08 August 2008

Does Superman Get Stressed?

You would think with saving the world all the time every now and them Superman would say fukk it and go on vacation. I mean he has to get stressed sometime right?

Anyway I've been stressed all week. It started on Sunday when I got into with my baby momma. Whenever she gets mad at me all the sudden she wants to be Supermom and I don't get to see my daughter as much. She's the one person who can annoy the hell out of me. She's like my coolness kryptonite. I swear she is the direct cause of my gray hair. If you notice I try and not mention her on this lil blog. This is a happy place...lol

So I'm bummed at not seeing my daughter, on tuesday I worked like 3 hours because I wanted to get my hair cut. I had the idea that I would hit the barber early in the morning and then go to work. Well my barber decided not to come to work, that threw my day off. Then on wedensday I get a pain in my kidney that feels a whole like like a kidney stone (I had them in high school so I know the pain) so I was at work feeling horrible. I left to go pick up my daughter and she says she wants to stay with mommy. I give her a hug and kiss and go home. I swear I had a fever, my kidneys hurt and I was in a cold sweat. All i could do was drink water and lay down. took my temp.. it was normal. My body just jacked. That's when it hit me, this is stress. My body rebelling against me. I need a break. So I plan to go to bed early. 9:30pm my baby momma calls saying my daughter wanted to come over.... 9:30pm shouldn't she be sleep?. I say cool and she drops her off. So we hang for a while then her mom comes back to pick her up. Now it's around 11pm so I finally decided to go to sleep. I slept horrible that night, I think I need a new mattress.

I wake up on thursday and I'm like fuck this, I'm taking a mental health day. I called in sick, went to get my hair cut finally and called my "friend" to have lunch. Now if I call and ask you out to lunch I figure you say yes unless you already have plans. I mean who is turning down a free lunch? this girl is like "I'm not even hungry" ok well I have not seen you in like a month we can just hang out for a while. "ok I'ma swing past your house, what do you have to eat?" ... "nothing"..... "ok well as long as you have somethign to drink I'll be ok, let me finish this and I'll call you back" ok cool, her job is like 5 min from my house so I go home and work on some shirt designs. It's around 12:45pm. At 2:15pm I had not heard from her so I send her a text saying I'm heading out, I'll holla. She says ok. I'm like WTF? just say you don't want to hang. I'm a grown man, my feelings not getting hurt by that, I was thinking of your ass. I hate people who waste my time. Anyway I pick up my lil girl around 3pm, she is more than happy to go with me. We leave out and I go fix my Aunt's computer. Pain in my kidney is gone, my body like me again and my baby loves me again. All is back to normal.

Longer story not so short... Some days even Super Dave deals with stress.

05 August 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays pt 2

This is a blog I did way back in Feb of 2007. I've learned alot more since then but these principles still stand.

This blog is brought to you by my baby girl. She is my sidekick, we fight crime together... LOL. For those of you who don't know, I have a 2 year old daughter. Being a father is a great experience. I've learned many things, here are just a few:
- No matter what you think you know about raising a child a woman thinks she knows more. I mean any woman not just other mothers. Women think guys are idiots just learn to smile and wave at them.

- you think picking someone else's nose is nasty till your baby has a HUGE boogger in hers.

- You get used to the smell of dirty diapers

- Girls are born bossy.

- Nothing is funnier than a child telling you "good job" for knowing your colors and shapes.

- You learn to watch your language real quick when your daughter starts repeating "shut up" and "Asshole".

- The day your child understands "go get the remote" is a wonderful day!

- The day your is strong enough to open the fridge is not so wonderful

- Oddly enough kids don't care about getting their clothes dirty

- After you have a child your b-day/Christmas gifts disappear.

- Nobody will really care about you anymore. When I see someone they ask 2 questions. "How are you" and "Wheres your daughter", not in that order.

- Your mother will be sad if you come over without your child.

- Don't bother bringing your daughter into a store if you not going to buy something. Even the auto parts store has toys in it.

- Children will remember when all the candy in the house is, even if you forget. - Most importantly You'll never get thru parenthood if you don't learn how to laugh.

Actually I want to add that if you don't want your former Man Cave to look like this

then you might want to re-think the whole kids thing.

03 August 2008

Advertisement/ Weekend wrap-up

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Do you think nobody would believe the crazy ass stories you have to tell about dating?

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S go check her out. I promise you will not be disappointed

Oh what did I do this weekend? The usual Sun, Beer and Crabs.