23 October 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt Random Tales

Here is a bunch of work stuff that is'nt really long enough for a while post.

1. The older dude getting on my nerves. We are a meeting and he volunteers to fix something. Why as soon as the meeting is over he's asking me for help on it??? I ended up just fixing it for him. This bamma spends the day flirting with every girl in the building. I went to the post office and he had been down there for an hour talking people up... wtf??

2. I successfully used the term "bridge to nowhere" to describe this project I was assigned.

3. This doesn't happen on the corner but I learned this older dude who hands out papers at the metro stop drives an S class benz. He must be retired or the washington post pays really well.

4. There is this security guard at my job who every time I see I give him dap and chat for a second. I have no idea what his name is. He cool though... lol

5. This dude is leaving kinda abruptly. He put in his resignation on monday and his last day is friday. We think it's because he likes McCain and we crack McCain jokes for at least 1 hour everyday. Not to him directly he just sits close enough to hear us. Yesterday it was that McCain must win every Robot dance competition he enters in... lmao

And with that I'll leave you with this website my buddy Ms Trouble sent me:


Click around on the site and make sure you have some sound.


Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ older dude. He made himself look good in the meeting and yet had you do the work...hustling!

I think #3 is a bad rumor.

MP said...

A paperboy with an S class? Why doesn't 2 and 2 equal 4?

The Black Russian said...

lol ur job sound like characters work there....I received that website from my bff...it to funny and sadly may be true.. what about ur work shenanigans super dave???

Kayos said...

it seems like you have some seriousness goin on...

Hahahaha...you dap the security guard but don't know his name...at least you will get some help when you yell, "Security!"

Ms. Behaving said...

I'm no rocket scientist but if #3 is true, dude is pushing waaaaaay more than just paper!! LOL

Ieisha said...

I passed that Palin site on to everybody I could think of. It's hilarious.

I need to give credit to whomever was behind that. Great job.

Kudos on successfully using "bridge to nowhere" in a sentence, lol.

Melody.Darlene said...

hahaha! why is the security tha homie at every work place tho! lolol!

Sha Boogie said...

That website was hilarious! And while I'm here, I'm just gonna comment on the other post too, lol Thats one reason I'm kinda sad I dont go to a salon..I miss out on all the bootleg ish..

FREEDOM said...

Hey Davey, just wanted to thank you for showing me some love while I was going through.

You just gotta love work. huh? lol

God Bless!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I have a guy who comes into my job everyday and we talk about everything under the sun. He always calss everyone by name but none of us knew his.
Finally embarrassed we asked his name.

E2Deep said...

@#3- He must be retired and have nothing to do!!!

@#4- Why is it "us guys" never ask each other for our names lol We tend to wait until someone say's it out allowed or find it on a name tag.

@#5- You better hope he doesnt come back because that means one thing "DUCK".

Ms. Lovely said...

lmao@ McCain jokes

I talk to ppl whose names I don't know ALL the time

Eb the Celeb said...

Its amazing what old men of that day do to keep busy... my grandfather has been retired for some years now... was out of work maybe 6 months and just couldnt stand the fact of staying at home everyday so now he does odds and ends jobs at schools, homes, etc just to keep busy... so I can completely relate to the benz driving flyer dude

Bangs and a Bun said...

Damn, that McCain robot dancing thing had me laughing for a good ten minutes. *wipes tears* Ahh, good times!