12 September 2008


I realize that I have no idea what I'm looking for in a woman. I get asked all the time what kind of woman I'm looking for. I never can really answer it. I was thinking about the women I've dated and I realize that they were nothing alike. All of them had some quality I was attracted too but they were not the same type of people. I've dated really smart women who caught all the lil remarks I tend to throw and some women who I had to dumb it down for. I've dated beautiful women and average women. Light, dark... big, small I've gone out with all kinds. Honestly if you lined up the women I've talked to you wouldn't be able to find a pattern, I lack a certian type. Well besides most of them being black that is. I wonder if it's called settling down because you settle for someone rather then wait for that perfect woman.

I realize that my daughter needs a playmate. A dude can only play barbies so much. She needs someone in the neighborhood to play with. I know she is tired of asking me and I'm tired of telling her don't want to. I might have to actually talk to my neighbors, I think they have some kids her age. Did I mention I'm anti-social?

I realize this was the best taco pizza I have eaten. Well it was the first taco pizza I have eaten but it was great. I used ground turkey browned in taco seasoning. Looking at the picture it looks kinda nasty but it was good. I brought some for lunch today.

I made some BBQ chicken pizza last week but it wasn't that great. It was good but I'ma have to try it again, something was missing, maybe red onion. Actually I think the sauce I made was too sweet for pizza. I'ma have to make it more spicy. You see the home made BBQ sauce on the stove? yeah I did that. My BBQ game is crazy.. lol

I realize that I really want to do a give away. Jaded NYer did one and I won this lovely calender:

It's full of pictres she took of the city, personalized stuff rocks. Thanks again Jaded

My problem is that I have no idea what to give away or what kinda contest to do. My only thought is I can give away a BDC shirt. But since 90% of people who read this are women and we don't have women's designs that's a problem. I'll have to think it over and get back to ya'll. If you have an idea please feel free to share.

Before I roll let me send my prayers to the folks on the gulf coast. Almost half my family lives in Houston so I hope everyone remains safe and weathers Ike's wife beating ass.

have a great weekend


Opinionated Diva said...

Hope your fam is OK.

You on a serious pizza kick huh? Try red onion and bacon bits on the BBQ chicken pizza.

I think you should start the give away by sending me something for my birthday...wow...now isn't that a simply mahhhhhhhhvelous idea??!!! lol

stop being anti with neighbors...lil mama needs some playmates.

Also...I don't think it's a bad thing that you don't have a "type"...I think people who have "types" limit their dating pool.

Big O said...

Well.....since they are guy shirts.....xxl pimpin!!

The Jaded NYer said...

you're very welcome!

as for a giveaway... maybe a jar of your homemade BBQ sauce... check with the post office but you should be able to ship food. Just get a super tight sealed jelly jar and pad the box up real good and mark it fragile.

can you tell I just want some BBQ sauce?? LOL

The Black Russian said...

I understand not knowing what you want in the opposite sex...I guess when you find her you will just know.. Yes the baby needs a playmate maybe you can find a playgroup or something at her pre-school... yes talk to your neighbors next neighborhood watch meeting perhaps... Your pizza's look good....I don't eat that much b-b-q but u may just convert me lol...You have to find the balance between spicy and sweet...just some advice from one foodie to another... do u make all different kinds of pizza's??...what's ur personal favorite?? the giveaway sounds good....Praying for your family I have an aunt who lives in Texas as well but In Austin but still one tragedy affects us all... She remembers alot of the Katrina survivors went to Houston and Texas its sad...

Eb the Celeb said...

OK now jaded... what is up with my calendar... I mean I need to know what day of the week it is too..

I say you just cook somebody something... I swear if I come down there for the cowboys/skins game I want to be in an episode of cooking with dave... I can be your side kick...lol

Ieisha said...

You wanna do a giveaway? How about some of them cookies you made before? Lol.

Or some of that homemade BBQ sauce.

As for your pizza, the red onion is definitely needed. Can't be sleeping on the onions, bruh.

You already know how I feel about the ladies' t-shirt...still would be nice to have one though (wink, wink)

Prayers are with your fam in Houston. Hope everything goes well.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

You really are eating pizza just about daily.

Where is the veggie pizza?
Must admit you got me wanting to try a slice.

I plan on doing a few giveaways. Don't know what everything will be.
I want to start in Oct. and one once a month until my one year anniversary in January. That one will be a gift card.

Now on to what people want in a mate. I think I know what I want in a guy but, I know that no one is perfect.
I am wonderful yet flawed.
As long as he meets half the list and is striving for more than he could be the one.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Diva - Bacon bits? I'll use real bacon.

@Big O - If you win I got you

@Jaded - I might just be sending a jar of BBQ sauce... lol

@Becky - So far my favorite has been the pepperoni, but I might make that chicken one again

@Eb - If you come down for the game I'll hook you up. I might need an assistant lol

@Ieisha - Cookies sound good, quick and easy and they ship well. hhhmmmm

@Sharon - The good folks at Baby Daddy Diaries are meataterian's please don't recommend a veggie pizza... lmao

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

ummmm yea i didnt get the pizza memo.... whats up with that hun??? Im gonna need you to send me some bbq sauce cuz i puts that mess one EVERYTHING .....lol

Ms. Behaving said...

You are not alone in "lacking a certain type"...

Save for my adoration of a man with a heavy island accent, NONE of my past loves/likes and or lusts have anything in common either.

Oh wait...they WERE all black too!! LOL

I say you let go of being antisocial and let your daughter have some playtime with the neighbors child(ren).

Either that, or consider having a second child.

**I'm just sayin'** LOL

Nae Nae said...

p.s. i love your blog sir.

sweet kei kei said...

it's funny u talk about types cuz i was talkin 2 a friend of mine 2day about types n tellin him that i don't have a certain type either. (i always said i'd neva do jailbirds but definitely slipped up with the bd on that one) lol

cookies are aiIGHT but i'm down with the sauce giveaway

& i'm antisocial too so dont feel bad but u gotta bite the bullet if u wanna stop playin with barbies i'm still a kid at heart so i don't mind playin wit lil diva lol

MP said...


Gemini Girl aka GG said...

first timer...hi there...pizza looks yummy..how bout takin lil one to a park and making friends..if you make too many neighbors they will bug YOU ALL THE TIME but you can leave folks at the park and never tell them where you live...trust, I know! ;)

girlfriend said...

"The good folks at Baby Daddy Diaries are meataterian's please don't recommend a veggie pizza..."

LOL! Why are you so funny? *smh*

Most guys I know have a "type". I think it's cool that you don't have a specific type... gives you more options, huh?

Even if you get the baby some neighbors to play Barbies with... she's still going to want to play with Daddy so you might as well suck it up. My daddy was playing Barbies with me 'til I was 11 yrs old.
In the evenings, I'd be like, "Daddy, I don't have anybody to play with *insert sad face*." (I think maybe that's why my parents finally had my lil sister when they were suppose to be finish)

12kyle said...

Knowing is half the battle. LOL. Hang in there bruh

The food looks good!

Super Dave Van Buren said...
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Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Contagious Cranky - I'm addicted to pizza right now. BBQ sauce should be a condiment on tables like ketchup

@Ms Behaving - You know damn well a 2nd child not happening anytime soon

@Nae Nae - And we love you!!!

@Sweet Kei Kei - Hey your welcome to come play barbies with my baby whenever your in town.

@MP - What? Damn damn damn

@Gemini Girl - I tried the park before but kids are so hit and miss there.

@girlfriend - 11 y/o? I'll be damn if I'm playing barbies that long. I'll adopt another kid first.

@12kyle - Man GI Joe taught me everything I needed to know in life.. lol

Ms. Lovely said...

Prayer sent!
and that pizza looks soooo good. My greedy self lol

Jweezy said...

salivating...at the Mexican Pizza...damn boy don't you know Mexican is my fav!