01 August 2008

Random Conversations

I just want to say that my cookies were DELISH!!!! (that sounds real gay huh, blame Rachel Ray) damn all ya'll who had something bad to say about them. They didn't look like wheat pancakes or toddler shyt. *borrowing Diva's side eye* I'm the only one who can talk about them because they are mine... lol

I had this conversation with one of my coworkers this morning.

Her: So whats for lunch today
Me: It's in my bag
Her; You bring your lunch alot
Me: yeah, if I don't cook i don't eat
Her: Your married right?
Me: nope
Her: girlfriend
Me: Nope, why does everyone assume I'm married or living with my baby momma?
Her: *giving me this look like she has 20 girlfriends she can hook me up with* well you always have you lunch, why are you single?
Me: I'm kind of a jerk
Her: Really? so your an asshole boyfriend?
Me: I've been called an asshole alot, I just laugh it off.
Her: I didn't know that about you
Me: Yep, but they always stay my friend so I can't be that bad.
Her: ok.... blah blah blah(we talked some more but it wasn't important)

So now when I see her walking around the office she calls me asshole. I say that's Mr. Asshole to you.. lol

On a serious note all my co-workers just assumed I was living with my baby momma until I told them otherwise. I have no idea what kind of horrible rumors are being spread about me in this building. Hopefully none of them involve me and the snack bar girl.. lmao ok I'ma leave her alone now.

Guess what??? I posted a blog everyday this week. This is a frist for me.

Have a great weekend!!!


Opinionated Diva said...

I'm gonna take your word on the cookies. lol...I'm kidding. I'm sure they were "delish".

Until I went to dinner with the co-workers last week, they all thought I was married. I'm not even wearing a ring...so yeah...not sure how that one got started.

Enjoy your weekend...try to stay out of trouble.

RealHustla said...

So, does this mean that you were not interested in her setting you up with one of her friends. I'm just trying to get a better understanding of you. Why did you tell her you were and asshole, were you just trying to make funny conversation?

I think it's probably the consistent brown bags that fooled everyone into thinking you were married. Oh yes, and probably also you frequent and regular daughter duties which are never associated with a baby daddy. You're a good role model for other BDs out there.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I have mixed feelings about being "hooked up" i don't like mixing work with pleasure. And I am a bit of an asshole. I tell people this so they not surprised when they realize it. I'm honest... lol

ShellZ said...

Enjoying your blog..Good to see things from a fathers perspective.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

i think that gossipy people make up random shyt on the regular just to have something to talk about. i'm kind of antisocial so i can only imagine what they say about me

i think that most men are assholes so it's really not that hard to stay cool with them. i have to talk to SUMbody. lol

unknowndiva said...

dave anonymous is me, unknowndiva. blogger wouldn't let me comment n u know i had 2 put my .02 in!! lol

The Dreamy One said...

Asshole huh, LOL hmmmmmm......

I don't do hook ups either they never turn out right!

Well the rumors could be worse, sir!

I mean they could be saying u have the package or something, LOL

Let me stop messing with u, have a great weekend

CocaColaCutie said...

you coulda brought some cookies for me..you know i need pick me ups these days :(

Young woman on a journey said...

well, no one can say you don't know yourself. And even when you are upfront about yourself to people...they never believe you till you show your ass...lol

Ieisha said...

When a person shows/tells you their true colors, believe them.

You've officially become her challenge. She's going to try and un-asshole you. Some people out there love a challenge.

You don't like being hooked up but you don't take advantage of making the first move when you see a potential date yet you don't like going to the movies alone....alright, what's the deal with you for real?

That is not a good combination!

And congrats on posting a blog every day this week! Someone's had plenty to say!

Carmell said...

you sound a lot like my baby daddy... hes a jerk.. it was cute and funny till i had the kids... then it was time to grow up and he didn't want to so now hes a baby daddy. hes married to some unfortunate soul who now has to deal with him for the rest of her life... if she can deal that long. people like that should stay single. my sister is like that. i told her never get married. its just so unfair to that other person.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Ieisha - I we already discussed my ADHD when it comes to relationships I need counseling

@Carmell - DAMN!!! why it gotta be like that? I grew up when my daughter came. I can be nice too, I just like to give people that warning.

DiamondsR4eva said...

Yay for blogging everyday of the week. If I had a smartphone I would try to blog more than once a week.

I love people's assumptions, they can be very entertaining esp. when they are never verified until the person talks to you or you talk to them

The Dreamy One said...

i my blog is supposed to be private but its acting retarded and it wont let me read some of my favorite post.

so its open now....

update me on the blogroll, the name is thedreamyones.blogspot

Eb the Celeb said...

I didnt even notice until you said something but look at you becoming a regular blogger

and why the heck are your co-workers all in your bizness... why the heck do they care if you are living with ya baby moms or not... they need to get a life

i cant stand when co-workers be all up in the bizness

Ms. Lovely said...

I have yet to complete a entire week of posting..I'm so lazy..

I commend you for embracing the asshole withing (ok, that sounded really freaky) but you know what i mean. some ppl never want to admit it

all-ian said...

Yeah. She gonna make u her target now. Put a red dot on your back cause she coming