05 December 2008

Real Dave vs Super Dave

You ever meet people who seem to have a whole different personality online? I feel like that sometimes like Super Dave is a whole different person. Lets take a deeper look at the 2 Daves

Super Dave has 218 myspace friends and 34 facebook ones

Real Dave has like 15 friends. That's actually being generous.

Super Dave will chat with you thru IM/email all day

Real Dave will only call you if I need something. Like really really need it.

Super Dave rambles on and on on his blog

Real Dave is pretty quiet and never feels the need to say anything

Super Dave seems to always be into something

Real Dave gets bored outta his damn mind on the weekends

Super Dave seems like he is always cooking

Real Dave cooks like twice a week and munches on leftovers all week

Super Dave could get a date a day

Real Dave goes on maybe 1 a month.

I could go on but you get the point. I feel like when I type about my life it's not me. Like I must be 2 different people or maybe I just type it more exciting then it really happened. It's all actual fact and I don't even blog about half the stuff that happens to me. Like I just came from the bathroom and saw this dude shoving a water bottle up his nose over the sink. WTH was he doing? Real Dave is surrounded by craizness.... lol


clnmike said...

That makes sense, I am a hell of a lot more talkative online than I am in real life.

Mostly because I can say what I got to say and be done with it.

RealHustla said...

Hmmm, I think RealHustla and me are just alike.

How come you didn't ask that dude why he was shoving the water bottle up his nose?

The Dreamy One said...

i so feel you Dave is all I am gonna say!!!

QB said...

I would say I feel you on this but after the blog I wrote about SL i dont know if you would believe me. Haha. But i do kinda see where you are coming from. i know I am more outgoing online than I am in real life but I am not a different person...

Opinionated Diva said...

he was shoving liquid cocaine up his nostrils!!!

I was going to crack jokes, but I'll behave today. As long as you know who you are, I guess none of the other stuff really matters.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@clnmike - That might be it. No talk back on the blog.. lol

@Hustla - Real Dave don't ask questions

@Dreamy - thank you babe

@QB - It's nothing like them second life losers.. lol

@Diva - He wasn't John Forte! I'm going to question how you know about liquid coke.

Brothers Blog said...

lol this is pretty funny. I like think I'm the same on and off line but I guess when you read stuff you as the reader can interpret it to how exciting you want to make it sound. Even though to the writer it's just their regular ol' life.

LMAO @ dude with the water bottle. I don't wanna know.

Eb the Celeb said...

I think you should change your alter ego to

Sasha Super Dave Fierce

lol... joking

My blog has made me more conscious of how mean I can be... so thanks to RBW, Eb the Celeb is a lot nicer person because it allows me to put things into perspective... but I'm still the same

Caspar608 said...

my life is actually more hectic and random and crazy than my blog may seem...Frederick Douglass said it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men - so I am a lot busier than I would like to admit...

real dave is actually more interesting than super dave.
I don't know about 15 friends though. Thats a high number...
how many of them do you trust with the pin # to your bank account ; )

have a great weekend.

Ms. Behaving said...

You're certainly NOT alone...

Lawd knows I bare a hell of a lot more on my blog than I would in person.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

It's called having a Split Personality and it's a mental condition.
Now go seek some help ;)

soshallitbea said...

I'm pretty much the same online and off. I dont have online friends that I dont have offline. If were cool were cool.

If you engage me the convo will be the same. Considering my blog consists of my many personalities, you get what you get with me :-)

but i totally understand what you are saying.

Ieisha said...

Blogging is a lot like watching Reality TV....all the stuff happens but when we see the final product, it's been edited down into good little bite-sized pieces.

It's not necessarily you being two different people. It's just two different mediums.

FREEDOM said...

I like this post because I know whatcha mean. I am Freedom that is God-fearing, quiet, reserve and "churchy" lol. But if I let anyone in I am also Ms. Justice who is a spitfire that will cuzz yo azz out, highly sexual and sassy, crack jokes and pretty will say what the f*uck she want and feel and could care less if it hurts someone's feelings not or if anyone agrees with me or not it really doesn't matter lol. I only expose Ms. Juctice to my close inner circle and recently in a couple of post lol If Ms. Justice comes out in real life that means I am really comfortable with you lol.

Adaeze said...

great point. I think this is true for so many people but it's something that's never discussed. I discovered your blog a while ago and have been trying to read up - I love your writing.

kayellejaye said...

There are definitely 2 Daves and they're both cool in my book. :0)

eizzy.k said...

I think all bloggers are like this...would be really funny to see what y'all really like in real life compared to in your blogs!!

who do u feel is more true to who u really are in the inside?? Super or real dave???