02 October 2008

Episode 2

Some of ya'll might remember Cookin With Dave, you know that lil show I did a while back. Some of ya'll might be like "this nigga cooks?" and then again some of you might be like "What the fuck is Juice!!! I want grape drink!!" Eithier way I think this episode is way better than the first. As always all comments/suggestions are welcome. If you like it say so, If you hate it please let me know. The producer had a hard time cramming it into 10min so of course it's not perfect but I think it's pretty good.


Big O said...

Cool Vid...inspiring me to bake.

Designer Qui said...

from what i could see, it was nice! sounds like it would taste great! i wish i could have seen the end result but for some reason it wouldn't load anymore after 3:05.

Kayos said...

That's what's up.

I always love me some apple pie.

Now are your apples crunchy or should they be soft?

Not tryna to hit on you or anything but you're very handsome.

Aww yeah, you know about the Santoku knife...I know you can cook.

Kin'shar said...

nice page

iCandy21 said...

oooo did u save me a piece?? it looks so good!

Sexxy Luv said...

I'm pissed that i can't see the video,(sad face) i'll checl it out when i get home. :)

RealHustla said...

The video quality was a little better this time.

How much sugar did you say to add, was there cinnamon, nutmeg and stuff? I was staring at it the whole time and didn't catch the ingredients for some reason.

Speeding up during the prep was cool except during the "tricky" application of the top of the pie.

It probably would have saved time to have all of the ingredients layed out and most of the apples cut. We just needed to see one cut apple. I too think the apple slicer is the greatest invention in the world!

Great video. Can't wait till the next one. Lil cuz is getting better. Oh yeah, way better music too.

The Dreamy One said...

ohhhh look at my baby!!!

you looked just as good as that pie,lol

my favorite line was " come back with a whole bunch of this delishiousness" I cracked up when i heard that,lol

loved the video.

just wish we could have seen the pie sliced.

that would have been heaven!!!

DiamondsR4eva said...

Awwww Youtube cooking video!

You should do a How I'm living/Cribs episode next :-)

p.s. you're a cutie

contagiouslyCRANKY said...

ummmm i especially like how you didnt tell me HOW MUCH sugar to put in the pis!!! Looked good though!

Ms. Behaving said...

Bout time you gave us another video!! LOL

Pie looks good...
Video looks great...

Now gimmie some!!! LOL

kei kei said...

dang i don't have sound on my computer but i watched it and it looks good to me.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@big O - Thanks man, baking not that hard

@Designer Qui - damn 3:05 you miss all the goodness lol

@kayos - they kinda in between, not mushy but cooked. thanks for the compliment

@Kin'shar - Thanks. Feel free to stop in anytime

@icandy21 - I made that pie like 5 months ago, way before I knew you existed.. lol

@Sexxy luv - It will be there when you get a chance to check it out

@Hustla - I didn't measure anything. Just eyeballed it. No nutmeg or anything but the sugars

@Dreamy - Thanks babe, The pie took too long to cool so we couldn't film that part

@Diamonds - A how I'm living episode would be really funny. Like a suburban redman. I might consider it. Your a cutie too.. wait I don't think I've seen your pic... lol

@Cranky - lets say 1 cup total. I'll measure next time

@ms. behaving - lol... Sorry it took so long. Thanks

@Kei Kei - Sound is overrated.. lol

FREEDOM said...

Look At You. YOU GO BOY!

Ieisha said...

Yeah, I know I'm late. My bad.

Funny how you have equal comments on your looks and the pie. You do those videos just to get the compliments, I bet. Lol.

Interesting twist on the pie adding the strawberries.

I laughed at "deliciousness" as well.

I like Real Hustla's suggestion on having all your ingredients out. But then we get that down home feel of you really being in your kitchen cooking.

Great episode.

Nicole said...

kool vid, kool blog!! nice kitchen!!
keep on keeping on!!
i think ur blogs about u n ur babygirl r too cute!!
be blessed!

kayellejaye said...

There is no way in the world I could wait 6-7 hours to dig into a pie. 30 mins TOPS with a side of ice cream!

Now my critique:
Overall good video.

It was hard to understand you at times because you weren't talking into the camera.

I agree w/ realhustla...pre prep your ingredients so you save time cutting everything and opening cabinets and such.

You should post the "recipe" at the end of the post or the video.


brran1 said...

Good job Dave,

Almost makes me want to get into the kitchen and throw down on some pies. Almost.