15 February 2008

Random Thought Friday/ Cooking with Coolio

I'ma do some random thoughts before I get into the hot ass mess that is Coolio.

1. I was in circuit city looking for a new TV and I saw this girl singing and dancing in front of 15 tv's displaying the beyonce dvd. Well she was in her 20's so she wasn't really a "girl" but was into it like nobody else was in the store. No music should make you feel that way.

2. Why do grown ass men walk around with adidas flip flops and socks on? that's cool for the house but not shopping at target.

3. I was voting on tuesday and I saw some people were "unopposed" but i still had to vote for them. Why even put it on the ballot? I have no choice

4. Speaking of voting, what's with all the people you have never heard of. I mean I was voting for country and district people based on how they name looked. I don't know these people or what they do.. lol I need to be a more educated voter.

5. What happened to the Jennifer Hudson album? did I miss that release?

Ok now on to Coolio. Please view the following video:

See that shit right there is that bullshit I be talking about. This dude must be hard up for cash. You can't do something like that and still respect yourself. Watch the girls in the background... They don't give a fuck, they look like they are embarrassed to even be apart of that bitchassness.. lol Then on top of everything this dude is pulling salt out of a dime bag. Are you serious, that's how we going now? I'm about to shoot my own cooking show (I'm dead serious by the way, it will be up before the summer) I was debating it for a while since my cousin wants to make movies and needs some way to practice but after seeing this it's a must. Don't worry no DG classes in the house or dime bags with secret ingredients or custom chefs jackets. To take a line from One Man's Opinion "What have you done to uplift your race today?" Hopefully something because Coolio hurt us all with this mess.

14 February 2008

Required Valentines Day Post

"Why be nice 1 day and be an ass the rest" That quote from high school shaped my current view of Valentines Day. It was from some girl I knew, I can't remember her name, but she was talking about how the day is overrated. I thought about what she said and she was absolutely right, if your with someone and you love or care about them then why wait till Feb 14th to show it? why not buy flowers and balloons any other day? Besides the fact that it will mean more to them if it's a surprise you get the bonus of everything being cheaper in non-valentine season. They sell roses outside my job all year long. Usually it's $3 for 6, Today... $10 for 6. What the hell? I could wait till next week and get someone roses out the blue for cheaper and get more of an effect.

I've always just kinda skipped this holiday, too much hype around it and it seems like it's all designed to make people spend money. Plus if it was a real holiday I would get the day off work, since I'm typing this live from the corner it must not be a official holiday.
When people ask me who is my valentine I always say me or nobody. Then women always say "your daughter is your valentine".... uuummm no. I spoil her lil ass everyday, I refuse to spend this psudoholiday buying more crap for her. She can go to school and share cards, eat some candy or whatever but she is not my valentine. Valentines day is for lovers not showing love to family. If that was the case than I would have to get my mom, sister, neice and every other woman in my life something. Like I said if you love someone you should show it everyday, not just 1. Don't be nice 1 day and be an asshole the rest.

12 February 2008

The Dream Killer

My lil cousins have nicknamed me the dream killer. Basically anything they come to me with an idea they say I shoot it down. Well not only shoot it down but crush it, burn it and use the ashes as flavor for my grill... lol I simply tell them the truth. I keep it real, they are like my lil bothers and I want the best for them. So when they tell me an idea I simply tell them EVERYTHING they need to consider. I figure if I give you all the facts and your still interested in it then go for it. It's not my fault they lose interest after I talk to them.

This brings me to my latest call. My cousin calls me and says he is about to take out a student loan to go to Washington Art Institute. Now he already dropped out of a University without consulting me. I would have talked him into staying and at least finishing the semester, this fool just stopped going to class. He already paid for the class and just stopped going, so then he was out the school credits and his money. I cursed his ass out for that one. So anyway he decides to get my opinion on this new school. In talking to him I discover that he wants to be a Sound bard engineer and the average salary is 40k. In order to finish the degree he will need about 80k in student loans. Now that doesn't really add up to me so I tell him as such. I say if you really want that career then know that you will be paying back a loan for a LONG time and you better love your job to make it worth it. To me you can make 40k at a security job without a degree, SO if your going to make that AND be in debt you better love what your doing. Plus i'm not for going to trade schools for degrees a bachelors should come from somewhere with University in the name. He says this is a good school and he will be learning what he wants to learn in a hands on environment. I try to be supportive but in the end he still says I'm crushing another dream and I'm being too real with him about the situation. He wants me to sugar coat life and that's not what I'm about. I love the dude and I feel responsible for showing him what adulthood is about. I just don't want him making a mistake he will be paying for a long time. It's hard to tell the truth and not crush his dream.