19 December 2008

More Tagging

Can you believe my favorite antagonist Sharon tagged me? She got some damn nerve right? I know I officially banned all tags a while ago, why don't people listen? The terrorists will not win!!!

That said I'll answer the questions....

Same rules as all the other tags:
Link back to the person who tagged you. Answer the questions Tag 7 other bloggers (it's always 7, people need to be more creative) Let them know in the comments they were tagged. (we know I'm not tagging anyone right? ok)

10 random things about me:

I stepped on a toothpick as a kid

I used to be a good artist

I got like 920 on my SAT's

I've never been outside the country

I have 1 tattoo

I've had exactly 3 real jobs in my life

I used to share a 1 bedroom apt with my mom

I don't know how to play Bones

I had a broken heart when I was 5

I can't wait to the the biggie movie.

9 ways to win my heart:




9 is alot.. I'm skipping the rest

8 things I want to do before I die:

Sky dive

Travel to Earth

Drive cross country

Run my own business

fall in love

see my grandchildren


Sail a long distance (not like around the world but like from Florida to Maine

7 ways to annoy me:

interrupt my sleep for anything but food or sex

ignore me when I am talking

complain a lot

Talk too much

treat others badly

Enjoy being ignorant

Being needy

6 things I believe in:



The power of Family


The Goodness of People

Drew a Blank....

5 things I am afraid of:

losing my daughter

losing my mother

Thanks it folks...

4 of my favorite things



The Innanet

My family

3 things I do daily:


use the bathroom


2 things I want to do within the hour:

Fix this server

Buy a watch

1 person I want to see right now:

Sharon so I can kick her square in the butt crack... lol


freedom said...

Hey. I was tagged, as well, and dropped by to see your lists. I LOVE that last one! I vowed long ago that would not doing any of that taggin' mess, but, sometimes, the right people get to you and you just gotta obey. So, I did.

"Enjoy being ignorant" -royal. It's one thing to be ignant, but, it's quite another to wallow in it. Peace.

brran1 said...

What up Dave?

I'm gonna do this one. Come check it out when you get a chance.

QB said...

you dont know how to play bones?

and that sailing thing... a man after my own heart. God i miss owning a sailboat!

And I promise I wont ever tag you again. ;o)

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

LOL!!!! Come on with it brotha.
The harder they fall ;)

Dag it don't take much to win your heart. . .quit being so easy.

And you didn't even do it right. Feel in all the answers.
*rolls eyes

And did you read what Freedom wrote follow his lead and do what I say.
Which means if I tag you again you will play along or get your eye blackened.

* makes a fist and acts like she is punching her self in the eye then points at him.

Ps.I want to know who broke your heart at five?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Freedom - Whoa, whoa, whoa who said anything about obey? I obey no one.. Especially not Sharon. I was just being nice.

@Brran1 - Go for it dude, just remember you volunteered

@QB - naw no bones for me, I'ma learn soon though.

@Sharon - I know you like young easy dudes.. lol Baby PLEASE come black my eye, you think I'm scared of you? I didn't say someone broke my heart, I said my heart was broke. BIG difference.

QB said...

i highly recommend you learn how to play bones. soon.

Darius T. Williams said...

I know what you mean - don't interrupt my sleep either - lol.

Opinionated Diva said...

You are really splitting hairs with the you got your heart broke vs someone breaking it...did you break it yourself???? *snickers* lol

LMAO @ you not being able to come up with nine ways to win your heart.

RunningMom said...

I want to sail on a long-distance trip too, only I want to be able to control the weather, and make sure there are no pirates nearby lol.

This list is fun, I might have to do it even if you didn't tag me. Self-tag. Hrmph.

theweightofwhatisreal said...

You are such a softie!!!

For you to be the anti-tag, you keep answering these bad boys, lol.

Why do you remember stepping on a toothpick as a kid? Did it go through your entire foot? Did you have to get a tetanus shot?

Sophia said...

Stepping out of lurkdom just to say...

You said a whole lot. But what caught my attention was the revealing of your SAT score. Why on earth am I years out of HS and I'm STILL embarrassed about my SAT score? (Mine was somewhere in the 900's also, but I lied about it when folks did ask so now I can't remember the real number.) My SAT score didn't stop me from anything I wanted to do, but its like a thorn in my side.....What if one day one of my future grandchildren ask me what my SAT score was? the shame still burns inside......lol

Anyway, I wasn't tagged (how could I ever be when I lurk on most blogs) but I'll have to do this one some day soon.