25 November 2008


What was I thinking when I offered to host thanksgiving? I don't want to cook all that crap. I'm tripping, I have to think of a whole menu. Here's what I got so far:

Roast Turkey
Baked Ham (I'm not cooking this, it's store bought)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Greens (maybe)
Shrimp Pasta salad
Rum Cake
Sweet Potato Pie
Mac and Cheese

And what ever my uncle and sister bring. Am I missing anything? Please tell me now because I'm going shopping soon. Actually looking at all that it doesn't seem so bad. I can make a bunch of it in advance and just heat it up. I need to bake the cake and pie tomorrow, I'm not going to get much sleep I already know. Anyway I made some cranberry sauce last night. Yes I MADE it no canned jellied crap at my house.. lol I took it and added some of the other testing food leftovers and made a pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving plate for dinner.

Who needs a wife? I can make shyt like this once a week and be happy. If I can manage to keep my place clean all I'll need is a jumpoff and life will be good... lol

In other news I realized my fish watches TV. Really heres a pic of him stuck on stupid watching the TV

(kinda grainy i know, hey it's a cameraphone pic)

He does this anytime I leave the TV on and walk out the room. I also have a crazy bird on my deck that keeps fighting it's own reflection. I mean this bird hits himself everyday. It's been going on over a year. A FREAKIN year. Everyday he shows up and bangs the reflection of himself. I had a video of it but I can't find it right now. Anyway later good people. Maybe I should post all these cooking pics over on the cooking blog? wow that's such a crazy idea.. lol


Opinionated Diva said...

What's a "relection"??? Is that what Obama will have in four years??? A "relection"??? LOL!

I always hated that canned cranberry sauce/gel/gook! It's gotta be homemade.

You need some potato salad, some kind of bread (homemade biscuits...really easy), gravy...I could go on, but I'll stop there.

Opinionated Diva said...

Oh also...I'd cut the candied yams a little bit smaller (not thinner), so all that sweet goodness can soak through better.

Ieisha said...

Your fish watches TV, that's hilarious.

Can you share your shrimp pasta salad? I know I'm always asking for recipes....what can I say, I'm a recipe whore, lol.

Forgot you had a cooking blog, eh?? Lol.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Diva - When I make it big I'ma hire you to edit my posts.. lol Oh yeah I've never made a good potato salad, I just gave up.

@Ieisha - Yam or sweet potatoes they both the same thing. i say both. The Shrimp Pasta is the same one from Ep 4 of the cooking show.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Now is it that you don't need a wife or just can't get a wife. . .ouch.

Make an albino joke now :)

I think the fish likes the light and movement.
My dog will sometimes growl at his reflection.

All this pre cooking Thanksgiving dinner will make me not want to eat the food by time it gets here. I be ordering pizza.

I don't have to worry about Thanksgiving but, Christmas is another story.

kayellejaye said...

Yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing. Shame on you. ;-p

You need some more veggies. Hook it up.

sweet keikei said...

never tried real cranberry sauce. i definitely don't like the canned stuff.

pre-thanksgiving dinner?? lol u are serious about your cooking.

Kayos said...

Wow! You're fish really watches tv? that's a new one.

Food looks good. Yeah like you I could cook like this once a week but as I found out with all good cooking, you need to have the patience of Job.

The Jaded NYer said...

I just gained 12lbs by reading this post.

thanks, Dave!


Sha Boogie said...

We are both in the same stupid boat. Sn.appy and I are hosting *sigh*, I'm making the sweet potato bake with marshmallows! Yum.

BorednTalkative said...

Yeah you need more veg, but the menu looks good. I wish someone was cooking me Thanksgiving dinner.

Cherish said...

the menu looks really good. i can go for some sweet potato casserole myself

Just Jasmine said...

No greens? No Black eye peas?
But all that looks good

QB said...

that all sounds wonderful. However you are missing the pumpkin aspect of thanksgiving... very important.

1/3 said...

hey where is the cornbread on that menu! thats the only thing missing lol

DOnt laugh at the bird...maybe u really thinks it can fly through lol. I know i've had my share of incidents with class doors LOL

Eb the Celeb said...

can you fedex me a plate?

RealHustla said...

You do not want to have to keep calling someone every time you want a grown up play date. I know I don't (I mean that would probably work if they would just come over when you say come). This madness has to end some time soon.

The food looks great, you gotta have some greens. Green beans or something! You need black eyed peas too. Oh and how about some crab O'graton? Mmmmmm. Peach cobbler. Cookies for the kids who can't wait till the food is done. A veggie plate for the adults. You got work to do hommie!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Who said Black eyed peas? Black eyed peas are for New Years, but you need rolls. Don't for get the rolls. and Some type of pie. Normally it is sweet potato or pumpkin, although I don;t like either. Other than that it sounds like you have all the basic, especially if you are footing the bill. The shrimp pasta is new.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Oh, happy thanksgiving.

RunningMom said...

Can I skip cooking for my fam and just come to your place instead? Rum cake - yum!

I don't do marshmallows on my sweet potatoes... brown sugar & butter when I'm feeling sweet and black pepper, salt & butter when I'm not.

dejanae said...

just send me a plate and tell the fish to stop watchin tv
itll only get dumber

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmph - the selection of food sounds good to me. I'm not doing any cooking this year - know why? I'm on my way to the Caribbean this weekend - yea me!

Happy Thanksgiving Bruh!

CocaColaCutie said...

ooooh...can you bring me a plate on monday? i've decided i'm not having a real thankgiving dinner. i'm making curried chicken...but i am going to make my sweet potato pie.

FREEDOM said...


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Hey there!

I am just dropping by to say "Happy Thanksgiving"!