25 August 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Soooo, over the weekend I actually got alot done. On friday I went home and finished painting my kitchen. Now all I need is some art on the wall and I'll be good to go.

Saturday me and the baby went to my buddies wifes b-day party. It was like a get together at their house. I walk in the door and see my god-daughter and her grandma, that was a pleasant surprise of course my god-daughter (she's 5) hugs the baby and they go off and play. I was like damn no hug for me? as usual when the baby is around I don't count. I'm getting used to it. Then I head downstairs and see my god-son (he's 2) he hugs me, see someone loves me. Then proceeds to punch me in the stomach. You ever been punched by a 2 year old? they put everything they got into everything they do. It kinda hurt. So as I mentioned before I fight kids, so now it's on. We're boxing it out and he's kinda slipping some punches thru my defense. The kid has a mean right hand. I decide that boxing is not working out for me so I switch to wrestling. I figure I'll use my size advantage against him. Things are going great now, just as I'm about to body slam him into the pool table I see my daughter and god-daughter running up to me..... 10 min later.... I'm in the corner getting jumped by 3 kids and my daughter is yelling "yeah hit him, yeah!!!" I'm searching for help and there is none, only "friends" looking and laughing. pffft.. Some friends they are, how they going to let me get jumped? I channel my inner incredible hulk and fend off the triple team. Super Dave survives to fight again...lol

Sunday I cleaned my house and did laundry ALLL day. Oh that and watched NFL network. Did you know Dion Sanders is sporting a gray beard? Prime Time is getting old, I couldn't believe it. I love watching games on the NFL network because you get to hear the local announcing crew. I like play by play with an obvious bias towards 1 team. My favorite call of the day? this guy was talking about completion percentage or something and he said "That and 85 cent can buy you a donut" I'm stealing it to say to people who talk about stuff thats unimportant. Oh you got to work 3 min early? well that and 85 cent can buy you a donut... lol

I saw Fonzworth Bentley's video for "Everybody". Am I the only one looking forward to his album? He has a song on Kanye West's mixtape with Lil Wayne and Pimp C and honestly I think he has the best verse on there. his album should be interesting.

I bought THIS book. Ummm I can't recommend it. Unless your a huge muppet fan then you will enjoy it. Actually the first quarter of the book is kermit talking about his rise to fame. No really not Jim Henson's rise but Kermit the frog talking in first person about HIS rise. Alot of muppet realted jokes in it. Honestly I don't even want to finish it but since I spent my money on it I will. Good thing it's not very long. Next I'm reading THIS book. Hopefully it will be much better.


Opinionated Diva said...

lol @ the entire change with the kids, especially your daughter yelling "yeah, hit him"! Where's the loyalty??? lol

I think in another year or two, those kids will be able to easily take you...you better step your fight game up!

Fonzworth Bentley has an album coming out???? *sigh* I aint able...can't deal with that one.

iCandy21 said...

Awww Super Dave loves the kiddies, and Super Dave reads...what a role model! lol

pink said...

lmao at your godson huggin you then punchin you in the chest!! and then the baby gon jump in tombout yeah lets get him!! lil kids crack me up.

pink said...

i mean stomach. =/

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Diva - My baby kicks me to the curb for other kids on the regular. don't worry I'm going to take UFC classes so i can fight the kids off.

@icandy21 - Reading if FUNdamental... lol

@pink - That lil bamma fights me everytime I see him. He just violent.. lol

dejanae said...

You need to be able to fend off ten kids like i can

bentley's album? huh?

side eye
why the kermit?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Dejanae - 10 kids!!! your must really be an alien lol. The kermit book looked good until I read it.

SistaSocialite said...

Awww don't let the cutness fool you... kids WILL put up a fight lol

I LOVE Bentley! He's not much of a rapper, but his style is different. I'm def getting the CD

Blink is a REALLY great book. There's some stories like I'm like... ok, get to the point, but all in all, it's pretty good.

RealHustla said...

No sympathy for grown folks who fight kids. They gotta fend for themselves and should have been congratulated on their great team work! For years I punched my dad in the stomach every time I saw him. Now I feel bad. I always thought to myself that since my fist bounced right off, it couldn't hurt.

Uh, maybe next time you need to wait to hear something about a book with a muppet on it before you go spending your hard earned money. I guess in this case you could have joined a book by its cover.

Oh yeah, good job with cleaning your house. Does it look clean, or is there still a lot to do?

Ms. Behaving said...

Well...I always say if you can't beat em' JUMP EM' so I definitely gotta support the kidz on that one. LOL

Hope the little lady ain't as eager to turn on you when she's older.

[I'll pray for you!!!]

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Sistasocialite - I was really looking for Blink when I came upon The kermit book.

@RealHustla - aaawww it was $11 so i took a chance. My house is almost showroom quality right now. I'm sure that won't last.

@Ms. Behaving - She will come to her senses when she gets addicted to clothes and shoes and needs money.

CocaColaCutie said...

aww..Dave...you're so handy. you should come and hang my art on my walls.

lmao at them bad kids jumping you!

-Q. said...

Kids- its like crack for folk who dont do drugs..Put some age on you but you got to have em around(if you got your own)!
Oh and that "that and 85cent " bit is a winner.. thats a monday morning line when folk come in wit they bullshit lol.. seen Bentley video- throwed my dude- i'll buy the record if you do.. put that onmy picklist.. Oh and homeboy from that WTD post is a real stand up dude fam- thats all that was!.

MP said...

what made you buy that Kermit book??? The second one looks interesting!

Ieisha said...

Gonna say you're the only one looking forward to FB's album. His voice doesn't even sound right rapping. The only halfway redeeming thing about that song was that it featured Andre 3000.

Love a man that reads!!!

Can't believe the little one bit the hand that feeds her. I take that back, yes I can. Peer pressure is a b!tch, lol.

The Dreamy One said...

yeah little kids do put everything into their punches,lol

babygirl turned on you huh,lol

poor baby,lol

i cant wait until college football that is what i am waiting for

where are the pics of the finished product sir

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Cocacola - you know damn well you live too far away.

@Q- what's this "buy" you speak of? I'll get the album but I don't know about "buy"... lol

@MP - It looked interesting, maybe i was tired and not thinking straight.

@Ieisha - That songs rocks... I'm not considering him a rapper, he just makes music.

@Dreamy - You and College football, LSU got stuff on lock down there. I figured more pics would be over the top. I'll post pics of something else.