03 September 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays... Daddy to many Son too 1

I wrote this blog back in Aug 27, 2007. It seems fitting to repost it since I was talking to my lil cousin the yesterday and he really is like my lil brother. He even wanted me to set up a play date with my daughter. Here's a pic of them playing together in Dec of 06:

Pleas ignore all toys in the background

This blog brought to you by the lady at my grandmother's funeral that swore I looked like I could be the father of some baby in her family. This led to my sister giving me a "Should you be on Maury?" look. Needless to say it was a funny moment on a really sad day. I swear I have more kids than my daughter, I might have adopted some of my cousins and not remembered. On any given day I'm giving advice on anything from shaving to condoms to 401k plans. I mean really I'm big brother/daddy to some of them. They ask for money, come over and eat my food. It's like I have kids in college and they come home on the weekend blow thru my stuff and leave. I try and give them all the advice I can, you know share my mistakes with them I even feel bad when I see them make mistakes like I should have shown them better. Its funny because I never had a younger sibling, so they are like my lil brothers, but whats the real difference between a father and big brother? once you get over 16 it's almost the same right? An older person you learn life lessons from. I try and show them the world (well the lil bit of it I've seen) and expand their horizons. I might as well be claiming them on my taxes... lol I love my family though and I gladly take them under my wing because being around them and teaching them has helped me be a better father to my one true child.


pink said...

omg!! she looks just like you minus all that hair!! lmao...

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Ignoring the toys in the background :)
A lovely little girl you have.

It's a wonderful thing that you are doing giving advice. Being there for your younger family members. Today so many of our young people don't have any one to turn to for advice and in the end make all the wrong moves and mistakes that could have been avoided if someone took the time.

I ain't the IRS but I can clap my hands. Good work.

RealHustla said...

So, I guess you never asked that lady any more details about that baby who looked like you? Some people, outing you right in front of your family, at a funeral no less.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you!! I think that we should do more to acknowledge the men that step up to be surrogate big brothers. As a young woman growing up in the day and age where most men my age didnt grow up with father figures in the lives it can sometimes be frustrating because they never learned how to properly deal with the opposite sex. I appreciate men like you for taking time out to show someone how to be a MAN

~~for some reason blogger wouldnt let me post under my name...ContagiouslyCranky

Ms. Behaving said...

It's a beautiful thing...
You being that "go to" person [I mean]

Now a days, it's important for children and young adults to have as many supportive folk around that they can.

::Whispering: Ummm...is that ponytail another one of daddy's specials??:: LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ Liv...I was thinking the same thing about that ponytail!

I also gave you the "should you be on maury" side eye for just a minute...then I side eyed the woman's comment. That so reminds me of maury...look at those eyes they say...look at that nose they say...i'm 500 million percent sure he's the father they say...then Maury says you are NOT the father!!! hilariousness at it's finest! lol

your relationship with the cousins...so admirable

Eb the Celeb said...

If I ever see you on maury I am falling out on the floor.. I actually saw someone I knew on there once... the show with the obese kids and i wanted to kill my homegirl for letting her baby get that big... I hadnt seen her since college... I was dying laughing...lol

but like they say.. you can choose your friends but you cant choose your family... so good thing your embracing being the father/big brother/place to crash/ flea market, etc...lol

dejanae said...

aww @ the playdate
u know thats all ur toys in the background
always good to be a good influence in folks lives

JEM said...

Wow...this one really warmed my heart since I have a similar relationship with my older female cousins. Man I thank God for them and their lessons. Thank God for family members who care.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@pink - why does everyone say that?

@Sharon - Damn I really need that tax write-off, thanks anyway.. lol

@Hustla - Naw that's a story I didn't want an answer too =)

@Cranky - I try, what's the good of knowing stuff and not sharing right?

@Ms. Behaving - Yeah that's a daddy special, you see 2 years and I have not improved

@Diva - My sister gave me that same side eye but I promise I've never seen that baby in my life.

@Eb - lol@flea Market, at least they make money

@Dejanae - actually those are my toys I'm not even going to front

@Jem - Hopefully my lil cousins will learn from my mistakes but I'm proud of them.

Ieisha said...

Just like black folks looking for somebody to claim on their taxes, lol.

You're definitely a public servant. A good move on your road to the White House.

More men should be like you.