03 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was OK, here are the highlights

Friday: Joe Producer talked me into going down to Georgetown to film Nightmare on M street. For those who don't know Halloween in G'town is crazy, tons of people bar hopping, police blocking off streets and just alot of odd stuff. So Joe Producer gave me a mic and turned on the camera. Couple things happen when you walk around with a mic and a camera man:

1. Everyone looks at you and asks what channel your with, odd thing it's mostly the people who are not in costume.

2. when you stop someone to ask about their costume nobody cares that you just stopped all foot traffic, in fact people gather around to watch.

Actually I could talk about the foolishness I saw all day, dudes in diapers. Like 30 spartans, they usual dick and balls, everyone from Wizard of Oz. A dude who I think was just a straight pedophile, some dude who decided to walk with us and put his arm around me (awkward lol) and a group of black kids flashing me their gun and thinking they hard because they scared a couple white folk, Good times... Lol. Long story short the video is coming soon, I'll going to detail then.

Firday also brought my official divorce from Patron. I don't think it does it for me anymore. I swear I drank half a bottle and only had a lil buzz. I need more from my liquor. I'm going back to Rum and Vodka.

I chilled most the day cleaning and trying to recover from friday. I was sore and had this undying hunger. The Blogger meetup was supposed to happen that night but NOBODY showed up. Ok maybe I did email people the wrong cell number but hey I don't call myself, I can't remember these things, that's what business cards are for... lol Actually this is exactly why I need an assistant, preferably a sexy female one. But yeah I was there all alone in the dark. I would have been really upset if the place wasn't 10 min from my house. I did underestimate how dark the maze is. I mean there are no lights out there. I would have needed a flashlight just to see where I'm going. They said if you get lost just yell and someone will find you... lol The darkness didn't stop 5 year olds from going in there. Anyway I'm officially putting in my resignation for organizing all future blogger activities.

Sunday: I felt like a good will ambassador. I went to visit my mom, uncle and my god-brothers twin babies. I was out ALL day, I didn't see 1 down of football till 7pm.

Here's what the Baby dressed up as. I had nothing to do with it, it's much too prissy and girly for me... lol


The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Friday. . .Did you dress up?
And why did you allow the guy to keep hugging on you?
Why are those black kids acting up at a critical time like this. .. you should have told their behinds that there is an election going on and we don't have time for idiotic behavior.. .you might have gotten shot but hey it's in the name of history.

Oh, what did you tell the people you were filming for?

Saturday: That is so sad. No one showed up. I want to organize a blogger meet up but, I don't know any bloggers from around where I live.

Sunday. . .I'm sure your family was glad to see you.

kayellejaye said...

I called! So I didn't stand you up. LOL. But I'm still tryna do it for real. We should just go straight after work. You know it's gonna be pitch black by 4.

MP said...

oh man nobody showed up?!?!? You really do need a personal assistant!

Half a bottle of patron left you with a lil buzz? My ass would have been in a coma for sure!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Sharon - My whole costume included a foam hat. You'll see it when the video drops, I got away from dude ASAP but it was packed out there so you really were touching everyone anyway. I told people we were filming for CNN and nomaddz.com

@KGB - I didn't say you stood me up. After work might be a good plan.

@MP - I don't even drink that much, Patron just not as strong as it used to be,

kayellejaye said...

OMG! The Baby is toooooo cute!

The Jaded NYer said...

man, nobody wanted to DIE in the maze, I TOLD YOU!! lol

baby looked so cute in her costume!

The Dreamy One said...

umhhhh she is a girl what do you mean it was too prissy. she looks very adorable I might add!!!

yeah i have been done with the Patron. Ever since I got pissy drunk missing it with Malibu and threw up on myself I have given up on the brown liquor. Ever time I hear or think about that liquor I get ill!!!

I dont know if I would have done the corn maze. sounds like too much work to get through it, plus my azz would have been shook in the dark trying to find my way out!!!

sounds like you had a good weekend!!!

CocaColaCutie said...

i'm feeling the same way about Patron these days. I had like 7 shots when I was partying at Howard's homecoming and I was barely buzzed. I had to follow up with my favorite bonecrusher.

The Black Russian said...

your Halloween sounds interesting... I went to the Greenwich Village parade in Manhattan... That was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!anyways you and patron are divorced you must have a high tolerance.. I was on my ass after 4 patron cosmos lol...your daughter looks beautiful...

kei kei said...

i don't know patron is the type of liquor that's supposed to age. if so maybe that's why it's not as strong as it used to be. i remember hearing the same thing about henny. they were saying that because it had gotten so popular, it was selling faster and they couldn't let it sit and age like it was supposed to. anyways don't have a clue...just a thought. lol

the baby looks sooooooo cute in her princess costume! she is sooooo pretty!

iCandy21 said...

lol...i cant wait to see your video...people in Gtown generally act a fool anyway...even when its not halloween, so i can only imagine the foolery you saw lol. and lmmfao @ ol' boy huggin on u...i bet it was some drunken white boy...man i love the city of DC lol. your daugther looked like a pretty princess in her costume =] and wait...the maze was dark huh? i find it funny that they say yell and someone will find u...u be done pissed on urself by the time ur found...scared as shit lol. and to dreamy...ive found that patron is not your friend when you mix it too much! smh...ive had many bad encounters as a result of mixing patron lol, but like most...patron just hasnt been doing it for me lately...i have to mix it w/at least one other liquor to feel how i want to feel. it usually leads to a hangover though...lets all just go on patron strike...im stickin to Jose and 1800 as far as tequilas are concerned!

Designer Qui said...

awww the princess was a princess! times like this i really wish i had a girl!

nobody showed? damn. that bloggers meet up sounded like a good idea too. i would have came but i ended up shopping with mom dukes in DE.

people drinking and in costumes...can't wait for the video!

RealHustla said...

Yeah, you be sure to tell the BM that I'm feeling that outfit. What was she, a beauty queen?

Spartan's huh? Were all 30 of them together?

Huh, I used to think I could out drink you, but now I'm not so sure. Same thing is happening with me and rum. I need more to get even the slightest buzz. Try champagne. The bubbles help. Or Fetzer Gewuztriminer (I love this stuff). Or, do you need a more masculine sounding hard drink?

Wish you were here, we could experiment.

Ieisha said...

Exciting weekend you had...a divorce AND a resignation. Lol.

It's been so long since I've had a drink, I'd probably be done after 3 shots.

FREEDOM said...

Davey...She is such a cutie pie!!!!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Your baby is sooooo adorable!!!

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm such a lightweight...I've NEVER had patron...doesn't sound like I'm missing much though.

The baby looks adorable...I'm not sure what she's supposed to be though. A beauty queen? The good witch Glenda? And whose the other little girl, dressed just like her?

I can't wait to see that video...I'm sure it's full of foolios acting a damn fool!

Ms. Behaving said...

Awww man @ all the no shows.

[I was lookin' forward to reading about that blogger meet up!! *SIGH*]

Your daughter looks absolutely adorable...

I don't care whose idea it was to dress her up like that but she looks just like a pageant queen :-).

Sexxy Luv said...

look @ the pretty princess!

i'm waiting on that footage..hopefully it will be available for viewing purposes by this weekend....*hint, hint*

QB said...

adorable picture of your lil girl. i know its pretty girlie but she sure looks happy in it :)