28 March 2008

The Patriot Act at work

So I was going to post some random thought but I figured this was a better story.

Yesterday I got a message on my answering machine that went somethig like this...

"Mr. Johnson, this is your bank and could you please give us a call"

Now needless to say my heart kinda skipped a beat, all I could think about was them saying they lost my money or something. I mean I always pay my bank on time, they have my money and I don't play with my money. So I call them back and turns out they are looking for a contact for my cousin (we use the same bank). I'm not a snitch so I tell them I don't have a number for him even though we talk regularly. I get off the phone and while I'm relived that they have not lost my money I'm concerned as to how the hell did they know I'm related to my cousin. This is a bank after all, they should just know me as an account number and a name. Did they just assume that since we're both named Johnson and live in the same area that we are related? There are like 40 billion Johnsons around here or maybe my cousin secretly used my good credit to have me co-sign for something. I doubt that since I check my credit often so I'm forced to think that the good Patriot Act is to blame, I'm sure there is some great file that shows my whole family tree and how we spend our money. Did I mention that most my family has a military background? no? well yeah were full of military/police people so that only helps the odds of them tracking us. Damn Bush.

On another note when did banks start calling around for people? Thats worse than a credit card company, I wonder how many people they called before they decided to contact me? his mom, his brother, his dad? Half the family might have been contacted. Now everybody knows my cuzzo is having some financial problems (they didn't go into detail but no bank is calling unless they want some money) I might just have to switch banks, god forbid they call my mom looking for me.

26 March 2008

Live from the Corner pt... I lost count

So alot has happened in my corner of the pod since I posted last. Here's a quick rundown

- Did I mention that one of my pod mates has no problem farting at his desk? yeah things got so bad that the guy next to him sent and cease and desist email regarding it. Emailing someone who sits 2 feet from you is a modern marvel if you ask me.. lol

- They lady who yelled sexual harassment pretty much has a red flag on her now. All the guys are extra careful around her, no jokes that might be taken the wrong way (which pretty much includes all jokes) Things are so awkward that one of our co-workers saw her on the elevator alone and refused to get on with her. He took 1 foot inside turned around and waited for the next one... lmao He's reasoning behind it was "Hey I got kids to feed, I can't take any chances"

- My other pod mate owns a condo, he decided that he wanted a single family home and he was going to rent out his condo. This was maybe 2-3 months ago, he sold/gave away all his furniture and has been pretty much living out of his truck as he looks for a new house. Well the other day he says he's just going to stay in his condo since it has not been rented out yet and keep his dirt cheap mortgage. Only problem is he has not furniture, TV's or anything since he got rid of it all. So he has to buy all new stuff for his old place.

Thats it for now, the week is still young though.

24 March 2008

A Day Off

Let me start by saying that "Easter Monday" is not a holiday and everyone should be at work/school just like I am. Every easter sunday people ask me "your not off tomorrow?" When they know damn well that it's not a holiday. Just because the white house does the easter egg roll today does not mean Its a national holiday. While I'm at it I don't really celebrate any holiday that I have to work on. I figure that if it was a real holiday I'd get a day off. Mothers day, fathers day, easter, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa theses are not real holidays. If they want respect they should get a day off... lol That's my logic and I'm sticking to it. With that said I did eat a bunch of food that I didn't cook and hung out with the family yesterday. And I discovered that I can add strawberries to my apple pie and take it to another level, I'll be grilling and baking every weekend this spring and summer so feel free to swing past.

This post was not supposed to be about easter but about me getting a day off. Not from work but from chasing my daughter. See I rarely get a full 24 hours without the lil girl. Especially if it's the weekend. So I get jealous when people have whole weekends without their kids. That's like 48 hours, do you know what I could do with 48 hours of free time where I didn't have to work, take care of a baby or worry about that call from my baby momma asking me to come pick up our daughter because they are working each others nerves.(why exactly can't women get along?) I need go out of town just to get a break, like I'm running away.... lol