08 September 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I realized 2 things this weekend. well actually 3 but I'll save 1 for another post.

1. I think i want to open a diner. I was looking at diners drive-ins and dives on the food network and all them people look like they have so much fun just cooking for for other people. I like making people happy. I think I would like running a lil mom and pop diner where people can come and get a good meal. I'd have to step the cooking game up though. It's a thought in my head though.

2. I want a boat. I was out crabbing (again) and I realized that I really, really love being on the water. Mind you I can't swim for shyt so I stay on the water and not in it. I saw all these houses with boat docks and private beaches and such and I realized thats I want that. Like really want. I want to have Jet Ski's in my backyard. I want to waste a day just chilling on the water. That's my new goal, I'm buying a house by the water.

here's some pics of me crabbing

Sunrise on the Chesapeake

Me sorting crabs

Catch of the day


Opinionated Diva said...

House by the water equals mucho dinero. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya though!

I could so see you having your own diner!

sweet kei kei said...

i just want 2be invited to a dinner party at the house by the water & the opening of the diner.

those look like some nice sized crabs. i'm just mad i couldn't get any.

The Black Russian said...

I love that show diner's,dives,drive-ins.. anyways you can do it I believe in you.. Takes alotta HARD work.. MY aunt uncle and cousin owned diners and resturants... I went to culinary school for a brief period myself... anyways a house by the water sounds amazing.... just protect it from storms and see if they have storm walls by it or something dont want the dream floating away... omg ur pictures are great look at the sunset beautiful.. have u taken ur baby girl on a boat yet??? all u need is a life jacket u should be good lol...but maybe learning to swim would be cool lol i didnt learn till i was in college and took the class a a gym credit lol

Big O said...

me no swim either...

and the difference between ur pic and the pic i would of taken...i'd have a life jacket on lol

Ieisha said...

1. You have hairy arms, lol.

2. You are never w/o a hat unless you're in a tux.

3. Lovin' the diner idea. Can I be a silent partner?

4. You gotta learn to swim. You could be the next Phelps and get some a$$ cuz you got a medal, lol.

5. House on the water sounds great. Save me some closet space.

RealHustla said...

Hmmm, house on the water. I could go for that. When the weather gets crazy the views could be spiritual.

Time to give up your recipe for your crab boil. Although the rest of us will have to go broke getting that many crabs. I'm hoping to find a good sale in the winter and I want to be ready.

Ms. Behaving said...

Hate to be the one to rain on the parade but umm...the sight of those crabs make me wanna gag...


You stay out on the water but CANT swim?!?!?!
[Better you than me]

Hell I won't even get my big toe wet for fear some tide is going to pull me out to sea.

Sucks [I know] but it's true!!

That diner idea would be a good look though! :-)

JEM said...

This crabbing thing seems interesting.

As for this diner will there be breakfast 24/7?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Diva - The house dream is a long term one. Trust I can't afford it right now

@Kei Kei - Hey everyone in blogland will be welcome. Ill have a huge housewarming cookout.

@Becky - that was a sunrise not a sunset We were out there literally at the crack of dawn. See I don't mind the hard work, I think it would be fun.

Big O - lol.. I wasn't scared to fall in. My buddies promise to come recuse me if I fall

@Hustla - Crab Boil: Water and vinegar boiling in a pot and a steam basket full of crabs covered in Old Bay seasoning. That's all your need. You can also ad beer to the mix of water and vinegar

@Ms Behaving - lol... you are missing out. Unless you have some freakishly large big toe I'm sure it will be safe in the water.

@Jem - Whats a diner that doesn't server breakfast all day and night? That's mandatory.

contagiouslyCRANKY said...


JACK said...

Now how you gonna own a boat and jet skis and have a house that leads to a dock and you can't swim. You gon' be the only mfer on his jetski with a bright ass orange life vest, so puffy you can't keep your arms at your side. That's just not cute. You need to learn how to swim.

And what is it with Black folk and not swimming?!? My ex-wife was an anchor. I don't know how she did it but if she gets into a body of water, she's beelining for the bottom. And he mom ain't no better.

But, in their defense, they don't want to Jet Ski.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Poor crabs :(

I can swim. Haven't taught the kids. Maybe I should get them lessons.

If you want a diner and you can't ccok you hire a chef/cook. Most of them have others who do the cooking.

And a house near water = being flooded.

The F$%K it List said...

Yummy crabs! I've only been able to have one this entire summer. SO SAD

HA I like houses on the water too and swim to save my life. I dont think I would be able to live in one though because CJ (2) is afraid of the water.

Sunshine said...

you should consider a house boat... boating is soooooo relaxing. I love the water.

you should also work on the learning how to swim thing... it would be helpful if you started spending mass amounts of time on the water... just you know in case something happened... :o)

Glad you were able to enjoy your weekend of crabbing.

The Dreamy One said...

awwwwh you look so adorable out there.

loving you in the hat, so cute!!!!

yeah I am so upset that I couldnt be out there fishing,

i love that kind of stuff you know!!!