01 May 2008

Live From the Corner pt. Happy to be here

So it dawned on me that some people might not know why I refer to my job as the corner. It's simple I sit in the corner of a "pod" with 5 other people. They are cool dudes and funny as hell. They make my job interesting. And on that note heres whats been going on the last couple weeks.

- So I officially still have a job, turns out another department fronted some money to our department so they didn't have to let anyone else go. In the mean time they told a couple people they could work 2 days a week. What kind of BS is that? Your full time gov't job telling you to come in part-time while they figure the budget out. I know those people are job hunting those other 3 days.

- The lady who cried sexual harassment and got another guy fired was in my cube talking about taking one of my co-workers dad's into the conference room to get busy..... That seemed inappropriate to me but I'm no snitch. I just don't like the double standard she is exercising. Anyway she found a new job so she will be gone on friday. So for the record she fukked with a mans lively hood, made the same types of jokes/comments after the fact and then found a new job. She could have just got a new job and saved that man from the unemployment line.

- Yes I'm still in a hug hello relationship with that older lady. It's actually the most action I've gotten in a while... lmao

- I'm sick of signing birthday/sympathy/congratulation cards for my co-workers. They don't care, I don't even know most of them that well. I'm sure a card from your co-workers is not helping ease the pain of loosing you mom. It's not like we buying flowers or donating to a charity, we just signing a card.

- So I'm chatting it up in the cube when the topic gets on Kim Kardashian. One of my co-workers shows the sextape on his computer so everyone knows who she is and whats she's famous for (I didn't watch, really I didn't that's not something you should do at work after all, plus I already have seen it). Then we talk about the superhead porno, I was supposed to bring in a copy. Dude says he wants it for his ipod and to watch on his 52 inch TV. Right after talking about porno and sex tapes he hands out a flier for a church conference.... yeah I busted out laughing, dude knows he was wrong.

- My boss and I always joke about The Wire I tell him he need to watch it and he incests that since he lives in B-more he lives the wire everyday. Well he tells me this story of an abandoned bank that people were fixing up. He was excited because he thought it was the city or some company planning to make good use of it. Turns out it was the Wire crew fixing it up to film, I guess real buildings in B-more are just to depressing for TV.

- One of my co-workers tell us not to let him bleed on us because he has Hep-C. There are no crickets loud enough to represent the blank expression that was on my face. I'm glad he told me but I'm still disturbed that he did.

- I was in the bathroom draining the lizard and this dude was washing his WHOLE arm. I'm talking about scrubbing it like he was going into surgery. For the life of me I don't know where he was going or what he came from doing where he needed to wash his arm with hand soap. I hope he didn't let anyone bleed on him lol

29 April 2008

Goin Fishing

I took yesterday off work and went fishing with my boys. You might remember that one of my boys is getting married this summer and his finance refuses to let him have a traditional bachelors party so we went to a ball game and decided to charter a fishing boat. We went out into the Chesapeake Bay. It was a cold, windy, rainy day, perfect fishing weather lol... Anyway here are some pics:

Me, My boy and his Uncle.

The Shout Out Pic.

The first Catch of the day, Yeah I caught the first fish, I'm good like that lol.... it was 35 inches long and 15 pounds

Did I mention there was a storm rolling thru? Yeah we couldn't really see anything in that fog.

End of the day shot. The law man says we are only allowed to catch 1 fish each, You know can't be overfishing and stuff. My buddy (guy standing next to me) had the biggest catch a 41 inch 27 pound beast.

Over all it was a good day, I was cold and wet but I had a good time and got some fish to cook. We caught Rockfish which is a Stripped Bass. Its a white flaky fish so I don't know how well I'll be able to grill it. I'll figure it out though lol.

Thanks to everyone who wished my daughter well, she is back to normal and dictating my life again.