17 September 2008


you know the funny thing about the weekends I don't have my daughter? I get incredibly bored. She is supposed to be with her mom this weekend (i say supposed because she rarely spends the entire weekend over there, you know women don't get along) and I have nothing to do. I'm so used to her being around so when she's not everything goes slower and is quieter. I was going to the 1st annual Taste OF Maryland but them bamma's want $22 just to get in and that doesn't even include food... Fukk that. They don't know It's a recession? The taste of DC is free and you pay for food. See what I need is a date. I wanna hit a movie or something, get some drinks you know normal single stuff. Everyone I know is busy, when I have my daughter everyone wants a piece of Dave. When I'm free everyones busy, damn bastards.... Anyway it's only Wed so hopefully business will pick up and I'll find something to do.

Oh yeah I made some peach cobbler last night with the peaches we picked over the weekend....

Pleas ignore the dirty ass silver pan. I used it to catch any drippings

HATED IT!!! all the cobbler part was on the bottom and it was like a thick sticky goo. Paula Dean did me wrong with this recipe. The peaches part of it were awesome though, I spooned them out and plan on putting it on ice cream... lol


Ms. Behaving said...

I used to feel like that about MY girls too *SIGH*....


Hope whatever you DO get into this weekend, you have fun!!

Oh and glad you included the fine print about that pan since it's the FIRST thing I noticed!!

sweet keikei said...

i know what u mean about being bored without the baby...i usually call for them to bring her home before they ready to send her bad behind back! lol but

peaches over ice cream is GOOD especially when the peaches are warm. lol

Opinionated Diva said...

i feel the same way after the kids leave. I had them the weekend before last and it felt so weird in the house without them there!

thick sticky goo on the bottom??? either you cooked it too long or not long enough.

can't go wrong with peaches and cream though!

Big O said...
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Big O said...

Pretty good there pimpin. Im not that good with baking, but i do ok. But gimme a grill...and that's a different story.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I like the peace when my two leave for the weekend.


And by the time they return I am happy to have them back driving me up the wall.

I love peach cobbler. Too bad yours was nasty. Hahaha.

Well, hopefully you will find someone to kick it with this weekend.

Oh yeah. . .22 dollars???? wow.

RealHustla said...

Yeah, Dave needs some company.

My family makes a big rectangular peach pie, but we call it a cobbler. Nobody likes that gooey crust on the top/bottom stuff. Yuck.

Okaay, so I know I'm reaching here cause ya'll don't get along. But, ever consider family trips with the BM? Don't even think about it if you think either of you might confuse these trips with being together. But, you'd get to still spend time with the baby, and the baby will get to see her parents getting along, and that ain't nothing but healthy.

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

Awww better luck next time on the peach cobbler hun!!!

nnd im thinking HELL NO to realhustla's suggestion of family trips with BM... i have a good feeling that she might cut THE HELL up!!

Big Brown Eyez said...

WOW! $22 for Taste of MD?? For shame. I was going to go see the Amistad exhibit that is at the harbor for the week (ITS FREE!) and then fall into ToMD. BOOOO. I can't give them $22 and food isn't included. While I don't have the same issue as far as nothing to do without a kid I am getting increasingly bored as my friends begin their Masters and PhD classes for the semester and beg off of hanging out.
The peach cobbler did look yummy and it is too bad it didn't taste that way. Good luck finding weekend fun in the DMV. I think I'll go see Righteous Kill and maybe hit a museum for kicks.

Big Brown Eyez said...

Oh, and Happy Black Man Appreciation Day (c) SBM.net. I think your blog is witty and intelligent and I thank you for the entertainment.

The Dreamy One said...

hey you should come down from Friday to Monday!!

but i know you wont so poo you,lol

well i do hope that you find yourself something to do this weekend.

see if i was there we would have alot of fun,lol

and i am not a big fan of peaches or peach cobbler!!

dejanae said...

22 dollars
never had peach cobbler
definitely dont want none of yours

QB said...

mmmm now you got me thinkin about peach cobler... might have to make me some when I get back to WI.

Good luck finding something to do. Always sucks to be bored at home...

FREEDOM said...

My aunt showed me AND i HELPED HER make a peach cobbler from scratch two weekends ago. We did use can peaches, but the dough we made was from scatch!

We made the dough for the biscuits and used that to cover the bottom, sides and top of the cobber. And with the rest of the dough we made us some good ole country biscuits to go along with our good ole country peach cobbler!

Women from the South don't play when it comes to cookin' lol!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my family. We are recovering.

God Bless You!


Gigi said...

it looks good

JEM said...

Wow...I was thinking I wanted some of that peach cobbler?

Damned...maybe I should fly up and be your date...sounds like fun and I hear it's a big weekend in DC with FAMU playing HU!

I hope it goes well for you!

Ieisha said...

Ahem, didn't I post on needing a date? You wasn't saying you needed one then! What's up wit dat???

As for being bored, it's always like that. When Buddha is with me, I swear I need a break. When he's gone, I'm looking around trying to figure out what to do next.

Can't believe Paula D. didn't hook you up. I love peach cobbler. Maybe try another person's recipe?

One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay, Mister, don't be blaming Paula Dean for your jacked up Peach Cobbler. Damn! Now I want some peach cobbler. You people and your talk about food on these blogs are going to be the fat of me.

iCandy21 said...

awww im sorry your cobbler didn't turn out as well as you would have liked, BUT at least you can still put the peaches to use! I wanna go peach pickin...wait...is there bugs and stuff when you go?? Candy doesn't do bugs lol

Also I made a sex blog today lol...I thought of you when I wrote it cuz that first time you commented on one of my blogs you said something about reading about lesbian sex lol

The Black Russian said...

how dear you blame my paula deen... for your food fax paw(sp)it is no one's fault but your own!!!!! lol haha..... Yes your only relevant because of your baby get use to it lol.... go to the food things this weekend or just stroll threw town I'm sure there's tons to do in DC... I have never been there so its just an assumption on my part lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Ms. Behaving - lol... I knew I'd catch it for cooking with a dirty pan

@Kei Kei - Oh I never call to get her back, more like her mom sends her back

@Diva - You mean the cat is not keeping you company?

@Big 0 - I don't trust a dude who can't grill

@Sharon - I enjoy the break I just get bored.

@Hustla - Please never mention me going anywhere with the BM. being in the same room with her gets on my nerves. You just don't understand, I get blown when I see her number on the caller ID.

@Cranky - Thanks, if I make it again I'll post pics

@Brown Eyez - I was pissed when I found out. They trying to pay for that new harbor. Thanks!!! it's nice to be appreciated. And you called me witty, witty is cool.

@Dreamy - lmao... You know me well. I can't afford no plane ticket... lol

@Dejanae - lol.. I'ma mail you some of my peach cobbler goo

@QB - they have peaches in WI? I kid, I kid

@Freedom - hhhmmm biscuits huh? feel free to email me the recipe. Otherwise I'll be using Pillsbury grands... lol

@Gigi - Thanks

@Jem - Trust me you didn't want any. Who cares about FAMU? lol

@Ieisha - i think a date between me and you would be hard to arrange. there is a distant factor and all.

@One Man - Man I love Paula, I'd marry her if I could. But her recipe was jacked.

@Candy - Yeah it was hot and there were bugs. You would have been miserable.

@Becky - DC rocks, I just need some company.

RunningMom said...

love peach cobbler, but we make the cobbler part with flour, sugar & butter and sprinkle over the top.... I didn't know there was any other way!

I have my son every weekend, he never sees his dad (sometimes months or years go by) and certainly never on a regular basis like every-other-weekend.

I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Wait a minute.. Yes I would :D

I would miss him though, so most times I'm glad I have him to myself.

mrs.tj said...

LOL! I am sure someone will find a minute to hang out with you...
I have done a double layer / crust peach cobbler...everyone liked that. (I don't do desserts)

FREEDOM said...

Davey, you know how we do in the South...a pinch of this and pour that until it starts to blend in together. No recipes lol. One day I'm gonna have to show you lol!

Shawn Smith said...

I tried going to the Taste of MD as well. When I saw the list of places that they didn't have (missing actual food vendors) I said no.

I think it's the post called "A Tasteless Saturday"