05 September 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt Don't Date the Help

I know your local help desk guy is hard to resist. They always come when you call. They wear their khakis and polo shirts. Their shoes never seem to match the rest of the outfit. they seem to be able to fix any computer related problem with the greatest of ease. They roam the halls and seem to be the most popular people in the building. I mean really women love a man who can fix things right? Us computer geeks are irresistible, I know. Well here's a reason not to start dating the help.

One of my co-workers met some girl in the building. As usual when meeting a new girl he asked if we knew her. None of us did but one of my other coworkers offered to find some info on her. How you ask? Well by hacking into her work computer of course. Within 20 min we had her resume, list of favorites from her internet browser and her browsing history. She really liked myspace. Was it a bit stalkerish? Yes but it was extremely easy and she had no idea they did it. So if you have all your business on your work computer you might want to start moving stuff before you give the helpdesk guy your number.


sweet kei kei said...


Young woman on a journey said...

that's soooooooooooo wrong! so wrong!

Big O said...

thats crazy as hell

iCandy21 said...

oh hell nah!

Ms. Behaving said...

Damn...dude is foul for that!

Gotta watch those help desk guys...

[I stay having a reason to phone em' up but after reading this, I'm gonna keep a close eye on em'.]

Hope you have a great weekend!!

JACK said...

The comments above notwithstanding, do you guys offer your services to the general public? I have these $200 burning a hole in my pocket .......

The Jaded NYer said...

y'all are stalkers! we don't have a "help desk guy" here, but...

um... what if I "delete all" at the end of the day- cookies, temp internet files, etc? can he still get all my info?

(as if google don't have all my bizniz all out in the open anyway... lol)

Kayos said...


I'm sitting here laughing at that last remark. Can't give the helpdesk guy your number because he will hack your computer before you give him your number.

It's not right but I would suggest he not be dumb enough to tell her something about her she didn't tell him.

RealHustla said...

Uh, this is fucked up fa real! Ya'll are wrong. Did I tell you that Asian guy on me is our IT person? This answers so many questions.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Kei Kei - lol.. yeah yeah

@Young Woman - I agree but also soo funny

@Big O - The truth is crazy

@Icandy - Oh hell yes.. lol

@Ms Behaving - lol.. the thing is they pulled her info from his desk, so you can't watch anything... lol

@Jack - hhhmmm $200 you say, maybe this could be another side business for me.

@Jaded - deleting your cooking and temp files will help. Just make sure your resume is not saved in your My Documents folder.

@Kayos - That's very true, but hopefully he's not that obsessed with you. I doubt he wants to lose his job over it.

@Hustla - lol.. he already been thru your whole PC. You better get a USB drive to save your stuff on.

The Jaded NYer said...

for the love of PETE- Dave, DO NOT entertain Jack's crazy schemes! Do I need to whip out the story of the time that, because of him, a NY State Trooper had me in a choker hold on Rt 17????


Okay, that was a lie, but still- Jack's crazy... DO NOT TAKE THAT JOB!!!


MP said...

Thank you for this post. I always appreciate words from an insider!

Opinionated Diva said...

Your co-worker sounds so insecure. it's one thing to ask if some one else knows the person...but this was extreme.

and men say women are nosey

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

WOW i dont really like that too much. But you definitely put me up on game.


The Black Russian said...

geez louise....stalker much!!!!!! technology damn that's insane... don't be surprised if u have a stalker one day show up at the job with some baked goodies lol....it could happen to u lol...talking about all ur likes dislikes and pics from myspace lol....


true2me said...

wow..glad you posted this cause i would have never thought of it this way..lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Jaded - But it's $200, that's drinking money!!!

@MP - Hey I do what I can

@Diva - Oh women are nosy we learned from ya'll... lol

@Cranky - Please send $5 to "Dave's IT Game" thanks

@True2me - Just keep personal stuff off your work computer can you should be good. Or don't flirt with the IT guys.

JACK said...

@ Jaded: Come on! It's my $200!!!! And you had me going there for a minute - I was like, Route 17?! Wait, that was JADED?!?

@Dave - so, if I understand this right - this stupid woman plays on myspace at work and sends out her resume during work hours ... she's classy. My resume is on my computer at work because I often send it out to organizations that ask me to speak - they write bios and shit. Maybe that's why she had it there?

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

That is not cool.
And thank you for the heads up.

I don't keep a thing on the computer at work they won't let us guess I am safe.
Well, until he gets to my home. Oh the sites he would find.

Ieisha said...

Of course I read this AFTER the Comcast guy came and hooked up my digital cable & internet. I left him unattended with my laptop.

Not saying that there's anything incriminating on it but still, wonder if he installed some crazy stalker program on it.

Hmmmm...let me make sure YOU never get a hold of my IP address, lol.

But in his defense, it's almost like doing a Google search on her but not really, lmao.

Bombchell said...

That is so............. crazy!!

dont have a work computer, so not sure if its is seen as company property etc so what kind of info can she have on there, but that is so dirty!!

lol but to be honest I've watched my homegirl look into her ex's inbox & phone messages.

personal computer i'd draw a line though.

FREEDOM said...

this is why i delete my history ON MY COMPUTER AT WORK. once i had an IT problem with my system at work and the IT guy logged into my server and i was able to watch him fix the problem from him computer in the basement.

why do they like to put the IT people in the basement anyway?...lol


Pajnstl said...

Trying to remember if i have anything that i'd really like to keep private on my work pc.

ahhh I think i'm good.

The F$%K it List said...

That ain't even right!

We had a guy do that at my old firm because a girl turned down his advances, he read all her IM's and sent them out to people. Strange thing is he got off with a warning... Go figure!

One Man’s Opinion said...

That's just wrong. You know that's wrong. Just makes me want to download a picture of my ass just so if anyone tried that crap with me they could kiss it.

girlfriend said...

OH MY!! It's sorta funny but it's a bit disturbing. I'll be more aware. I mean, I don't need to be but as far grabbing my password to my personal email or something... yeah.

Super Dave Van Buren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Black Russian - If someone showed up at ,y job with some baked goods I'd be happy. Finally a woman who can bake... lol

@Jaded - lmao... I'll just take your word for it.

@Jack - Oh she didn't send out her resume it was just on her computer. Dude just browsed her files

@Sharon - Home computers are a whole nother ballgame

@Ieisha - It's considerably harder to hack into a personal computer than one at work. Now why would I hack into your computer? Dude could have installed a program it's not impossible

@Bombchell - It is company property but damn if dude cared. They were just being nosy .

@Freedom - Ahhh remote access.... It's a beautiful thing. And I don't work in the basement. I don't have any windows but it's not the basement... lol

@pajnstl - You only need to clean it if the help desk guy is giving you the sexy eye.

@The f$%k it list - damn just a warning? he going to do it again.

@One Man - come on.. nobody wants to see your ass lol

@girlfriend - Stealing password is called snooping or logging keystrokes, it can be done but you should be good at work.

Sexxy Luv said...

I have nothing to worry about, the guy at the help desk is not my type so it will never happen, plus i hate him cause he has Victoria's Secret blocked!!!!!!

lmao to funny!

dejanae said...

so not the bizness
desperate move