02 July 2008

In the News

I don't think I ever cover the news here but here we go. On friday there was an Police Officer killed around here. (you can read about it here) Before I go into the details I'll say the officer was white and the kid who they suspected of killing him was black. I know it shouldn't matter but it does. They said the officer was struck and dragged by a pickup truck after a traffic stop. They found the kid who did it and locked him up over the weekend. On monday they found the kid dead in his holding cell (I say kid but he was 19). He was alone in his "maximum security" cell and he was checked in this cell every 30min. It was like solitary confinement it wasn't like a holding pen with a bunch of other people. So someone went to give this kid some food and found that he had been strangled. 15 min after they just saw he was alive. I mean WTH? how do you strangle someone and nobody notices? Obviously a police office or someone else working for at the jail did it, plus they had help. Hey someone had to be lookout while this kid was being murdered. Now while people's first reaction might be that it was race related I'm thinking this was more about him killing an officer than about him killing a white officer. My money is on a friend of the cop seeking revenge. Cops roll tight, they have to. They risk their lives everyday and the only people in the street they can really trust are the other cops. It's sad not only too see 2 people's lives ended in such ways but to know that this will hurt both the reputations of young black men and county police officers. If you commit a crime shouldn't you be safe in your cell? I mean an officer beating my ass in the street is one thing but for someone to walk into a holding cell and choke this kid is crazy to me. Not only that but I saw on the news this morning that the officers on duty at the cell are not talking to the FBI about it. I guess they are trying to cover they own ass. It's a sad situation all around.

Sidebar: Ok so here's how I got the name Super Dave Van Buren. My friend calls me Super Dave, she's called me this since we met. She likes it, I like it so everyone is happy. With Bustamante we referred to ourselves as the Vanglorious Bustamante's or Van B's for short. So my name was Dave Van B for a minute. She thought that Van B was short for my last name which She guessed was Van Buren. Why I would have that last name I have no idea but it was funny when she told me. So there you have it. that's how SDVB was born lol

29 June 2008

Random Weekend Wrap up

I had an interesting weekend. I went to my buddy's wedding rehearsal. first thing i noticed was that I was the only black person there. that's when it hit me that i might be the only black person not only in the wedding but even at the reception. not only that but this shindig is outside by the water. in july, and we will have on black tuxes. We were sweating during the practice, I'ma lose 3 pounds just standing there. Good thing he is going to have an open bar because I'ma need several cold drinks after this.

I went out and had some drinks with a new friend. She was mad cool and even gave me my new nickname Super Dave Van Buren. So that's me now. I like it. Ya'll bamma's stopped calling me Homer anyway lol

i was watching Purple Rain on sunday. i swear i watched it 20 min before Prince said 1 word. How could I not have noticed his lack of lines in this movie? on a funny note my daughter was confused on weather Prince was a boy or girl. I can't even blame her it was the 80's lol

Speaking of my daughter she talked me into taking her to see Wall-E. we lasted 1 full hour before she hit the "I'm ready to go" line. I tried to fight her but she started to get loud and tried to throw a tantrum. I decided me spanking her ass would have ruined the movie for everyone so we left and had a heart to heart talk out side. I promised her that was the last time we would go to the movies. She understood and said she would ask her mom to take her. That sounds good to me... lol Now that's 2 movies I've paid to see half of.

Oh and before I leave i want you to see these pics below....

yep... episode 2 coming soon.