13 June 2008

Happy Baby Daddy's Day

I don't usually post on the weekend so I'm going to post this kinda eary because I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all the Daddies out there:

who decided to be a father to they child, because you couldn't imagine your kids growing up fatherless like you did

Who knows that paying child support is only the most basic aspect of being a dad

Who put dress up barbies and have tea time at little tables

Who spend hours teaching they kid how to ride a bike and never lose patience

Who threaten to "Beat your butt" Way more than they actually do it

Who Actually feel bad for having to spank their kid.

Who deal with crazy ass baby momma's because they know it's best for the child

Who take care of kids who are not theirs because they know kids need a male influence

Who look for monsters in dark places

Who give their children baths and get them ready for school

Who go to baseball games and dance rehearsals

Who proudly break out the video camera to film kids doing silly things.

Who spend hours at the playground, going down slides and pretending to be a monster so kids can scream and run. (I know this sounds creepy but kids really do like it)

Who know simply holding a child's hand can give the courage

Who spend 30 minutes blowing up an inflatable pool just so the kid and splash in the water

Who Cook real breakfasts on the weekend

Who Sneak treats for the kids because hell there kids and they deserve to have fun

Who watch cartoons

Who teach their children sports

Who wear that "#1 dad" shirt with pride

Who know spending time with your child involves more making that car ride to drop them off at grandma's house

Who miss the NBA finals or NFL Playoffs because your stuck at chuck E cheese.

Who spend late night in the emergency room for fevers and such.

Who know that how they treat women will be reflected in how their boys treat women and how their daughters are treated.

Who smile and wave when every women tries give advice on how to raise your children.

And a special shout out to a couple blog land people:

1st One Man for stepping to the plate and looking after his nephew. I was basically raised by my dad's brothers so I know first hand how important an uncles influence can be. Sometimes Uncles can be just as vital as dads, especially if their dad is not around or just not a very good role model.

2nd Sha-Boogie's dude S.nappy. Any dude who takes care of a kid who is not his and that child has a crazy momma gets props from me. I barley want to deal with my baby momma and i know my kid is mine. I couldn't imagine if she wasn't, honestly I'd probably fade out of the picture and go about my life. So he gets kudos from me.

And most importantly any father who keeps his child from doing this kind of fuckery at least deserves an ugly tie on fathers day.

Showtime... Closed for renovations

Alright,Alright I'm a big enough man to admit my team got they asses handed to them last night. Honestly I don't think they can win it all now. They really needed to even up the series and they decided to blow a 25 point lead. Deep down I don't hate the celtics and if they were playing anybody else I would root for them. I'll be happy to see Garnett get a ring. He deserves one. That said I hope the Lakers don't roll over and die come sunday.

So go ahead real and fake celtics fans post your lil "We are the champions" blogs, talk about how much you hate the MVP and enjoy your moment in the sun. I guess this is just the year for new england sports.

11 June 2008

It's Showtime baby!!!!

All I'm saying is that no team who plays an alien should win the championship. I could go into the reasons the celtics won't win but I'll just sum it up as the lakers have Kobe and Phil and the Celtics have Pierce and Doc. I'ma put my money on the people 12 combined rings.

10 June 2008

Summer in the city

I'm sure you have not noticed but it's kinda warm outside. no really it is, and it's humid. Let me stop, it's blazin out there. Why the hell is my A/C is broken? I slept in my basement last night. Oddly enough is was the perfect temp down there. I swear the rest of my house got hotter at night. So the A/C dude is coming out on friday. I know that's going to run me $400. summer sucks. I love DC but summers here are the worst, it's hot and humid. the only good thing about the summer is the half naked women and you have to go outside to see them so it's almost a life or death decision. Maybe I'll go outside just long enough o invite them over to play the wii.. lmao

Anyway My daughter wanted to hit the playground over the weekend, i tried we went at like 10am thinking we could go before it got really hot. I was sweating in like 10 min. shyt even she was sweating. So we headed back in the house. Then we decided to go to the movies. Kung-fu panda was out and I wanted to go see it, we were chillin in the nice cool theater when my baby girl says "I wanna get ready to go" huh? we had been there about 40 min. I as just getting into the movie. and it was 200 degrees outside, what does she mean she wants to go? I tell her to sit down and watch the movie, eat some popcorn and enjoy herself. 2 min later... "Daddy.. I wanna get ready to go" I see where this is going so i pack up and roll out. I'd rather brave the heat then have my daughter throw a tantrum in the movies. Part of me wanted to lay the law down on her but I figured i was taking a chance that she would sit still thru the entire movie anyway. I gambled and lost, oh well. We went shopping for some shoes (for her not me) grabbed some lunch and headed home.

Then I had to make the decision weather staying home from work because it was too hot outside was a good reason or not. I finally remember that my building has A/C and my house doesn't so I head in. It's 5am and 80 degrees outside. I'm pretty sure that's not normal. There is no way the A/C in my car should be on before the sun comes up. I get to work and my office is hot as hell, I'm not lying when I say we have 5 people in my pod and 7 fans going. we all have personal fans and we have 2 group fans. There is also a industrial fan in the hallway. Needless to say we have air circulation issues in our building.

On another work note why can't I wear shorts to work? women can wear shirts and dresses but I have to wear pants. It's 2 million degrees in here and I'm stuck in pants. that's some sexist shyt right there. I'll change that when I become president.

So that's how I've been dealing with the heat, GO LAKERS!!! I'll have a nice cold beverage tonight as I watch Showtime go to work on boston. Damn all ya'll fake Boston fans... yes I'm looking at you Diva, your eye busted you can't even side eye me lmao