20 March 2008

A Hairy Situation

ok I have a confession. I have no idea how to do hair. I've never had long hair (well as a kid I had a bush but that was my moms fault) so I really don't know how to comb or brush or condition or really do much of anything with hair. I wash mine and roll out. no grease, conditioner, moose or anything. I even keep it cut so I don't have to brush it. My daughter doesn't care if her hair is done or not but she doesn't help the situation either. She absolutely hates getting her hair brushed. She cries, runs and just generally tries anything to get out of it. Now with me not knowing exactly what I'm doing and her not wanting to be my guinea pig we have daily battles over hair. Now I should mention that her mom does a great job doing her hair, I've watched her do it many times yet I still cannot figure it out. I learned how to do a pony tail when my daughter was 2 1/2. It took me a good year to get that down, so you know I can't corn roll, part or do anything else really. I'm a ponytail dad lol. Anytime she is with me she has a ponytail and not one of those tight every hair in it's place, extra grease holding everything together ponytails either. I'm talking a daddy special ponytail with every hair that wanted to play nice in it's place. I don't care if it's not perfect, she's 3 her hair is not supposed to be perfect. This is real life, I do my best so until she sits still and lets me practice she will have daddy specials...lol

btw: this is also another reason I need to get married. So I can have someone in house to handle all hair related problems. lol