07 March 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

I'm sitting her blogging on this friday night because this girl stood me up today. She has been bugging me for months to go out with her and when I finally make plans with her she says she "forgot all about it" WTF!!! So I'm a little upset right now. I've had girls cancel on me before but she was sooo pressed to go out with me. I didn't even really want to go out I just wanted her to stop asking me. Women are crazy lol... Anyway on to my random thoughts.

1. Why do you feel pressure to buy a gift when someone has a birthday party? if they didn't have a party you would just call or send an email. But if they have a party you have to get something.

2. stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com/ is the funniest site. I know it's not completely correct but damn if it's not funny

3. So it's pouring raining here in DC and I was thinking it would be cool to be able to carry a girl across a puddle. But does that mean I small girl or I need to lift more?

4. I ate sauted crickets today. They were horrible. I'll never do it again.

5. I can't believe the wire is ending this weekend. I'm running out of shows to watch. At least I have the NFL network

6. My daughter loves The PJ's I don't know if thats a good or a bad thing. I mean it's a black cartoon, even if it has a crack addict as it's best character. It's a 100 times better than that amine garbage they show all the time.


06 March 2008

Live from the Corner pt 2

You know I could set up a whole nother blog about the dudes in my "pod" I sit next the the funniest dudes alive. Here are a couple convo's we had over the past week:

convo 1:
Me: Man Obama might just win
Co-worker1: Man he's the Anti-Christ
Me: *laughing* huh?
Co-worker1: He talks to well, plus he is half white so he can relate to everyone, the world going to end
Me: Damn the world is going to end if the black dude wins?
Co-worker1: Yep, I'ma still vote for him but it's a wrap. Armageddon is coming. He going to have us going to us at war with everyone and since he talks so well everyone will follow him without question.
Me: Aight, well as long as your voting I'm cool.

sidenote Co-worker1 is a black dude in his 30's. I was laughing about this for a good 30min.

Convo 2:

Co-worker2: I'm joining the reserves
me: why?
Co-worker2:because I want to get in shape
Me: huh? why don't you just join a gym
Co-worker2:I'm already in the gym downstairs, I want to go thru boot camp, it will be fun. Plus they pay you for it.
Me: Man they are going to send you to war
Co-worker2:I wanted to join after 9-11, I felt that was real disrespectful
Me: you felt disrespected?
Co-worker2: yeah, you don't just come to our house and blow shyt up. Thats disrespectful.
Me: lol

Convo 3:
Co-worker2: Man I'm going to go ahead and go to school for this
Me: for what?
Co-worker2: Computers.. I'm going to go ahead and figure out what I'm doing
Me: *laughing* so your going to get your life together?
Co-worker2: yeah I'm going to learn about all this stuff

sidenote: this dude is a system engineer who manages multiple systems on the network, if he don't know what he is doing we are in trouble.

Convo 3:
Me: Hey do you watch the wire?
co-worker3: Naw man I live in Baltimore... I LIVE the wire everyday.
Me: I see

I swear my production has gone down since I moved to this new desk. I need to work around boring people.

03 March 2008

2 things

First let me say I love Google reader. It allows me to see what all my favorite bloggers posted without having to visit each blog. Here is a snapshot of my reader list.

Not only does it monitor blogs but it monitors websites as well. I get sales sent to me, updates on new music hell all kinds of stuff. It saves me hours everyday since I only have to check 1 place to get up to date.

On a completly different note my baby girl has been steadily hurting my feelings as of late. Every time that new Fat Joe song "I Won't Tell" comes on she says "daddy that's you!!!" at first I was confused then her mom informed me that she saw the video over her house and my baby girl thought I was Fat Joe on tv. WTF!!! my own flesh and blood turnin on me, this is complete Bullocks.

This is Me:

And This is Fat Joe:

We look nothing alike, I might have to get my babies eyes checked out.

Cooking with Coolio Part 2

So Apparently more people read this lil ol blog than I'm aware of. last week I got an email from someone at mydamnchannel.com asking me to watch episodes 2 and 3 of Coolio's cooking show. I never signed up for the site so I was curious as to where he got my email. Turns out he read the blog. Cool, I must be googleable now (feel free to use that word... lol). So I watched the new episodes and I'd be lying if I didn't start to like it. Dude actually does alot better by the 3rd show. He leaves the dime bags of salt behind and his fly girls stay in the background. No mystery bags of seasoning and I don't remember him cursing. Why he appears to enjoy kidnapping white people is beyond me but it's a decent show. I can admit when something needs a second chance and Cooking with Coolio definitely deserves another look.

By the way I know this is like the 100th cooking related post, I promise we will get back to the unscheduled randomness after this post.