03 April 2008

The Good Life

This morning I was getting dressed and I threw on a ashy ass black T-shirt. Then I had this convo with myself:

Me: This shirt faded as hell
Me: Man fukk it, I'll just say it's vintage..lol (yes I laughed at myself)
Me: It's not like the dress code at work that says I can't wear faded stuff.

Thanks when I realized that I have a pretty good life.

- My daughter loves me
- My mom loves me
- My Niece and sister love me
- Matter of fact I think my whole family loves me.
- I have friends who love me
- I'm 28, I've been a homeowner since I was 23
- I have a stable job (which for a contractor is good)
- Random old white women say hi to me (this is amazing to me)
- I really like where I work and my co-workers. I've never not looked forward to coming to work.
- Basically the only dress code at my job is men can't wear shorts or sleeveless shirts.
- Even thought I complain I sit in the best corner of the office.
- Yesterday my baby momma called me and said my daughter hurt her knee at daycare and was walking with a limp and crying. The moment I pulled up she came RUNNING up to give me a hug. So I have some amazing healing power over my daughter.
- Even thou I'm broke I own all my cars (3) and I'm not worried about paying my bills.
- I learned years ago how to just let stuff go and K.I.M (keep it moving) please refer to the Walt Disney quote on the side of the page.
- I think I've help raise and had a positive impact of a couple of my cousins.
- People tell me how much of an asshole I am and how much they like me in the same sentence. So I'm a likeable asshole.
- It's spring time and I live in a city which has some the most beautiful women in the country.
- I'm also single in the above city... lol
- "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my house smells of rich mahogany" - Ron Burgundy
- I have a sense of humor

So I consider myself pretty lucky in life. Sure plenty of things have happened to me that some people may consider unlucky, for example I went a week with being in so much pain I couldn't walk. I had open heart surgery when I was 5 And I have a titanium rod in my leg (all long unrelated stories that I'm not sharing) But hell I'm still here and they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. So today I celebrate the little things that make life grand. Friends, Family and Faded shirts.

31 March 2008

Cooking With Dave

I know what your thinking, "Dave talked up that cooking show like 2 years ago and he never said anything else about it, he full of shit" I know I know, But I had to work with my people to get it edited and stuff. I did promise a show and today I'm going to deliver.

First let me give a back story. My lil cousin wants to make movies, he bought all this video equipment and had never filmed anything. He kept saying he needed footage to to edit and work on but he didn't have anything to shoot. So I volunteered to film some stuff with him to practice on. He came up with the idea of a cooking show since I'm always cooking something. This is the first episode of that, originally we were going to film me cooking a couple things but we got lazy and only did one. Overall I think it came out pretty good for a pilot episode. Here are some notes while watching:
I'm wearing a Bustamante Shirt, that's my company and I mention Nomaddz in it, thats his company(shameless product plug I know but hell it's my show lol) Also please ignore the music, my cousin didn't let me pre-approve the musical selections. And lastly I look hella big in this joint, I might have to reconsider my daughters Fat Joe claims... lmao

Enjoy Cooking with Dave.