11 April 2008

Random Though Fridays

Ok, I could let the weekend come with my last post simply because it was kinda depressing. I just came back from lunch and it's a beautiful day here in the nations capital and the women are out reminding me how beautiful a city it is so I'm a happy camper. On to the randomness

- In corner news one of my coworkers made a semi inappropriate remark and like 3 people got pulled into the bosses office to a talking to. I did not get yelled at but it was funny, they all had to go to the principals office lol

- Me and my daughter were at the playground and she made a new friend with the following conversation:

My Daughter: What's your name?
little Girl: Aniaya (or something like that)
MD: Oh... I'ma get you! (and started chasing the lil girl)
LG: Awww!! (and started running away)

Now they are friends, too bad I can't meet women that way lol

- Turns out like 3 people saw me at the game on TV, good thing I wasn't ducking child support or anything because I would have been caught.

- I've putting hardwood floors in my house and I realize that I need to Paint my kitchen, these are the times I miss having a girlfriend. I need a woman's opinion on this kind of stuff.

- I was driving my truck one day and this older country white dude with a mullet stopped me and asked about it (this happens all the time since my truck looks like it's straight outta NASCAR) so were talking about trucks and he tells me his old one did nothing but "Get and Shit".... meaning it went fast and shit gas.... alrighty then, I kept moving.

- I was chilling down in chinatown when this kid asked me if I could make a small donation... but he didn't say what it was for. I told him no and he went back to chillin with his friends near by. Never trust children lol

- I hate when I buy new shoes and it rains for the next couple days. I like wearing my new stuff not now but right now.

Anyway that's it for me, I'm taking the little girl to the circus this weekend so I'm sure I'll have a story from that.

10 April 2008

Live from the Corner/Joy's of Contracting

Today's kinda a somber day in the corner. We just found out that a bunch of people at my job will be getting laid off. Everyone is whispering in the halls. Basically our department is 2 mill over budget and they need to cut costs. All that means that the "live from the corner" series might be live from my basement in a couple weeks lol. The rumors are that people will be let go based on seniority which is good for me since I've been here like 9 years. But like I told my co-worker "There are things in this world I can control and this is not one of them" so basically I'm coming to work till they tell me not to. When your a contractor you know that your employment is based on someone else's budget. My company has money but the Government doesn't so the contractors are the first to go. It's nothing personal it's all business. I understand that and if they do let me go I'm going right over to the unemployment office to file then I'm hitting monster.com to find a new gig. Till then I'll be right here in the corner working on my resume.

08 April 2008

Daddy Issues

So I was getting on my daughter about lying to me (she stole an extra piece of salmon after I told her no more) and I got to thinking what kind of memories she will have of me when she got older. Basically I wondered what kind of father she would think I was when she gets older. That along with The Jaded NYer's post about her grandfather made me want to ask the question. What makes a good father? See I'm not the kind of guy who claims to know everything or is afraid of advice. Fatherhood is still pretty new to me and since my daughter didn't come with an instruction manual I basically learn as I go. I grew up around a bunch of women. My dad was gone and I never met either of my grandfathers so I never really had a steady male influence. I had no real examples of how to be a dad. I became a man because of my mom and uncles, but that's no substitute for a father, so hopefully some of you in blog land have fond memories of your dad, stepdad, grandpa or whoever was that fatherly person in your life. So I ask

What makes a good father?

Really I need all the help I can get... lol

07 April 2008

Live from the Front Row

So my buddy is getting married in june and his finance is dead set against a traditional bachelors party. She refused to let him have any strippers and threaten to call the wedding off if she got any hint at any naked women in her mans presence. I spent a good hour trying to convince her other wise but I really believe she will cancel the wedding over it. So instead of 1 big bash we are having a couple guys night out kinda things. The first of which was a basketball game on friday. My buddy's friend's girlfriend works for the wizards and she was nice enough to get us front row tickets to the game. I love her, I just met her but I already love her, anyone that gets me front row for free has a special place in my heart. Plus her boyfriend looks, sounds and acts just like Will Ferrell so he kept us entertained.

Here is a pic of the court from my seat, we were right behind the TV/Camera people:

This was by far the best experience at a basketball game I have ever had. For those people who say sitting that close is not worth it are damn lairs. I was close enough to make out the player tattoos and actually hear them arguing with the refs. One of the players on the bench had a bracelet that blinded me and A waitress came around and got out drink orders so I didn't have to miss any of the game. They gave us free peanut butter and white chocolate popcorn and even brought us a printed sheet of halftime stats. Plus we got free programs, I've never felt more special at a sporting event. There was a separate bar for us lucky folks who had passes and I even got a free chiptole burrito. Granted they gave out burritos to everyone, it was a free thing like when they throw the shirts in the stands. When they first came out with this tray of silver bullets I was a lil scared that some poor kid would get hit up side his head with a burrito I mean those things ARE heavy. Anyway I got a burrito, took 1 bite and threw it out, It has sour cream in it and it occurred to me that I had no idea where it came from.

To top it all off My buddy Moe called me while I was at the game and it went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Moe: Big Dave, I see you at the game all front row and shit
Me: ha ha ha
Moe: You not even watching the game you texting on your phone
Me: I was trying to make sure my pictures came out, I'll hit you later (I couldn't really hear him over the noise)

I didn't even tell him I was going to the game, dude actually saw me on TV well enough to know for a fact it was me and called. After that I realized I was sitting like 10 feet from Suge Knight Dude is unmistakable he was just chillin so I didn't want to bother him and ask for a pic. I should mention that I was there with 2 white guys and an asian guy so as I was telling them "Hey that's Suge Knight" they all kinda answered with a "who?" So then I proceed to tell the story of Suge holding Vanilla Ice over the balcony window. They seemed to enjoy it. After the Game we hit the restaurant connected to the stadium and got some more beers. So as we sat there chatting it up, here comes Suge with like 4 cheerleaders... It must be nice to be famous.

I have a new goal in life to get season tickets in the front row to see the wizards. I can't go back to sitting the stands like regular folks. Maybe I'll just try and marry someone who works for the wizards, yeah that would be cheaper.. lol