18 January 2008

Random Thought Fridays.. part 3

Back to the randomness now with numbers!!!

1. Turns out the dudes who wheeled their dead friend down the street to cash his social security check were not black (see a pic) My bad, I never said I was a reporter and checked all the facts

2. I might be the only person who likes the Baltimore Sun angle from the wire. Seeing the news people lie about stories is interesting to me.

3. Have You ever been on the train and glance at someone who you think looks cute then you look back.... not so much. Only then they see you looking and think your attracted to them. I hate that.

4. We got like 3 inches of snow yesterday and everyone acted like the sky was falling. It happens every year, your nations capital can't handle snow or ice, it's shameful. People in Maine get a foot of snow and come to work on-time.

5. I finally took down my christmas tree last night. I figured I might as well do it before MLK day.

6. What the fuck is JUICE!!!! I want Grape Drink!!! - Dave Chappelle

7. I like Chris Brown's songs. There I said it.

8. I got a lil cousin who can't get his credit report because he has no bills. He applied for a loan but was denied because he has no credit. How is he supposed to get credit if he can't get a loan? This is why people have credit card debt.

9. I pulled my credit report and bragged about my FICO score (700). I realized I was grown a couple years back when my older cousin and I actually compared FICO scores like they were cars.

10. I don't care how warm it is under no circumstances should you wear flip flops in January anywhere north of Georgia.

11. You know your not broke anymore when you walk right past the raman noodles in the store. Why is all the cheap food so bad for you? you can get raman noodles 20 for a $1, that alone should tell you that you have no business eating it. You can't even get kool-aid that cheap.

12. I was watching the bootleg version of "I am Legend" last night and the damn thing craped out during the last 10 mins of the movie. What kind of fuckery is that? Bootleggers don't even take pride in they work anymore... lol

16 January 2008

We Can Do Better

Aight before I begin this post I want to say a THANK YOU to all the new people who have hit up my blog the last 2 weeks. It's always fun to see some person I know nothing about came and enjoyed something it typed.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.....

This post is for the dudes. I know my fair share of single women and in knowing them I hear a bunch of stories about dudes. Being the guy that I am I try and defend my brothers actions. In hopes that they get second chance. Honestly most these stories are funny only because of the boldness of dudes and what they try and get away with. Let me drop a couple examples....

- A dude who tried to steal a girls sexual lube after they had gotten busy because it was better than his.

- A dude took this girl to Micky D's for dinner on a first date. They were grown not kids.

- A dude decided that he wanted to lick this girl face instead of giving her a kiss.

- A Dude is out with this girl and runs into his buddy. Proceeds to talk to his buddy for like 40 min and completely ignores the girl. Doesn't even notice when she leaves the restaurant.

- A dude left this girl at a carryout because she was getting on his nerves. Ok this was me when I was in high school BUT I only drove down the street and I DID come back to get her... lol She was talking way too much shyt and I had to show her I wasn't having it. Were still friends though.

I could go on but I think you get my point. Ask any girl you know and I'm sure they have plenty of hell date stories. Now It's hard being a male chauvinist when you can't defend your brothers. So I propose that we just do a better job. We all know damn well we can treat our women better. We just lazy, too many fish in the sea right. Why focus on 1 woman when 3 new women gave you the sexy eye on the train this morning. Why get one 10 when you can have five 2's. I know man, I know. It's hard but lets be honest, your fukking up the pussy population (RIP Pimp C) for the rest of us. You think I really want to deal with some emotionally unstable woman who you fukked over? That's a headache I'm not looking for. You know you have dealt with that woman who don't believe a word you say because negro's have been running game to her forever. How do you combat that? she don't even believe the truth!! I was watching Def Comedy Jam last night and this comic was talking about all she needs is an "At least" as in "At least he has a car". Is that where we are at? I don't want to be an "at least" nigga. Don't get me wrong I've done some fukked up stuff but that's when I was a kid. We grown now, we know better. We see the results of our actions. A Pastor once told me Insanity was "doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result". That's real talk so if your sick of these crazy ass women maybe we should start the change. I know these women throw around ass like cookies at a bake sale but do we really have degrade the whole process? We should still respect the game right? At least act like your still trying to impress her, take her on at least 1 good date. Were at a point where we don't even have to try anymore, women expect so little from us that they gave up. Sure they easy sex is fun now but here in the district they talking about an AIDS epidemic... EPIDEMIC nigga!!! like we in Africa or something. Dudes still passing around girls like it's a sport. Yeah part of that is the girls fault but why you want sloppy seconds from your boy? You know he a nasty ass dude, you've seen the quality of women he runs up in. You really want to go after him? You won't even drink after that dude but your going to share the same girl. It's not like the 60's where there was free sex and nobody got hurt(I know Aids was around then but nobody knew about it). We know whats out there, HIV and baby mommas. Neither are fun. We can do better, I have a daughter and if some dude tries to pull that dumb shit I'ma have to beat the hell out of him, then I'm in jail on a assult charge and someone's son is in the hospital, Nobody wins. Well hopefully she will be smart enought not to fall for the BS. All I'm trying to say here is that we need to treat our women better and in turn they will treat us better.

I had a whole nother blog about how women act, maybe I'll post that tomorrow.

14 January 2008

Do I look like a Clown?

So I was driving to the Metro (DC's subway system) this morning and I realized I can't juggle but so many things in my life. Last week my business partner basically told me I should take a vacation from the clothing line and "do me" since I have been a silent partner the last couple months. He was absolutely right I have been in complete no-grind mode the while he has been grinding like Pharrell and the Clipse.

So I was driving and thinking (I do my best thinking while I drive, It's not like I should be focused on the road or anything) and I realized that every time I try to add something to my life I leave something behind. In this case I added dating and going out more and the business got left. This is why I never cheat on my girlfriends, I'd never be able to keep up... lol. Before now any free time I got I would do business related stuff. Now when i'm free I usually try and set up a date to go have some fun. I've been on party mode since I got back from Vegas in nov. This is really counter productive because I'm going from making money to spending it. I really need to find a "happy medium" between family, going out and working, Or maybe I can finish that time machine I've been working on.....

On another note I can't believe the term "booking a girl" is not known anywhere but DC. You put her in your phone book aka "Book her". We have been saying that for years, it had to have moved outside the city by now. I'm going to start explaining everything that might be a DC only term.