28 May 2008

Memorial Day BBQ

Well I promised some pics and honestly I was so busy cooking that I only took 2

My Mac and Cheese

My "Assistants" 10 min before people were supposed to show up

After that everything was pretty much a blur, I made some chicken, turkey burgers, shrimp and the best Rum Cake EVER!!! I wish I had a pic of it but honestly it tasted better than it looked. I bought some "Fat Bastard" wine from my local liquor store. I saw the name of it and I knew it had to go home with me. I don't drink wine but I'm a sucker for marketing. lol

There is some video but I don't think it's good enough to make a show out of. Maybe a bonus DVD or something lol

Anyway that was pretty much it, I might take a break from posting because I feel like I'm becoming like lil wayne, a whole bunch of talking but I'm not saying nothing. I kinda take pride in this blog and I want to post some interesting stuff but lately I feel like I've been slippin. So I'ma re-gather my thoughts and come back.