04 September 2008

Damn it's Thursday...

This has been a crazy week for me but not soo crazy as I can't mention some random thoughts:

1. Yesterday I went to lunch with her and her. Now if I didn't have 2 witnesses I wouldn't even mention it because it's so hard to believe and I don't have photographic evidence but we saw a grown ass woman walking onto the train with a full body sleeper on. A fleece sleeper with the feet attached. It was like 95 degrees outside. I mean really it was HOT. If she was just rolling out of bed and running to the corner store to pick up some gummy bears I MIGHT could understand but she was getting on the train. She was going places. You see what Bush-a-nomics is doing to folks?

2. My baby started pre-k last week so I have been dropping her off in the morning. I have not seen 1 hot teacher all week. What's up with that? And they still let my baby take a nap. She only there like 4 hours a day and she gets a nap. Between that and lunch she only learning for around 2.5 hours. If it wasn't free I'd demand a refund.

3. You see this?

It was my first attempt at making a pizza. No I didn't make the dough (it was Pillsbury can stuff) but I did make the sauce and I was soo in love with it. It was delish... So I'll be making pizza the rest of the month, until I get bored with it and start making something else.

4. you remember how I said my baby momma has a baby drawing of me in her living room? No? well it was a while ago but yeah my baby momma has a baby drawing of me in her living room. she drew it while we were together and decided to hang it on her wall. It's really creepy to me only because I have not dealt with her for like 3 years and I can't understand why she would want a pic of me in her living room. well here's a pic of it, you can judge weather it's such a great piece of art that it needs to be hung or if she just likes looking at me.

5. Reason #20 why I love blogging... sometimes when your nice to people they send you goodie bags to add to your lunch. Thanks again Ieisha!!!


BorednTalkative said...

Damn footie pajamas on the train?? Just WOW!

Dang she's there for 4 hours and gets a nap. I wanna go!!! But seriously, I don't see the point in them napping and they're only there for such a short time. Oh well, I guess you can't complain too much since it's free. As long as they are teaching her something while she's awake.

That pizza looked good. Makes me want to make one now.

It is a nice drawing. Maybe she is just proud of her work. Then again.....you never know.

I wish someone would send me some goodie bags.

JEM said...

Umm...on the pic-Check your local sperm bank...sure she ain't got some on ice for later?

And about the nap...Well that means after two college classes you're entitled to a nap. Yep sounds like my freshman year. Shoot sounds like all the years.

Opinionated Diva said...

LMAO @ that outfit...I still need a picture...how could you not have one???!!!!

I'd complain about that school too...there is no reason for a nap when she's only there a half day - lazy teachers!

I've been blogging for a year and a half...and I have to add...you are the ONLY blogger I've ever heard about that consistently gets gifts from bloggers...hmmmm...I'm just saying...without saying anything! LOL

Kayos said...

Hey don't be mad at the woman if she like her sleeper...let her be her.

WHAT?!? You're baby got a nap...my nephew doesn't get a nap in Pre-K?! I demand to know why!

I like the pizza. Can I have a slice?

Your baby momma got issues. There is no way in hell she should have your picture up. She still love you. Damn what she says. When a woman is over she over and all the pics are gone with it.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@BoredNTalkative - Her little butt needs to be studying something the whole time. she can nap when she gets home.

@Jem- Naw all my unborn ended up in other non-collectible places... lol

@Diva - I would have a pic put my phone couldn't get a good a clear shot of it. Just because nobody likes you don't hate on me... lol

@Kayos - Fleece sleepers in 95 degree heat means your crazy, I'm sorry.

Sweet KeiKei said...

only a half day for pre-k? what do yall do with her the other half of the day?

no comment on the footie pj's. maybe it was one of those weird public experiments or something. (guess i had a comment afterall) lol

that pizza looks mighty tasty especially if its your first time making it.

Ms. Behaving said...

Grown folk out in public...wearing footed pajamas?!?!?!
THAT's a sight I can certainly do without... [LOL]

Hooray @ your little one starting Pre-K...
BOO @ them making her take a nap when she's not even there the whole day.

I'd be creeped out too if my BD kept a photo of me up in his apartment long after we were over.
[I gotta admit...it's cute though] LOL

Goodies again?!?!?!
You got some niiiiiiice blogger friends...
[Now pass me a pack of those pringles] :-)

Opinionated Diva said...

nobody is hating

omg...i can't believe i forgot to comment on the baby momma...yeah, she's real "special" for keeping that pic up THREE YEARS LATER!!! *side eye'd that for real*

The Dreamy One said...

so i see since i have been away Dave has decided to play!!

look tell Ieshia dont make me come down there.

Its gonna be a fight on here hands,lol

anwyho honey Happy Thursday!!

The Black Russian said...

aww ur baby started school than elementary than junior high boys than high school u losing ur mind lol im kidding the pizza looks great....my uncle makes pizza from scratch his dough his sauce, etc.... you sound like u give good advice... ur are an amazing dad already... okay honestly ur ex could have gave the picture to ur daughter when she got older like i drew ur father yrs ago a sentimental thing.. That shit im sorry is fucking creepy framed mounted... weird... but que cera cera...
ps- I have a blogger account now.. i joined the cult have to post a blog though will let u know when i do....

rebecca(Becky) aka the Black Russian

Young woman on a journey said...

I wish you could have put a picture of that girl up! it was a hot ass mess. I don't know what she was thinking. i was boiling and here she was in a fleese onesy! out of control.

hmm...the pizza looks good!

Your daughter don't need any hot teachers before she starts asking if you like girls again.

the portrait is tres creepy. yeah...um....

Designer Qui said...

you know my fat ass it going to comment on the pizza first which looks great!

feety pjs? in yesterdays weather? maybe she didn't have anything else to wear.

thats a little weird that she has your baby picture up. then again i can understand that its probably some of her best work so why not display it.

MzM said...

Okay, the first thing I saw was that PIZZA and I am STARVING with almost two hours before lunch!! Thanks a lot! :-) It looks good though. Then you got those SNACK on there. . .I might have to run to the vending machine right quick! Ha ha!

I don't get the whole pre-k thing either. . .it's like free "daycare" but the bad thing is that it's not even a full day! so if you work- you still need a daycare after they get out of school!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Kei Kei - Well right now her mom picks her up but she will be in a aftercare program soon

@Ms Behaving - *munching on pringles* huh? what? you said I was cute? I can't hear you over the chips... lol

@Diva - I can't explain how awkward it is for me to see that pic everytime I pick my daughter up.

@Dreamy - awww baby it was just a thank you gift. no need to throw down over it.. lmao wait can we add water and swimsuits to this fight? nevermind....

@Black Russian - It's about damn time you started a blog!! I really want the drawing for my house but I doubt she would give it to me.

@Young woman - Hey hot teachers make the PTA meeting enjoyable.

@Designer Qui - she had to have something cooler than fleece. Otherwise she could have stayed home and done laundry... lol

@Mzm - Thanks, you know I try and make people hungry on this lil blog... lol

RealHustla said...

Will someone please tell Walmart to stop selling those big ass fottie pajamas!?

The pizza looks great. You and the baby can eat all that? Oh yeah, you cooking for lil cousins and lady friends too.

Free. You get what you pay for, even when it comes to Pre-K. You know they think they doing parents a favor because it's not actually the kind of school the state pays for.

That picture is weird looking and it's creepy for her to have it up there. If I was you I'd steal it. Naw, just kidding.

contagiouslyCRANKY said...


Sha Boogie said...

UHm..#1, your BM is creepy (Yes! you and Snappy was bunnin' the same psycho chic, lol) #2, I want a good bag! Preferably with some of that yummy ass looking pizza, so get on it!

JACK said...

Does she have a little pin cushion doll in your image too? Too damn creepy. How about a pair of your underwear?

Re: the pizza ... um, can I come over?

crys said...

i wonder if she thinks she'll hurt your feelings by taking that picture down....

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

First. . I am mad cause a grown woman should not be wearing no d*mn sleeper. And with feet. On hot days. Not even to the store on the corner. Matter of fact not even in the house.
Where do they even sell something like that.

Your daughter will gain social skills.
I found the whole thing a waste.

Enjoy your daily pizza.

That is weird for her to have a picture of you up. I would have tore that up the day I dumped you HAHAHAHA!!

Ain't no fellow bloggers sending me no treats.

Gigi said...

*in the words of Redman* That pizza looks good as hell. I eat pizza 20 times a month though. That baby pic is kinda creepy. you might want to throw a sheet over it.

I'm sure it's her art work and not your cute lil baby face.

The Jaded NYer said...

I'll trade you some of the tilapia filled taco shells for a few slices of pizza. Deal?

your ex... maybe she's proud of her drawing rather than still sweatin' you- ever think of that? No? Me either LOL

and really? footie pjs? I'm not even gonna speak on it!

Liz said...

first of all... shouldn't NOBODY over the age of 7 wear pajamas with feet attached... they shouldn't even sell them that big... your feet cold? puit on some damn socks. what the hell... that is some borderline fetish stuff. and why are you walking around in that? please tell me you pointed and laughed!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Hustla - Me and the baby killed that pizza in record time

@Cranky - I agree it COULD be sexy but not outside and on the train

@Sha Boogie - Snappy my come looking for me if I send you a box of food.

@Jack - I don't think she into voodoo but I do think she stole some of my shirts

@Sharon - I should mention that she hung this picture long AFTER we broke up. But I agree she should have trashed it after dumping me. wait she didn't dump me... lol

@gigi - Damn 20 times a month? you the new pizza queen

@Jaded - That's a deal, I'm not sure how food ships though.

@Liz - I laughed but I was in so much shock at first that I couldn't move. My mind had to process what was actually happening because I just could not beleive it.

Ieisha said...

Dreamy thinks I'm intruding on her territory. Uh-oh...you done started some sh!t, lol.

It's cool. I don't fight over men. Even if they are cute, cool and VERY resourceful. I'm a grown a$$ woman dawg, lol.

Was the least I could do. You hooked a sista up!

As for the adult sized sleeper pjs, that heffa needed to be committed for a mental examination cuz there were a couple dim bulbs in her spot.

Pizza looked dee-lish. Is that gonna be "Cooking With Dave", episode 4?

And the photo...give it to the little diva. Hang it in her room. But to post it in the living room is odd. Maybe she thinks it's her best work and wants it on display. Things that make you go hmmmm.

girlfriend said...

Funny post.

I dunno but maybe baby's mom just likes displaying her skills. Maybe, the baby asked her to keep it there. Maybe when she glances at it, she remembers how baby looked as a baby and she enjoys the memory or maybe she doesn't even realize it's still hanging up.... anyways, that pizza looks yum yum.