21 August 2008

Just stuff

Remember i said my Kidney was hurting? well I finally I went to the dr on monday. He basically said that I don't have an infection in my kidney and if it is kidney stones I should man up and let them pass. I love my dr, he so direct about everything. Oh and he said that if my back hurts i should but a new mattress. So long story short I'll be around to post random crap on this blog for a lil while longer.

I saw this video today in my inbox and to say the least I'm disturbed:

I'm thinking I won't need a gun after all because if I caught my baby doing this crap I'd choke her with my bare hands. I'm not playing you would see Super Dave on the news, and after I was done with her I might have to punch that lil boy in the chest. I'm especally mad that this is all initated by the lil girl. That boy just going with the flow, this heffer grinding all on him like this a music video. This is the exact reason I'm scared for the future. Have you seen Durty Mo's site? That shyt was real funny for a while now it's kinda depressing me. What the fuck is wrong the youth? why do they think all this shyt is cute and funny? ok ok ok I'm rambling, I'll save it for my presidential campaign.

I saw this bamma on the train with a polo shirt and a tie on. I don't even dress up and I know that's wrong.

Ieisha asked why I call people bamma's.... I call everyone a bamma or nigga, even white people, it's a bad habit I need to break. But bamma I think is a DC term for an uncool person.

Sweet Kei Kei asked if i ever had fake chicken at a BBQ.... I don't even want to answer that because I don't think it's possible. Why even call it a bbq if you serving fake chicken? I'd protest the whole thing, whoever did that to you is not your friend.

if you asked me something and I never answered I'm sorry, I really should reply to comments more. I'm kinda lazy on that front. I'll try and do better.

Anyway I'm done for today.


Opinionated Diva said...

yeah...you're REAL lazy with responding to comments, but let me shut up. I haven't responded to comments all week. lol

anywho...I can't watch the video...I have a BAMMA sitting way too close to my damn desk today. Bamma azz Bamma! lol...that's gonna be my new word for the month. I usually call uncool people "foolios", but I like Bamma better.

Alright...i've written enough lol!

RealHustla said...

I have to say that this girl's momma was probably cheering her on. How else would she know to take it that far and to be so precise with her actions unless she'd had some expert training.

I remember my cousins lip syncing to Aliya's "Work It Baby", I don't know, I think that's the name of the song. Anyway, they were doing the moves form the video and everything and there mommas were cheering them on.

Ms. Lovely said...

those kids need they ass beat to the white meat! NO better yet the parents need they ass beat to the BONE..so shameful.

JACK said...

I'm calling Child Protection Services ... hold on ...

Ms. Behaving said...

And folk wonder why grown @ss men are looking at some of these lil' girls the way they do!!

I point the finger of blame at this child's parents.

::shakin' my damn head::

Designer Qui said...

this video pisses me off! just give all those black people bashers another reason to talk about us!

someone of these parents today need to keep these kids on spongebob square pants and not music videos. what a damn shame!

Jaded said...

What's wrong with youth is that folks can't separate television from reality anymore.

That's some fuckin' bullshit. (the video)

sweet kei kei said...

i'll say it over and over...the problem is these young parents think everything is cute. i let my baby dance but if she goes too far, i let her know that it's not ladylike and i show her how to dance more appropriate. i even have her in dance school but at the recital one of the older groups did some dancing that i didn't find appropriate. i know my mouth can be off the hook so i shouldn't point fingers but alot of these people lack class forreal

Kayos said...

I'm through with trying to figure out how these children nowadays are growin up needing Jesus. Seriously. The pic on the video is enough for me to know exactly what happened and where it went. Not worth playing it to see this little fast ass girl.

As for you calling people bammas...it isn't just you or people in DC. People call folks bammas down here as well.

Ieisha said...

That movie made me want to:
1. karate chop the little girl's momma in the throat

2. punch the little boy's momma in the ear

3. beat the black off that little girl for dancing like that

4. and put my foot in that little boy's a$$.

In that order.

Keren said...

I can't believe it - we used to whisper just to say "doing it" not even know what doing "it" meant - now these babies are practicing "it" and don't even know it. It's not even thier faults - It's thier mamas!!!!!!

Monique said...

WTF! Those kids are off the chain. But why is there an adult who walks through but doesn't even try to stop them?

Liz said...

that is truly disturbing... that is all i can say

MarriedToIt said...

I would beat my daughter silly. Its all them dang hip hop videos (man I sound old)On the cool her mama needs her tell beat because she only saw it becuz her Mama let her see it and thought it was cute when she did it.

The F$%K it List said...

I have a son but I swear if he even stood there going with the flow you would see me on the news... and I'd be like Tupac. Straight screaming in the camera Yeah I bet he won't be grinding on anyone else. And I'd be off to Rikers with a smile on my face.

And someone needs to smack the beejesus out of the adults that were taping this. STOOPID

ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

Ugh, this video is making all the rounds and it's still depressing each time I view it. I hope the parents are addressing this -ish.

brran1 said...

So Luke is directing Kiddie Party videos now?

The parents should have yanked them both up for this.

DiamondsR4eva said...

Yea someone would be calling the Man on me after I saw this video of my child participating in such fuckery.

Gald you're doing ok and your doctor is hilarious

SistaSocialite said...

I saw that video a while ago... that's just a messed! Somebody's parent's need to be slapped! lol That just gives them something else to talk about black ppl pst

lmao @ bamma... I'm not even from DC but they got me saying bamma, young, joint, jah... and I'm listening to go-go. I'm thinkin to myself WTF?? lol

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Why is there an adult with a video camera recording instead of telling them to stop and sit their nasty behinds down and play with their legos?

The child got it from her mother.

FREEDOM said...

Hey Dave!

This my time commenting at your spot. I agree with you I too am very disturbed at that video. Especially the adults that think that was cute and funny. Just sad.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I just want to cry. Seriously, I just want to cry. I saw pictures of that crap, but the video just takes it to a whole other level.

Guess who is going to get pregnant for her thirteenth birthday? Why would any adult think that crap was cute? Because she learnt that crap from seeing adults do it, so it makes you wonder how many adult parties she's been to.

Seriously, black people. Do you on the streets, but don't bring that crap home to your kids. This is why I have to deal with young attitude on a daily basis. I ain't even playing.

Anybody in blogland that thinks that video is anything but a form of child abuse, or at least damn close, meet me outside. We need to have words.

Ms. Two Cents said...

Could this be on the edge of Child Porn? I feel ashamed for watching it.....bleh! This video will haunt those kids forever.

Did anyone notice the other "couple" behind them?
*chills up my spine in disgust*

MysTery said...

My coworker sent this to me and I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Mannnn when I have a child if they EVER... I am going to jail or therapy. smh.

FREEDOM said...

just had to come back a post another comment after my 14 niece seen this video and immediately "she don't what she doing she ain't doing that dance right!" can you believe that our children (small children) are watching these videos, teenagers and adults mocking the dance behavior they are doing. then my niece went on to show how the dance is supposed to go. she said it was best done with three girls in a circle going in a clock-work direction. can you believe that! i was speechless because theses dances are not just on BET, but you can YouTube them too and most kids nowadays now how to operate a computer. our generation gotta tighten up in a MAJOR way for our children!

just wanted to shed a little more little on the video.

by the Mr. Super Dave I hope your kidney stone passes soon. i have worked in the healthcare field for many years and have a small tiny piece of stone cause so pain to some grown azz men...lol

God bless,