22 February 2008

Hate Hate Hate!!!

I'm home sick with the cooties, I'm sure some lil kid at my daughters daycare gave it to me. When feeling down I always like to see funny youtube videos. I love these videos, Not because I agree with this dude just because I can appreciate this man level of hate. It's not everyday someone hates on someone else so publicly and with such passion. He's the very definition of a crab ass nigga. I can't even take his reasoning serious. If he doesn't like Obama that's cool but you don't have to blast him during church. This dude disrespects EVERYONE except Bill Clinton. It's great, and he's a preacher so people follow and trust him. I would go to his church just for the experience, he'll be standing at the altar talking about god one sec then the next calling everyone lazy and greedy. That's not something you see everyday in church. I would have bet some money his church was in the south but it's in Harlem. The icing on this cake was when he said you shouldn't follow any black man who has not been to jail. That's so niggerish it's funny. Oh and the Obama girl, that was classic.. Obama brought out the big chested white women lmao. Anyway enjoy the videos, I know watching them made me feel a lil better

19 February 2008

She want that old thing back

"Even though I don't say it, I do still love you" That's the text I received on my phone last night. My baby momma is having feelings for me again. I ignored it as usual. I kinda got the feeling that she wanted to get back together a couple weeks ago, she has been extra nice to me lately. Telling me she cooked and I could get a plate, inviting me to watch movies at her house, hell she even brought chocolates and a candle to my house on valentines day when she came to pick our daughter up. I simply turn down or ignore all advances. That's not a place I'm going back too. We have been broken up for like 3 years. I don't go backwards with women, I always remember we broke up for a reason. I even keep her nasty emails as a reminder on why we broke up. On an odd note she's actually the reason I started cooking, when we broke up she made it seem like my daughter would be eating pizza hut and carryout all the time with me. She started sending food with her since I couldn't cook. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to be told what I CAN'T do, so I started cooking. Hell I can follow a recipe, I went to college lol. The food came out good and me and the baby have been eating good ever since. Guess what happened next? she tasted something that I cooked and she started liking me even more. Turns out women like a man that can cook, who would have thought?

So today i get to ignore that the text ever happened. My uncle gave me the best advice ever on how to deal with a baby mom or in his case a ex-wife. he said "stay the course" meaning regardless of how up and down a woman gets you stay level and do what you have always done. If you try and ride that roller coaster with them you are doomed to fail. Stay the course and ignore the ups and downs, one day they love you the next they hate you, it's happened before and will happen again. You can't control how they feel you can only control what you do.