07 November 2008

Nightmare on M st

So do you remember how I said I videotaped me talking to people on Halloween? Well This is the blog about it, wanna read it? Here it go.......

Please keep in mind that I was a lil drunk hence the language.

Try and guess which dude I think was a pedophile...

Nightmare On M St. (Holloween '08) from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.


Opinionated Diva said...

Luv the new layout so much more than the older one! Plus now that you don't have that pop out question box, I can actually respond from the BB...wooo whoo!

Now on to the video...that is one of THEE most hilarious hot mess videos I've seen in a long time!

You: WHAT IS HE? (child hides from cam)
Mom: He's a Kayaker

LOL - I died laughing for real!

Lmao…you had jooooooooookes!!!

That was not a cigar in the gay republican’s mouth.

My fave line: "Being a hoe is not a costume" Genius!!!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

A homeless rock band.
A keg of beer
That was a party on the street.

No no no to the Steve Irwin costume that was so so so wrong.

girlfriend said...

Okay, I'm thinking pedophile was ole dude in the extremely short shorts & hoodie???
That was just too ri-damn-diculous!

This video was hilarious tho'!

Why'd you call that girl Kanye West?? LOL!

So much too comment on but I'll just leave it and finish laughing.

Ms. Behaving said...

I'm with girlfriend...

I DEFINITELY think old dude in the skin tight booty shorts was the pedophile.

I'm mad that he was just casually strollin' round like that shyt was cute tho!!

LMAO @ "the get money/get no *itchez crew rollin' ten deep to nowhere*"

I probably wouldn't have said that as loud as you did but it was funny as hell.

Cave wo/man had noooooo sense of humor whatsoever...


contagiouslyCRANKY said...

WAIT WAIT you threw me off with the music....lmao @ me lookin around my office to see where the sounds were comin from....

RealHustla said...

Grrrrr. The video wouldn't go past 1 min 42 secs for me. Maybe I'll try to watch it tomorrow.

RealHustla said...

Aight. All them dudes in they titty whitties was pedophiles.

I can't believe that big ding a ling costume. Ugh.

CocaColaCutie said...

i'm all late watching this but it was great! loved all the commentary!

KGB said...

I'm kicking myself sooooo hard for not going to G'town with y'all. I laughed so much my head hurts.

Ieisha said...

Yes, I'm just now watching this post.

Stop laughing.

Your accent is different. How you say "costume" had me laughing.

Good video though.

The boy who was the swing state was cool.

The nasty folk running around in their tightey-whiteys....very suspect.

You and Producer Joe did a good job.