05 August 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays pt 2

This is a blog I did way back in Feb of 2007. I've learned alot more since then but these principles still stand.

This blog is brought to you by my baby girl. She is my sidekick, we fight crime together... LOL. For those of you who don't know, I have a 2 year old daughter. Being a father is a great experience. I've learned many things, here are just a few:
- No matter what you think you know about raising a child a woman thinks she knows more. I mean any woman not just other mothers. Women think guys are idiots just learn to smile and wave at them.

- you think picking someone else's nose is nasty till your baby has a HUGE boogger in hers.

- You get used to the smell of dirty diapers

- Girls are born bossy.

- Nothing is funnier than a child telling you "good job" for knowing your colors and shapes.

- You learn to watch your language real quick when your daughter starts repeating "shut up" and "Asshole".

- The day your child understands "go get the remote" is a wonderful day!

- The day your is strong enough to open the fridge is not so wonderful

- Oddly enough kids don't care about getting their clothes dirty

- After you have a child your b-day/Christmas gifts disappear.

- Nobody will really care about you anymore. When I see someone they ask 2 questions. "How are you" and "Wheres your daughter", not in that order.

- Your mother will be sad if you come over without your child.

- Don't bother bringing your daughter into a store if you not going to buy something. Even the auto parts store has toys in it.

- Children will remember when all the candy in the house is, even if you forget. - Most importantly You'll never get thru parenthood if you don't learn how to laugh.

Actually I want to add that if you don't want your former Man Cave to look like this

then you might want to re-think the whole kids thing.


Rebecca said...

great throwback haha throwbacks ad doll houses lol.. when u have a child ur life is enhanced .... dont have any yet... but congrats to u and ur little girl a match made in heaven

unknowndiva said...

awww....what a beautiful post!!! all true except i don't think i know more than my baby daddy about kids. when lil diva was born, he knew just what to do (moreso than me) and she is his first child too.

nikki said...

love this entry!

the photo is the clincher. it's self explanatory. LOL

and i think men know alot about raising babies. however, they're not the ones who speak up. the women do.

Opinionated Diva said...

Awwwwwww this was so cute. I can't believe you're daughter is...what...three now??? She's a smart girl and yes...all female children are born bossy. At least I know I was...from day one! lol

*side eye @ the Flaker jersey* The man cave would look so much more color coordinated without it!!

The Dreamy One said...


And good Lord she has some toys!

Dave u might wanna back that baby away from the TV or computer!

But u know that's just a woman thinking they know more than a man, LOL

Young woman on a journey said...

awe! love it! if only all fathers were like you!

RealHustla said...

Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share. Clean up, clean up...

Oh, oh forgot where I was for a moment there. You mean that's not a picture of a preschool? After a while you'll probably figure out a way to claim your man cave back. I know it can be tricky.

I love that post. And you're right, we do think we know more. I don't know why. BD1 once tried and experiment on me. He asked me to get a booger from his nose. I looked at him like he was insane. His reasoning was that it wasn't even half the size of some of those I be getting out his son's nose.

I am known as the diaper destroyer. I never got used to that smell and can go through at least 1/2 a case more of diapers per month than the average parent. I know Pampers loves me.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Rebecca - I spent too much money on them damn jerseys to just leave them in the closet

@Unknowndiva - I picked it up pretty quick but her mom just assumed I didn't know shyt.

@nikki - Hi.. women have no problem speaking up to me, Most the time I ignore them. lol

@Diva - She just turned 4 a couple weeks ago. and Don't hate on the laker jersey. matter of fact that "West" jersey is Jerry West's laker jersey.. you know the NBA logo guy. yeah lakers rule lol

@Dreamy - Yeah she has way too many toys. and I don't know why she likes that broken TV on the floor.

@Young Woman - Thanks, I'm just trying to do my part

@Real Hustla - That damn song is burned into my head. My daughter sings it every time I ask her to clean up. No grown man should be asking you to pick his nose, that's nasty lol

Seven said...

- you think picking someone else's nose is nasty till your baby has a HUGE boogger in hers.

YEAH THAT IS DISGUSTING. I hate picking my little cuzos nose. Their parents steady brought them over with a filthy nose.

- Nothing is funnier than a child telling you "good job" for knowing your colors and shapes.


Big O said...

The Man Cave has been taken hostage by Princess Power!! lol

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh that pic is hilarious... jerseys with a doll house!

Ms. Behaving said...

LMBO @ that pic of the man cave...
Looks like you've found a happy medium!!

Great post by the way! :-)

Melody.Darlene said...

hahahah! LMAO @ "even the auto store has toys."


MP said...

that is a funny post and an even funnier picture!

Ieisha said...

Was that Wonder Pets I peeped on the TV? Lol....I won't sing the song again for you, lol.

I will pick some boogers! Can't stand to see snotty-nosed chirren running around. Buddha knows I'm getting up all in that nose of his. For kids that I don't know, I just whip out a wipe and go to town.

Love, love, love, love the pic. I think you are officially the expert on girl toys. Wait till she asks you to play house and tea party with her!!

Sha Boogie said...

I see your holding on to that whole 'bachelor pad thing' for dear life with the throw backs in the background, LOL!!

Ms. Jones said...

Love the pic of the Man Cave lol, great post!

One Man’s Opinion said...

How funny. No kids here, but I can totally relate. You for got the word "having to go potty' being added to your vocabalary.

dejanae said...

love the pic

Mocha Dad said...

You speak the truth. These lessons become clearer each day.