20 August 2008

weekend wrap up... 2 days late

Aight I'm a lil late but here's my weekend wrap up.

- leaving work on Friday this spanish dude was handing out flyer's on the corner. Turns out he just lost his job and he was handing out a picture of his family with his short story on it. I gave him $3 and then he asked for the pic back... he had like 40 of them in his hand. i was kinda offended that he wanted it back but anyway. I felt bad for him, I figured at least he took the time to make flyers. That was orginal. Then I was about 20 miles away in a different city and I saw another spanish dude doing the excact same thing with a different picture. Bamma's stepping thier hustle game up.. lol

- Me and the baby were in the grocery store and this guy was talking on his bluetooth cyborg headset. So my daughter says Hi to him (she talks to everyone) and he continues talking on the phone. My daughter is confused because she doesn't see a phone on his ear but she knows he is not talking to her. She asks me "He talking to me daddy?" I tell her no he is on the phone and she looks at me like I'm crazy. This is another reason you should leave the bluetooth cyborg headset at home, your confusing the children.

- Me and the baby were at California Tortilla eating our usual when 3 women walk in. 1 caught my eye but I have a standing rule that I don't try and holla at girls with my daughter there. I just feel funny about it. So I'm checking this girl out and when we are getting ready to leave my daughter says "Hi" to her. she says hi back and we start to walk out. Then my always aware baby says "Do you like the girls daddy?" I reassure her that YES daddy liked the girls. Now i'm rethinking my rule. I'd hate to use my baby to meet women but maybe she wants me to use her.. lol

- I went to my buddies house warming, I'm convinced that my BBQ had the best food ever. I had real chicken, shrimp and everything. I hate going to BBQ's where they can't grill a hamburger and the sides are subpar. Anyway me and the baby were there chillin. My friend has a son about her age and she swears that they are going to get married (insert diva's side eye) i take it all in stride but do you know this lil boy saw my baby, grabbed her by the hand and headed up stairs to his room!!! I had to gather my thoughts and calmly told this fool that I fight kids and that they need to stay down stairs. I gave my daughter the evilest look I could come up with and told her to stay her lil ass downstairs. I see now I'ma need to get my gun license while my record is clean.


pink said...

lmao @ Do you like the girls daddy? Lmao...that is so cute! Im surprised she isnt a chick magnet. but then im also surprised she dont be cuttin her eyes at women that be lookin at you. She sounds like a daddys girl and we dont be havin that shit! lol

Aww leave her alone...they was gonna go play wit his toys! Sike...nowadays kids be tryna play doctor and house and shit....the "revamped" version. You did the right thing.

Lil mama is a trip and stop callin her the baby! i can see you callin her a baby til she 39....thatll be around the same time she allowed to date right? lol

iCandy21 said...

"I'd hate to use my baby to meet women but maybe she wants me to use her.. lol"...lmao @ THAT! No comment needed

I will, however, comment and say I should fuck you up for, "...I fight kids..." Between you and Pink I swear...Iono what to do w/my mornings lol.

And it's ok that your weekend wrap up was late...mine was too...except I beat you...wrote mine yesterday ahahahahahaa =]

MP said...

Oh no that little boy did not try to take you baby to his room! LMAO

I like the new spanish hustle. I'm all for creativity.

Oh and rest assured that your baby does not want you to use her to pick up women! LMAO! You are too much!

MP said...
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MP said...
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Designer Qui said...

LOL thats cute but worries me a little! i could see my son doing that!
children are scary these days! they know too much at a young age.

Opinionated Diva said...

lolololololol @ that entire last paragraph!!!!

I'm with you though...stay your little azzes within earshot! You can't trust little boys. I remember this one time...at band camp lololol!!!

I used to use my nephew to pick up men all the time. It's funny how men seemed to be more attracted to the idea of me looking like a "single mom" as opposed to "just single". men are weird

PS: you can not side eye the kids Obby...that's just not a good look!

Big O said...

You should of told the spanish dude that the flyer was your receipt!!! lol

RealHustla said...

I thought you were going to say that the beggar had copies of his resume in his hand. That's a thought, huh?

My son caught me checking out a dude once. After we left the store, he was like "Mommy, why didn't you just talk to him?" I told him to shut up and mind his business. Don't use your daughter to holla a women. I wouldn't be able to trust a guy who did that.

Good move at the BBQ. Some of these little knuckle heads need some fear struck into them.

CocaColaCutie said...

That hustle ain't new. The blind/deaf and New Dehli natives been on that for years.

lmao@ real hustla...resume...that's a good one!

Young woman on a journey said...

lmao. this is hilarious. but don't be using her to get girls.

Ms. Lovely said...

lmfao! I never heard of that hustle

Don't be using the baby as bait! lol

U just made me want some bbq! I had the best beef and chicken shish-ka-bobs (sp?) awhile ago..mmmm.

LMAO @ "I fight kids"..leave those babies alone

sweet keikei said...

lmao @ this whole post. dang you've got some interesting things going on around you, dave.

up here in jersey we've got asian bootleggers now! i'm like how yall gonna steal a brother swag? i mean dang aint it enuff that yall got the chinese food thing on lock?!? lol

i don't think it's such a bad thing to let your daughter see you interact with women because then she'll be more aware (and on point) with men as she grows up. i don't mind when try to holla when i've got my baby but it depends on how they do it. i aint having that "yo baby wassup ma" junk

and i'm lol @ diva saying side eyeing the kids is just not a good look.

oh and btw, have u had fake chicken at a bbq before? lol i'm just wondering.

Monique said...

Awww, the overprotective daddy already but I feel you. Get that gun, boo.

Ieisha said...

Buddha can't date till he's 21. I would have said the same thing to the lil boy. I'd be in jail.

Sounds like you were at a bootleg BBQ. Those are always the worst. Ugh.

Reiko! said...

You are hilarious and there is nothing wrong with using your baby to hustle a woman:) Just make it quick and keep it moving...you don't want your baby repeating your lines in daycare!