03 August 2008

Advertisement/ Weekend wrap-up

Do you feel like you meet the most randomest dudes?

Do you think nobody would believe the crazy ass stories you have to tell about dating?

I would like to invite you to check out my girl CeCe's blog.

Her Random Negro Files are not to be missed.

She's great

She writes book reports for congress.

She's college edumacated so she uses fancy words like feigned

She actually knows me in real life.

She's eaten my cooking and survived!

S go check her out. I promise you will not be disappointed

Oh what did I do this weekend? The usual Sun, Beer and Crabs.


Opinionated Diva said...

I will definitely check out ole girl's blog...did you give her some of those cookies???!! lol. OK...stop shooting daggers at me...I WILL STOP the cookie jokes!

Happy Monday!

Ieisha said...

Uh...I read some of ya girl's blog. Is it just me or should she stop internet dating?

You'd hate eating crab with me. I've got issues on taking it directly from the shell and eating it. Grosses me out. I'd force you to do the dirty work for me, lol.

Young woman on a journey said...

she does have a great blog. i'm always waiting for the next entry. perhaps her survival is just temporary.

CocaColaCutie said...

awwww...thanks for the shout out Davey!

now this means I really have to blog...good thing it's august and congress is on recess!

CocaColaCutie said...

oh and i don't write book reports! i write news

RealHustla said...

Am I seeing things? Do you have the computer/monitor and a dvd player set up on the patio? Man, I'm just trying to picture what condition your key board must be in the midst of that crab feed.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@real hustla - you not seeing things, we were watching movies outside. No computer just a TV and dvd player. we had to enjoy the weather

Rebecca said...

read cece's blog it was great!!!! ur crabs looked good lol

Designer Qui said...

that sucks.. i can't even eat crabs :( glad you had a good weekend.

Sha Boogie said...

You got one mo' gain to post up some crab and beer pics before I hunt you down!!

Sha Boogie said...

P.S.. It aint no fun, if the homies (ME) can't have none!!


UnKnownDiva said...

lol sumbody got down on those crabs 4real. me n my girlz been tearin up sum crabs n sangria all summer

DiamondsR4eva said...

Beer and crabs huh? I'll take the sun a cosmo and some crab cakes lol :-)

I shall visit CeCe's spot soon

Ms. Behaving said...

I'll be sure to check her out!!