11 July 2008

Relationship Randomness

Aight first things first I wanna show some love to my girl Real Hustla for sending me a Fathers Day gift eariler this week. It was by far and away the best gift a girl has given me since Eb the Celeb sent me the ESPN pack. Yes the 2 best gifts I've gotten have come from blogworld.. That's actually kinda sad lol. Here's a pic of the goodies:

I love it, I simply love it. I wear hats everyday, I needed some wine goblets and she even took the time to make me a beanie(the beanie didn't really come out in the pic but it's there on the right). It even has a HANDMADE tag on it, and she sent my daughter a coloring book. And she wrote me a card. She's the best. She even tried to send me a bottle of wine but interstate trafficking laws prevented it. The best I tell you... lol Californians are some of my favorite people. In case your wondering my favorite people list it goes:

Washingtonians, Californians, Southerners, and somewhere on the next page after Canadians are fake ass celtics fans from brooklyn... lmao

Moving right along, since I know you want an update, the bridesmaid era is officially fading away. She said she was too busy to hang out with me or return my calls/texts. Soooo... it is what it is. On a side note back when I met her I was real hesitant to even mention her here in the first place because I'm not big on talking about my relationships. So in the future I won't be mentioning anyone else. I don't want to jinx any of my future exes.

In marriage/snack news... here is an example of what I need. This is my co-workers lunch box that he insisted I take a picture of to show women I meet.

You see that little blue spec of plastic in the corner? That's his actual lunch, everything above that is snacks. I'm telling you this dude gets a mini 7-11 every day for lunch. It's sooo beautiful.

08 July 2008

When Blogging Gets Real

Aight so I have a story to tell. A couple months back this girl sends me a friend request on myspace. Lets call her Sexy Stranger so Sexy Stranger said she read my blog thought it was cool and wanted to add me. No problem, she was cute and I pretty much add anyone to myspace. Well couple months go past we send a few messages back and forth nothing real deep or personal just casual BS talk. Then Sexy Stranger posts a pic from her job on myspace and I notice that it looks alot like where I work. So I drop her a line telling her how it's a small world and that she must work near me. That's when we have this convo

Sexy Stranger: Yeah I've seen you on the train a couple times
Me: really? you never spoke.
Sexy Stranger: Yeah, I wasn't sure it was you. You even looked right at me one day like you knew me
Me: Really? I might have been debating on weather I was going to try and holla at you. I don't remember seeing you.

Long story short I play hide and seek with her on the train for a week or so and then we finally bump into each other. We get to chatting. Which was weird because she asks me questions about Bridesmaid, taking my daughter to the movies and some other posts I did. She has a complete advantage on me because she knows like 200% more about me than I know about her. Not only that but turns out she went to High School with one of my close cousins. So not only does she know me but she knows my family. I mean WTF!!! This whole blog thing is cool when people can't recognize you in public. Now I know why people don't post their pics on here. Being anonymous has it's benefits. Did I mention I'm anti-social? I guess it's cool though, I met a new friend. She doesn't seem like a crazy stalker ever though I teased her about it.

And since I'm anti-social and like to hide in public heres my new commercial for Cookin' with Dave... lol


ps. I don't want to hear any Lakers jokes (looking at you Diva). I loved those commercials and even though my team got shafted by David Stern I think it's time to let it go and focus on the NFL season.

07 July 2008

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend instead of hitting the usual 4th of july cookout with chicken, potato salad and the rest of the traditional stuff. I headed over to my Filipino buddies house to eat. I love going over there for events because I always find something I have never had before. See when they have a cookout it's usually a bunch of food his wife or mom made and none of it involves a grill or being outside. On this adventure I had some ribs and some odd coconut stuff that I was told was sweet but was just blah. oh the ribs were slow cooked not grilled or smoked. Like I said no grill was involved. I also had some Filipino cake which looked like a jelly roll. Are Americans the only ones who actually like stuff sweet? every time someone tells me "Yeah this is good if you like sweets" it turns out to be bland as hell? I'm trying to be open to other cultures food but I grew up on sugar water kool aid, your going to have to put some more sweet in your sweets.

Anyway, I was at the grocery store getting some food and this lady in front of me had the oddest hair. it was matted down like she had a hair net on only she didn't. I was staring at it when I heard the grocer ask her if she was paying in Food Stamps. She said yes and that's when I noticed she had a bunch of chips and frozen pizza in her cart. Granted I'm no expert on food stamps but I thought you had to buy healthy shyt with them. Anyway I decide not to focus on that and just be grateful that I don't have to use gov't assistance. So I get outside and I see the same woman loading her food stamp purchased frozen pizza and chips into her M class Benz. I literally stopped in the street for a second to make sure I was seeing this right. I even looked for someone else in the car just in case she got a ride to the store. Nope only her and her pizza.

We are in a Recession People!!!