12 December 2008

Random Conversations

Here are some conversations I've had with different people:

Cuzzo1: Man I love my mom, without her I'd be out on the street right now..
Me: yeah man moms are great..

10 min later.....

Cuzzo1: How much do you pay in child support
Me: i pay $$$$$
Cuzzo1: Wow.. I wouldn't even pay my mom that
Me: lol


Me: I'm looking for some new cologne, any recommendations?
CeCe: Check our Girbaud
Me: what's it smell like?
CeCe: A gainfully employed black man
Me: ooohh I don't wanna smell like that
CeCe: what?


KGB: I'm looking to reinvent myself, what should I be?
Me: My Wife?
Me: damn!


Cuzzo2: Man I met another girl online!
Me: you internet pimping?
Cuzzo2: Man this marriage is killing my personal like
Me: lol... if only you weren't married you could be dating
Cuzzo2: They all want a piece of Teddy Ruxpin but he already sold
Me: lmao...

Have a good weekend people!


RealHustla said...

Next time you make a marriage proposal, buy a ring and get down on one knee. Then she might take you seriously. Men and these low risk, lemme try to feel her out first, marriage proposals is a trip.

Kayos said...


Cuzzo1 is lack for a better word dumb. If it wasn't for his mom he'd be on the street but he doesn't wanna pay her child support?!? Selfish azz...

You had me rollin on the Girbaud and I don't blame you.

KGB really put you out there didn't she.

Cuzzo2 is just like #1 but on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Your convos are very interesting to say the least.

QB said...

you have some wack conversations.

Opinionated Diva said...

I agree with QB...but I also think you left out the juicier part of the conversations!

clnmike said...

Me: what's it smell like?
CeCe: A gainfully employed black man


eizzy.k said...

LMAO with Clnmike!
"A gainfully employed black man"
Thats rich man! LMAO x2!!

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

So is there more to the conversations?

kayellejaye said...

I'ma kick ur ass. LOL. I missed this post.