25 January 2008

Random Thoughs Fridays part IV

I was going to add pictures this time but I'm too lazy for that mess... so here we go.

1. I saw a dude on the metro with a double C chanel earing on AND a wedding band. I was confused because the chanel earing screams Gay and the wedding band screams married. Maybe he is married to a dude. yes I get bored on the train... lol

2. Please take a look at this video of an old spice commercial. Pay close attention to the name of the scent at the end.....

Yes.. Old Spice has a sent called "Swagger". The term is officially dead to me now.

3. I was walking home from work and I heard a woman screaming by the courthouse. I started to go see if she was ok but she was a good block away and there were like 15 police officers around who could here her too. It's their job to go investigate things like that. I had a train to catch... lol. I also work near a homeless shelter so it could have been a crazy homeless person

4. I was talking to this girl and I let her read this blog. I have not heard from her sense. I even told her that I didn't mention her in my blogs but I guess she got offended by something she read. I don't know sense I have not spoken to her. I called her and tried to hit her on IM, She's just ignoring me, Oh well like Drea say's... Another on bites the dust.

5. I'm still in shock that we will have a Manning in the super bowl 2 years in a row. I didn't even like Peyton till I saw them mastercard commercials

6. That's the last youtube video I promise

7. I finally mastered Black Beans and Rice. I love that dish, Ive been eating it all week.

8. I was watching Peter Pan yesterday (the old Disney version) and I realized that this dude mastered inter-space travel without a ship. He just flew to another world with pixie dust.

9. What degree do you have to get to be the traffic person on the news? Anybody could do that right? there is no science behind it, just read what's on the screen. You don't have to be an expert in traffic patterns just know if there is an accident tell the people where it is and how far back the traffic is. Read from the screen and every now and again you have to fly in a helicopter, that's an easy way to get on TV.

24 January 2008

The Joys of Contracting

During the day I'm an IT professional on a federal contract. It's an interesting experience, you work in an environment where your important but not as important as a federal worker. They always look at you different, almost like a stepchild. Only it's not all the federal people just the ones who take their "federal" position a lil to serious. Like some how they are smarter or count more because their check comes from somewhere else.

On this note I have a hater in my office. My boss called me to his desk and asked me if I wanted to be promoted.... uuuhhhh sure. So he says ok and he talked it over with his federal bosses and they were cool with it. So he goes to our project manager and tells her he wants me for this open position and she says it's not going to happen. Why? because some federal worker I don't even work with doesn't feel like I'm qualified. I don't know exactly who said it but I've only had interaction with a couple people in that group so I have an idea. Now the only reason there is a position open is because someone who has only been here 3 months is leaving and get this, he recommended me to replace him. So some dude I've known 3 months feels like I can do his job but some federal person in a different group who I don't work with but have known for 8 years doesn't?????

Let me take you back a couple months. I was "promoted" to a higher position and then "demoted" to a lesser position within a month only let me keep the higher salary. Odd right? It didn't make sense to me but I didn't trip because they were still going to pay me the higher salary... same job more pay? That's cool with me. Now I find out that this same person said then that I wasn't qualified for the higher position, even after they gave it to me. Now this dude has held me back twice. I even have other higher ups on my side. If my boss or his boss or their boss felt like I couldn't cut it I'd be cool but all of them were ok with it. This one dude is in a whole nother department and I don't even report to him but since they have some control of our contract they can decide who does what.

So now my boss is pissed because he can't find anyone more qualified for the job then me only he can't hire me. I'm taking it in stride, shyt happens. It's just now I know someone in here thinks I don't do a good job or just not good enough to move up. 1 hating ass apple can ruin a perfectly good apple pie.... uuuummmm apple pie.

23 January 2008


Here are a couple youtube clips I enjoy....

Whenever my Daughter is upset I just throw this on

Charlene reminded me of the Credit Pimp Commercials. These are real car dealer commercials

That shit is shameful... lol

15 min ain't what it used to be....

I play this skit in my car when I'm down... Dave Chappelle is the greatest. It might be because his name is Dave... lol

Thats it for now, I'm off to the car show.

22 January 2008

Ya'll can do better

Now you know damn well I wasn't going to just blast the men and not mention the women. I wrote this blog back in August of last year. Some of this might contradict what I posted last week, just ignore that.

This Blog is brought to you by... You, yeah you Ms. Men are all dogs/ there are no more good men in the city. I'm sick of it, It's complete BS. Is it open season on men? You act like we just let our women down. Really??? how? last I checked men only do what women allow. If your sick of dudes coming at you trying to fuck on the first night then you need to talk to your girl who gave it up in the back seat of the truck after the club last week. You don't like how we dress? Talk to your girls who love the gangstas or dudes with jeans hanging off they ass and ignore the dude in khakis and a polo. We really only do stuff for women and money. In that order regardless of how many M.O.B tattoos you see.

So if you want to see a change with the dudes in the city start a movement with the women in the city. You know your girl who's fucking 2 dudes in the same week, who's just a lil tooo loose. Talk to her, explain how she's making it harder on you. Tell her the real reason she can't keep a man. A lil honesty never hurt. Or maybe you shouldn't be dating the thug dude if you thinking about marriage and kids. That might not be the kind of long term guy your looking for. On that same note, don't get mad that some dude was cheating on you when you know damn well he was running the street. Women know when there not the number 1 priority, stop fooling yourself. Thats like us trying to wife that same backseat girl knowing she up in LOVE (popular DC club) every weekend. Most the time women complain about no good men when the truth is you don't know what you want. A nice guy is too nice, a thug is too thug, the normal guy is too normal. Men can't win, we try.. honestly we do but we need ya'll to try and work with us. A relationship is 50/50 baby..