll.... really I do. To prove it I wasted 2 days thinking of 101 things about me. If you don't want to read them all I'm not even going to get mad about it, hell I don't want to read them all. It's alot of useless info but I know some people are nosey and what not.

  1. I was born in Nov
  2. Im a Sagittarius
  3. I don't believe in astrology
  4. I've dated more girls based on personality than looks
  5. Im really not into feet.
  6. Breasts are another matter
  7. I have 1 older sister
  8. Although I consider my younger god-sister my actual sister
  9. A couple of my cousins I consider brothers
  10. I have 1 niece who is 12 years younger than me and considers me more of a big brother than an uncle
  11. Women in my family call me Davey
  12. I really don't like talking about myself.
  13. Last time I cried was at my grandmothers funeral last august
  14. My uncle (her son) actually yawned during the service. I was so pissed at him for it I have not spoken to him since. I mean really what kind of person yawns at their mothers funeral?
  15. I have 8 aunts and uncles on my dads side
  16. only 1 of them stayed with their wife/baby momma
  17. My family is not good at marriage
  18. I want to break that cycle
  19. I'm really big on family
  20. I have 1 tattoo
  21. I never got my ears pierced because earrings are for girls
  22. I have never rented an apt.
  23. I have like 10 watches
  24. I have like 20 fitted hats
  25. I have a room full of t-shirts, shoes and hats
  26. I once went a week without being able to walk
  27. I never talk about it
  28. I had a bird as a kid named "Guber" after the fraggle rock character
  29. My sister let him die after we moved
  30. I don't own a suit *hangs head in shame*
  31. I do own 3 cars
  32. I've been brought home by the police twice
  33. I've never been charged with a crime
  34. I've been soo drunk that i blacked out twice, (no they were not related to being brought home by the police)
  35. I have 1 friend from high school
  36. When I moved here from cali i felt like I left my world in cali and started over.
  37. Since then I never really gotten attached to people besides family
  38. This might help explain why i'm single
  39. I've never met my grandfathers
  40. I have no living grandparents
  41. I cant seem stay focused enough to blog from home
  42. I never went to any kind of camp as a kid.
  43. As a kid i rode a skateboard
  44. I played baseball and soccer too
  45. I cant say I was ever a fan of tupac
  46. I cant swim
  47. I've never been outside the country
  48. I've been to Vegas 3 times
  49. I don't think I have even been in love
  50. I went to university of maryland but i didnt graduate
  51. I don't count my associate degree
  52. Or my "Certificate"
  53. I used to be able to draw really well
  54. I really think i want a son.
  55. I grew up watching star trek
  56. I wish I had a real relationship with my dad
  57. I used to grow tomatoes on my deck
  58. I'm not really as much of an asshole as I claim to be
  59. I really hate to clean-up
  60. I used to read alot more than I do now
  61. I'm sarcastic
  62. I constantly crack jokes, I'm one of the "you think everythings funny" kinda people
  63. I'm what you call quick witted
  64. I'm reaching for stuff now...
  65. I can whistle
  66. I like "people watching" way more than I should.
  67. I spent my first 12 years on a military base
  68. I think my fave color is blue but I have alot of gray shirts
  69. My hair appears to be straight until it gets long enough to curl up.
  70. I'm 5'8, 5'9 in nike boots
  71. I love the Simpson's
  72. I have a goldfish but its really my daughters
  73. She needs to take better care of it
  74. I used to have a thing for girls with braids
  75. Ive grown tulips and elephant ear plants in my front yard
  76. I spend way too much time at work on google chat
  77. When I'm not making hot fire like dylan i'm a UNIX admin.
  78. My daily work outfit consists of jeans tennis shoes, a t-shirt and a fitted hat
  79. My mom used to make us hand make cabbage patch dolls
  80. she made our shirts too
  81. My mom sews really well
  82. My dad was on the food network for a chili cookoff.
  83. I went 10 years without talking to my dad.
  84. When I get married I'd be surprised if he came
  85. I'd invite him though
  86. My daughter has never met him
  87. I avoid saying hi to people I know on the street
  88. I have a weakness for helping people
  89. My favorite TV shows include the wire, burn notice, lost and Heros
  90. I've never seen a Tyler Perry movie
  91. I went to his "Diary of a mad black women" play before it was a movie
  92. I wasn't impressed
  93. I read alot of self-help and business books
  94. I've read several Donald Goines books though
  95. John Maxwell might be my favorite arthur
  96. I'ma straight BS these last 6
  97. I only buy Grand Theft Auto, Madden and NBA 2k? games for my xbox360
  98. I have not played my wii in months
  99. I stayed wearing Air Force 1's until Nelly ruined them with that song
  100. I fear he will do the same thing to Jordans
  101. I have never been to a professional football game


JACK said...

I don't think I could've done this - hats off! I'm thinking if my mom passed away, I'd likely not get much sleep and could potential yawn even during a funeral. No?

For some reason, I though tyou were over 6'0" - aw well.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I like burn notice, too. And people watching is my thang! I can stare (laugh)at folks all day.

I just did a list that took me a few days to do. So, I have to leave the list thing alone . . . at least til next month.

Eb the Celeb said...

Love love loved this post... I learned so much about you....

so I guess the cooking thing is hereditary..

you know the food network needs an urban host right? you would be perfect

and that last one... is just plain sad... if I get the hook-up on some redskins tix I am taking you...

Week 11 Dallas plays in Washington... I'm gonna work on getting some tix for that game... since I already know I have a date***wink***

The Dreamy One said...

Great list sweets!

U are not right for the feet thing! I haven't told u that u suck in a long while!

Awwh I hope u and ur dad have that relationship u want! I'd give anything to have my dad back!

I have a degree, but hell I could have done without one!

I need u to get a suit sir @ least one!

I'm 5'6, I'm such a shorty!

Great list! And I think u are a sweetie pie!

Have a great weekend!

Ieisha said...

Talk about being focused. Well, it did take you 2 days, lol.

Might jack it.

Interesting list.

I think I've learned more about you in this post than in any other convo. Interesting.

#76...I know, lol.

iCandy21 said...

#31- lemme hold one of those lol

#76- what room do you chat in? i may check google chat out today cuz i finally have free time again and im tired of playing games on addictinggames.com

#98- since you don't play it, let me borrow it!

Kayos said...

Hahaha! You're not interested in feet. I'm not laughing at you. It was just something that caught me off guard.

I have to agree with you on Nelly messin up AF1s but I still bought a new pair recently.

I love GTA but I'm more into NCAA than Madden.

Now cut it out. You haven't ever been to a professional football game?!?

You still have time.

Great post. I know you better.

Opinionated Diva said...

I can't believe you did this...particularly because as you mentioned, you don't like talking about yourself (#12).

#4…very surprised at that one
#11…Aww @ Davey...still sticking with Obby though.
#30…10 watches, 30 hats, 3 cars…and no suit??? Work on that!
#46…me either…I’ve always been more into Big & Nas.
#58…nah…I don’t think you are either.

MP said...

I have a problem with reading things in order so I think i read them all in the most scattered fashion.

I have such ADD that i probably would have stop after number 12. which ironically said that you don't like to talk about yourself in a post of 101 things about yourself! I enjoyed it and i am def one of your 45!!!

12kyle said...

*coming thru for the 1st time*

nice blog, bruh. thanks for coming to the 12th Planet

this is a great post. i've learned a lot.

i too am a gamer. i passed on madden this year for ncaa football. when the nba2k9 game drops...we must battle!!! lol

Pajnstl said...

I was reading your blog earlier when my spouse attacked... I made a point to come back and leave a come out of lurkdom and leave a comment. lol

Girlfriend said...

I enjoy your blog! I've been lurking for quite some time and it's by far my favorite blog to read.

Your 101 Things didn't seem long at all cause it was very interesting to learn some new things about you. Keep up the good work!

FREEDOM said...

@ #7 I have only one brother and his middle name is Humane (my daddy named me Freedom and him Humane) you just gotta love daddies!

@ #’s 9 & 10 I know what you mean. I have a couple of cousins I consider my sisters and we call each other "sister" like in The Color Purple lol. My cousin daughters call me Auntie (they are my only nieces)

@ #13 & 14 Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. That was so wrong of YOUR UNCLE. At what part in the funeral did he yawn?

@ # 46 Me too just shameful lol!

@ # 49 Are you serious?

@ # 50 What was your major? Ever thought about going back TO FINISH?

@ #’s 81 & 82 Kool..:)

@ #’s 84 & 85 He will come. I am sure of it!

@ # 86 sad :-(

@ # 88 ME TOO LOL!

@ #'s 90,91& 92 that gotta change u r so missing out! The movies are so much better than the actually plays. The are featured by real actors & actresses (LOL) that put on some really good performances.

@ #’s 97 & 98 I was sucked into buying my Godson a xbox360 for Christmas last year and a wii for his birthday this year...I’m like I am done lol..you are on your own with buying the games. (Side note I really did not mind buying them for him because I love to play them too. Especially Madden Baseball homerun derby. I knock em out the box on the regular...lol)

@ #101 neither have i so sad.

Great post Davey...I feel like I know you a little better now. Sorry for the length lol.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Kayos - NCAA huh? maybe I'll give it a try, I'm a die hard madden guy though

@Diva - I don't mind the Obby nickname. I'll work on the suit.

@MP - Don't feel bad I would not have read all 101 things either.

@12kyle - Thank you... come again.

@Pajnstl - lol.. when spouse's attacked? wasn't that a TV show on fox?

@Girlfriend - Hey, welcome to the crew, I like the lurkers too... lol

@Freedom - Lets see, I forget what part he cried at. I have though about finishing college just never actually done it. I'm still not buying the Tyler Perry movies... lol

FREEDOM said...

@Davey you don't have to buy them lol i have most of them you can watch them for free...lol


@ #93 I'm starting a Book Club soon (after my birthday) so you should roll thru if you're interested.


sweet kei kei said...

i agree this is a really good post. definitely gives some more insight into who you are.

i c that someone has a green thumb

can u really not draw anymore?? i always looked at it like one of those things that's like riding a bike

donald goines is the guy that did black girl lost right? his books are really good. his style reminds me of walter mosely, the guy that did devil in a blue dress

and i like that you havent given up on marriage....too many people have these days

Janiece said...

I dont know how you could have done a list that long. I struggled just to read half
I had to skip and come straight to commenting :)


btw. #66 had my LOLing

Big O said...

Tryn to step my watch game back up...had a break-in a few months ago...rat bastards!

peace2332000 said...

I feel tacky because I have yet to leave a comment...

But good post: "5. I'm not really into feet"

Me either. That's why there are shoes.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Freedom - I don't mean really "buy" I mean I'm not interested in seeing them. Free is a great price though,lol And I'll check out your book club, but if you have 1 Oprah book on there I'm gone.. lol

@Kei Kei - Yeah I used to grow a couple things. I get bored easily so I have to do different stuff. I don't know if I can still draw I have not done any designs outside of a computer in a while.

@Janiece - I said it took 2 days, most my posts take like 20 min tops. Don't worry I will not be doing it again

@Big O - Man I have all them watches and only wear 1. And Damn them dudes who stole yo shyt... Rat Bastards!!!

@Peace2332000 - Don't feel tacky, I don't really do the blog for the comments, I'm glad you swung thru.

Ms. Behaving said...

Been working on a similar post for damn near a month now.

For some strange reason, I can't seem to get past #30. [LOL]

Good stuff though!!