05 June 2008

You, Me and the Wii

I think im going to sue Nintendo. Behind the bridesmaid’s subliminal suggestion I bought a wii. That woman knows voodoo i'm sure. I played it for 1 day and my shoulder is killing me. I didn't know this damn machine would make me use muscles that I don't normally use. They not kidding when they say it's a workout. I was sweating in my basement and shyt. Besides that the bridesmaid kicked my ass in all the games. I've been playing video games all my life and I can't accept losing that badly much less that badly to a girl. yeah i'm a lil sexist I know. Damnit I want to win!!

Anyway, back to the Wii. That thing is kinda addictive, and women love it. Since I told people that I got it no less than 5 girls have invited themselves over my house. If I knew it worked like that I would have waited in line outside for it. That joint is a pussy magnet lol.

What? just because they want to play the wii doesn’t mean they want to play with me? the hell you say. why else would they come over? oh.. so your saying that maybe just maybe thry ONLY want to play the wii. We’ll have to agree to disagree lmao.

Women usually don’t get into games but that joint is dirt simple and fun to play. I have not figured how to play it sitting down though. I'm lazy what can i say.

In other video game news my damn xbox360 died for the 2nd time. They fix it for free so that’s cool but why they hell can’t they make a quality product? I just want to shoot people up in Grand Theft Auto 4 is that so bad? I might have to switch it for a Playstation 3.

02 June 2008

So Randomly Random

Did I say I was taking a break? uuummm yeah, just ignore that. I'm bored and the bridesmaids out of town so ya'll are stuck with me... lol

- Why do security guards pants look like tuxedo pants? Change the shirt and add a jacket and you ready for black tie.

- there are these twins that work at my job. Am I wrong for thinking that it's kinda sad that you work at the same place as your twin? they even were the same jacket every now and then. At what point do you make a break from your twin and have a different life? If I have twins I'm not even going to dress them alike. They 2 different people damnit!!

- One of my co-workers bet his boss that he could keep a girlfriend for 4 months. Whats the wager? 1 night with her (the boss) to do whatever he wants. And if she wins she gets 1 night with him. Sounds like a win win right? that's until you consider that she might have him cleaning her kitchen with a toothbrush. Either way it's alot of sexual tension between co-workers.

- Is it just me or is it extremely awkward that my baby momma framed a baby pic of me that she drew when we were together? I had seen the drawing before but she decided to frame it and hang it in her living room. I understand that since she drew it it's a representation of her skills and all but damn it's a pic of me. That's awkward right?

- The power went out at my house after a bad storm this weekend. So me and the baby were chilling outside as the sun was going down. I was trying to explain to her how the power was out and none of the lights or tv will work and then she tells me "Daddy you need to get another house, this one is dead" gee thanks. lol

- Me and my daughter were watching the new getting ready for work/school and Barack Obama appears on the screen. Then we have this convo
daughter: That's Barack Obama
Daddy: huh?
daughter: that's Barack Obama
Daddy: Yes it is
*McCain appears on the screen*
Daddy: who is that?
daughter: That's nothing.. (not that's NOBODY... that's NOTHING!!)

Ladies and gentlemen the 2008 presidential election thru the eye's of a 3 year old. lol