21 August 2008

Just stuff

Remember i said my Kidney was hurting? well I finally I went to the dr on monday. He basically said that I don't have an infection in my kidney and if it is kidney stones I should man up and let them pass. I love my dr, he so direct about everything. Oh and he said that if my back hurts i should but a new mattress. So long story short I'll be around to post random crap on this blog for a lil while longer.

I saw this video today in my inbox and to say the least I'm disturbed:

I'm thinking I won't need a gun after all because if I caught my baby doing this crap I'd choke her with my bare hands. I'm not playing you would see Super Dave on the news, and after I was done with her I might have to punch that lil boy in the chest. I'm especally mad that this is all initated by the lil girl. That boy just going with the flow, this heffer grinding all on him like this a music video. This is the exact reason I'm scared for the future. Have you seen Durty Mo's site? That shyt was real funny for a while now it's kinda depressing me. What the fuck is wrong the youth? why do they think all this shyt is cute and funny? ok ok ok I'm rambling, I'll save it for my presidential campaign.

I saw this bamma on the train with a polo shirt and a tie on. I don't even dress up and I know that's wrong.

Ieisha asked why I call people bamma's.... I call everyone a bamma or nigga, even white people, it's a bad habit I need to break. But bamma I think is a DC term for an uncool person.

Sweet Kei Kei asked if i ever had fake chicken at a BBQ.... I don't even want to answer that because I don't think it's possible. Why even call it a bbq if you serving fake chicken? I'd protest the whole thing, whoever did that to you is not your friend.

if you asked me something and I never answered I'm sorry, I really should reply to comments more. I'm kinda lazy on that front. I'll try and do better.

Anyway I'm done for today.

20 August 2008

WTF.. moment of the Day

we all get some crazy emails but when this crossed my inbox I just had to share.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A Puerto Rican man has been granted his wish to remain standing even in death. A funeral home used a special embalming treatment to keep the corpse of 24-year-old Angel Pantoja Medina standing upright for his three-day wake. Dressed in a Yankees baseball cap and sunglasses, Pantoja was mourned by relatives while propped upright in his mother's living room. His brother Carlos told the El Nuevo Dia newspaper the victim had long said he wanted to be upright for his own wake: 'He wanted to be happy, standing.' The owner of the Marin Funeral Home, Damaris Marin, told The Associated Press the mother asked him to fulfill her dead son's last wish. Pantoja was found dead Friday underneath a bridge in San Juan and buried Monday. Police are investigating

And here are some pics of this fool chillin in the corner:

besides this whole thing being completely uncomfortable and wrong you have to wonder why you would want a dead body standing in your house for 3 DAYS!!! who has a 3 day wake? maybe that's a PR thing but that bamma was standing in his momma living room day and night for 3 days. People do some crazy shyt.

note: if you happen to know this guy and were apart of preparing this wake, I am sorry for your loss and I understand that you wanted to grant his last requests but some things are better left as ideas.

weekend wrap up... 2 days late

Aight I'm a lil late but here's my weekend wrap up.

- leaving work on Friday this spanish dude was handing out flyer's on the corner. Turns out he just lost his job and he was handing out a picture of his family with his short story on it. I gave him $3 and then he asked for the pic back... he had like 40 of them in his hand. i was kinda offended that he wanted it back but anyway. I felt bad for him, I figured at least he took the time to make flyers. That was orginal. Then I was about 20 miles away in a different city and I saw another spanish dude doing the excact same thing with a different picture. Bamma's stepping thier hustle game up.. lol

- Me and the baby were in the grocery store and this guy was talking on his bluetooth cyborg headset. So my daughter says Hi to him (she talks to everyone) and he continues talking on the phone. My daughter is confused because she doesn't see a phone on his ear but she knows he is not talking to her. She asks me "He talking to me daddy?" I tell her no he is on the phone and she looks at me like I'm crazy. This is another reason you should leave the bluetooth cyborg headset at home, your confusing the children.

- Me and the baby were at California Tortilla eating our usual when 3 women walk in. 1 caught my eye but I have a standing rule that I don't try and holla at girls with my daughter there. I just feel funny about it. So I'm checking this girl out and when we are getting ready to leave my daughter says "Hi" to her. she says hi back and we start to walk out. Then my always aware baby says "Do you like the girls daddy?" I reassure her that YES daddy liked the girls. Now i'm rethinking my rule. I'd hate to use my baby to meet women but maybe she wants me to use her.. lol

- I went to my buddies house warming, I'm convinced that my BBQ had the best food ever. I had real chicken, shrimp and everything. I hate going to BBQ's where they can't grill a hamburger and the sides are subpar. Anyway me and the baby were there chillin. My friend has a son about her age and she swears that they are going to get married (insert diva's side eye) i take it all in stride but do you know this lil boy saw my baby, grabbed her by the hand and headed up stairs to his room!!! I had to gather my thoughts and calmly told this fool that I fight kids and that they need to stay down stairs. I gave my daughter the evilest look I could come up with and told her to stay her lil ass downstairs. I see now I'ma need to get my gun license while my record is clean.

19 August 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays.. My first blog

Here is my first blog. written on Sept 18, 2006 and titled "The death of heels" sad thing is 2 years later I still see the same fashion shyt going on. Anyway real post coming tomorrow... enjoy.

What the hell is going on with women fashion? All this summer I've been looking at flip flops and chucks. What happen to high heels? I mean all the sudden women want to be comfortable rather than look sexy… WTF!!! One of the perks of summer in DC is that you see beautiful women in sundresses and heels. Now I'm seeing everyone rocking that bohemian look. The 80's sucked for a reason. That's why the miniskirt was invented because 80's fashion needed help!!! You realize that the fall of sexiness in women's fashion made Justin Timberlake make a song called "Sexy Back"!!! and it plays like 300 times a day. So now we have to suffer with Justin Timberlake and Puffy arguing about who's sexier?? I don't need that in my life. I needs girls to stop rocking those stupid smart ass t-shirts like "your boyfriend wants me" and get back into your dresses and heels. I'm not talking about going to get your freak on at Love the Club or the Fly Lounge. Club wear seems to have remained stable, besides them 4 inch wide belts that wrap around your stomach and not your waist. WTF is that about? besides propping up your breasts what's the point of them? I'm talking about women wearing sexy sh*t to work, that's the only thing that made my ride on metro enjoyable. I'm tired of having nothing to look at or seeing a cute girl and realizing that she like 17 then feeling like an dirty old man all the way home. Please bring your heels out. unless you got ugly feet than please wear close toe heels… LOL