07 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up part duex

I love saying "duex" lol it just sounds cool. Anyway here are some pics from the meet up

I have no idea why we all wore shades of gray and I didn't even notice it till I saw these pics. Thanks Kayellejaye for uploading the pics.

So on Sunday I hit up my buddy to see if she wanted to take our daughters to the Corn Maze. Here's what it looked like:

(the maze of death)

Now before entering I asked the lady if there was a "kids" maze? She said yes and that it was real easy, she told me it was a "big circle". I was like cool, I can handle that, no problem. Let me tell you about this "big circle", do you know it took us 45min to get thru? Do you know we lost 2 little girls in this "big circle"? Do you know that a whole girl scout troop got lost in this thing? we past the same lost folks like 4 times, and that was the kiddie one. They said the adult one takes 2 hours to get thru, 2 freakin hours!!! i'm not going to lie, I want to try it... lol Anyway here are some pics of that adventure(side note, I wore the exact same clothes to the blogger meet up, it's a recession you gotta recycle your clothes... lol):

(I look drunk)

(you see her giving me the sexy eye right)

(the baby running off, this is how they got lost)

(the baby taking my order, or telling me to mind my business, i forget which)

(why did my baby just hit this pose the moment she saw a camera?)

And Finally as if all them damn pics is not enough here is a video of me crabbing. I get questions all the time about how we catch crabs so here is me live in action. I have to warn you it's super boring.


Dope Fiend said...

"it's a recession you gotta recycle your clothes... lol)"

haha not serious! That looks pretty fun, i wonder if theres any mazes near me. gonna have to google that!

Ur daughter is tooo cute!

Big O said...

im laughin at the recycle clothes.....only cuz i feel you !!! lmao

kei kei said...

ur baby is too cute!!! she looks just like u. my baby daddy's family goes farming quite often. i keep saying i'm gonna go with them

lol @ recycling clothes

dagonnit i want sum crabs!!! the fish markets up here haven't had any good ones lately

iCandy21 said...

lmaoooo u r funny. did yall get any corn from the corn maze??

The Jaded NYer said...

clearly you did not see "Children of the Corn" or you would not have gone in there...

My grandfather used to go crabbing, so I don't need to watch the video to know it's uneventful; I used to just stay home and wait for the food to get to me :D

Opinionated Diva said...

smh @ recycling your outfit...no comment on that.

How come you didn't describe who's who in the pics? I recognize Leon, you and 1/3...but that's it.

LMAO @ the li'l momma's pose...such a cutie - she must get that from her momma! lol

Everytime I see a cornfield I think of children of the corn...now way I would have went in there!

Sexxy Luv said...

I'm not even mad that you recyled the fit, i like it so i won't trip! lol

baby girl is cute and looks like daddy!!!

I know you was scared when you lost the baby i would never do something like that...my nerves are too bad, i would have had to pull out the brown paper bag! lol

thanks for putting names with the pictures so we would know who was who!

Ms. Behaving said...

First you post about a blogger meet with NO pics, then you turn around and post part deux [hey I like that word too] and you don't even bother to describe whose who??

You have got to do better!!! LOL

Your daughter is absolutely adorable!!

:: Closely examines the pic she took BEFORE she struck a pose::

Yep...she's definitely givin' you the hand!!! LOL

Recycled clothes on account of the recession??
Yeah ummm....aiight!!


Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Dope Fiend - The maze was cool, you should try it

@Big O - Man it's hard out here for a pimp.

@Kei Kei - Yeah crabbing season just about over. It's getting too cold

@Icandy - That corn was old and nasty, I was going to pocket some till I actually saw it

@Jaded - You just being a punk, that was a movie and it was daylight

@Diva - you and jaded are punks... lol

@Sexxy Luv - I wasn't really scared I could hear them and if worst came to worst i could make a path thru the corn

@Ms. Behaving - I don't know if they want to be put on blast like that. a couple of them don't have pics on their blogs.

RealHustla said...

The first thing I noticed is that ya'll were all matching. Cute. Ya'll look sleepy too.

Never been to a corn maze. I get real nervous when the baby is out of my sight. A corn maze wouldn't help that. Hey, her hair was nicely combed. Did you do it? I saw that sexy eye. Ya'lls kids already get along.

My baby has been striking poses since she was 3 weeks old. I barely have any pictures where she's surprised.

contagiouslyCRANKY said...


Young woman on a journey said...

the baby is toooooooo cute! lol at the corn maze. lol. and yes...that sexy eye is quite evident.

CocaColaCutie said...

that's all that crabbing is? a handled hanging net off the side of a moving boat?

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ me and Jaded...I hadn't even seen her comment. GMTA!!

1/3 said...

LOL I didnt notice we were all wearing gray. anyways it was sooo nice to meet u!!!! You're right im not listening to that waitress anymore. ur orange chicken was good.

aww ur daughter is so precious:-). I havent been to the farm maze/pumpkin farm in ages...i miss being a kid lol

Melody.Darlene said...

lovin the pix!

kayellejaye said...

Where in the devil is that corn maze? Can you go at night? That's got Halloween written all over it.

The baby looks just like you. Too cute!

Designer Qui said...

aww look at my brother in the first picture!!

your twin is too cute! if she is telling you to get out her face now, just imagine what you'll hear the first time that you tell her you don't like her boyfriend!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Hustla - That was the itis setting in. And we all know I didn't comb her hair that nice. It was all her mom.

@Cranky - No children of the corn stuff I don't get why everyone is so scared of it

@Young Woman - She loves me, she just wont admit it.. lol

@Diva - I had to google what GMTA stood for.... I'ma a bamma lol

@1/3 - It was nice meeting you too. Who said you had to be a kid to hit the corn maze?

@Melody,Darlene - Thanks

@KayelleJaye - pgcornmaze.com it's in Upper Marlboro. I'm dying to try the adult maze so if you go holla at me. Wait we could have a blogger meet up at the corn maze. They close at 10pm

@Designer Qui - Damn why didn't you join us? If I she talks back over a boyfriend all I'll hear is her sitting in her room mad.

kayellejaye said...

Hell yeah! I'm in!

B said...

Gosh, you and the baby are just darling!!! The maze on the other hand....I'm scary as hell. Haven't you seen Children of the Corn? LMAO!

E2Deep said...

Yo I cant do mazes...I watch too many scary movies!

Ieisha said...

32 seconds into the movie, I decided that I would take your word for it. I'm sure the process is exciting and exhilarating. I'll take your word for it, lol.

Had you not mentioned the outfit, would not have noticed. The pics you posted did not show you in a full outfit.

Your mini-me is cute.

Sexxy Luv said...

just finished watching the video...next time can you show us the crab at the end of the video, i thought it was pretty interesting. :)