15 August 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

Today was the first day all week I got to work on-time. every other day my alarm would go off at 4:30am I would get up, turn it off and go right back to bed and sleep till 7am. 4 straight days I did this until last night I set a second alarm for 5am just to make sure I got up.

THIS is a little disturbing. I mean your liable to scare the hell out of someone with it on. Picture this... your in the bathroom early in the morning and your wife/girlfriend/jumpoff walks in and sees you rocking that while you shave... yeah that's not a good look.

I think dudes are going crazy with the colors. I saw a cat with lime green and purple shoe laces in his shoes. I mean 1 set of lime green and 1 set of purple in each shoe. What the hell is that about? Me and CeCe went out to lunch one day and had a "is he gay" people watching session. I'm saying why the hell should our women have to question our sexuality based on how we dress. before it was so simple.. tight ass pants and tight shirt = gay. Now kids rocking skinny jeans for men and shirts that are too small so they can show off they spounge bob boxers. How we go from too having our clothes too big to them being too small? I really don't think the youth have any idea what fashion is. And don't get me started on all this black label, ed hardy, skull rock star shyt. I must be getting old because I miss the good old days. ok I'm done with that rant.

I heard they discovered a bigfoot and there is a press conference about it later today. I'm excited, that picture looks real suspect though.

I really like watching the womans gymnastics in the olympics. Them flat chested lil girls be killing it on the uneven bars.

Speaking of flat chested... have you seen the female swimmers? NONE on them have any tata's. I guess having breasts would only create drag in the water.

Nobody in the history of niggerdom is going to get more ass when he gets home than Micheal Phelps. I think dude goes to university of michigan and he is going to have groupies galore when he gets back. What better pick up line is there than "Hey baby you wanna wear my gold medals?" yes I'm jealous... I want groupies damnit!!!

Remember Cooking with Dave? well we actually have 3 more episodes filmed but my producer is busying making that money (not letting the money make him... lol) so they will not be out till the fall.

Did you catch that Player's club reference? Did you hear that Diamond beat her husbands ass the other day? Her husband was breaking Roci from 106 and park off. interesting. Rosci seems like she would be annoying, I'm sure he could find a better quality mistress. I mean dude is a king or president or some shyt. ok I'm rambling again

I read this morning that there are "Dead Zones" in the ocean. That's crazy to me, these are places where there is not enough oxygen in the water to support life. Soon we will have problems catching shrimp and crabs because of these dead zones. no more CRABS people. What would I do if I couldn't catch crabs in the summer. lmao.. that sentence sounds real funny, I mean Chesapeake blue crabs, not the crabs you caught from that nasty hooker. You knew better then to let her break you off, I mean come on man she looked like she was STD filled, but nnnoooo you HAD to have some right then and there. How you HAVE to apply that cream everyday... lol anyway yeah we are killing the oceans. Where will Ariel and the mermaids live? think about the people of Atlantis. We are ruining their homes. ok ok ok.. I've been watching too many Disney moves with the baby (I really should stop saying baby since she's 4 now, fukk that she's MY baby.. lol)

I'm done now....

13 August 2008

The gay cousin

You know how everyone has a gay cousin? I have a running joke with 2 my cousins that one of them is gay. Ok maybe it's only funny to me but hey it's my world right? so for a long time I joked that one particular cousin was gay, lets call him Pretty. I gave him that name because he acted like he was too pretty to do shyt. He even acted too pretty for the strippers when we went to vegas, I mean how you act stuck up around naked women? He like a pretty boy who can't dress for shyt... lmao (he reads this blog and I tell him all this to his face)

Ok so I've never seen him with a girl or heard him talking to a girl or anything female related so I just joked that he's gay. honestly I just think he shy but being gay Nothing wrong with that, do you buddy. so he was the gay cousin until his lil brother told me he bought a shirt from Forever 21. At that moment his brother, lets call him Puffy, became my gay cousin. I didn't even know forever 21 sold mens clothes. there is no way in hell a straight man would buy anything for themself out of that store. Add that to the fact that I've never seen him with a girl eaither and its an easy switch between whos gay.

So today I'm browsing facebook and I see a pic of Puffy hugged up with some girl. His status is changed to "married" I'm like wtf? he got married and didn't invite me? that's some BS. we all know I'm a professional groomsman! Anyway I let Pretty know that he is back to being my gay cousin until further notice... lol

I mean really what's the point of little cousins if i can't tease them? I love my family

12 August 2008

Bring it back Tuesdays.... pt 3

Awww welcome back to bring it back Tuesdays. Today we take a look at a relationship post I did way back on Jan 03, 2007.....

As the holiday season draws to a close I'm reminded of something my uncle Curt told me years ago. Never get a new girl in the winter. I mean Never, just too much going on for a new relationship to survive. think about it, you have Thanksgiving, where she just might meet the family. Once she meets the family they will forever ask about her, you don't need that for some girl who might not last a month. Then you have to get her something for Christmas, which is a disaster because something too nice and your committed to buying nice things forever, something too cheap and she thinks you really don't care and she is just some jumpoff. Plus she may see the family again so they will really ask about her all the time. It's a no win. Then you have to take her out for new years, that's more money on a girl you may or may not think will last till the spring. THEN you have Valentines Day!!! which is a all girl day, dudes get squat for V-day. So you have to do something romantic for that. So in 1 season you have a years worth of relationship stuff, that's just not a good thing. Better to wait till the spring and give it all spring, summer and fall to get to know her before having to go thru all that. My uncle is a wise man, I can only hope to teach the youth as well as he taught me.

update: I've been thinking about this for an hour or so and even though I love my uncle he is divorced and lives alone. Maybe he is not the best person to get relationship advice from. So on that note forget every thing I said above... LOL

looking back on this I still believe this to be true.(the update was apart of my original post) My uncle might not be a love guru but this little bit of advice was pure gold to me. Yeah he divorced and lives alone but he wants it that way. You can't deny someone's wisdom based on a choice they made. That doesn't mean they have not been thru it before, they just choose a different route.

11 August 2008

Weekend Wrap-up now with Pictures!!!!

I want to say thanks to everyone who wished me well and insisted i go to the Doctor. I'ma make an appt this week i promise.

Anyway when I don't feel well I tend to do house work. i feel like if I just lay in bed I'm letting whatever is bothering me win. So i had a talk wth my kidney and let it know that it can be replaced if it didn't act right. So I'm feeling much better now. I spent saturday afternoon painting my kitchen. so it went from looking like this:

To Looking something like this:

If case your wondering I didn't paint that inside part of the kitchen because for like an hour I had the idea to paint it a different color. Plus I would have had to clean off my counters and I was in a painting mood not a cleaning one. So I'll paint it the same color next weekend.

so besides painting my I went out to dinner with one of my friends who I had not seen in 3 years even though she lives like 15min away from me. I think we already discussed the kind of friend I am. We had fun, I forgot how much we used to hang out. She knowing me as well as she does simple said I'm single because i want to be. She might have a point but that's for another blog.

On sunday Me and the baby went site seeing downtown. I like acting like a tourist, I live here but I have not seen everything there is to see in DC so every now and then I take my daughter down to the national mall and we just hang out. here's a pick from that

And Lastly RIP Issac Hayes and Bernie Mac. When I first heard about them all I could think was that not everyone gets to grow old. You gotta enjoy life while you can because your not guaranteed anything.