05 September 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt Don't Date the Help

I know your local help desk guy is hard to resist. They always come when you call. They wear their khakis and polo shirts. Their shoes never seem to match the rest of the outfit. they seem to be able to fix any computer related problem with the greatest of ease. They roam the halls and seem to be the most popular people in the building. I mean really women love a man who can fix things right? Us computer geeks are irresistible, I know. Well here's a reason not to start dating the help.

One of my co-workers met some girl in the building. As usual when meeting a new girl he asked if we knew her. None of us did but one of my other coworkers offered to find some info on her. How you ask? Well by hacking into her work computer of course. Within 20 min we had her resume, list of favorites from her internet browser and her browsing history. She really liked myspace. Was it a bit stalkerish? Yes but it was extremely easy and she had no idea they did it. So if you have all your business on your work computer you might want to start moving stuff before you give the helpdesk guy your number.

04 September 2008

Damn it's Thursday...

This has been a crazy week for me but not soo crazy as I can't mention some random thoughts:

1. Yesterday I went to lunch with her and her. Now if I didn't have 2 witnesses I wouldn't even mention it because it's so hard to believe and I don't have photographic evidence but we saw a grown ass woman walking onto the train with a full body sleeper on. A fleece sleeper with the feet attached. It was like 95 degrees outside. I mean really it was HOT. If she was just rolling out of bed and running to the corner store to pick up some gummy bears I MIGHT could understand but she was getting on the train. She was going places. You see what Bush-a-nomics is doing to folks?

2. My baby started pre-k last week so I have been dropping her off in the morning. I have not seen 1 hot teacher all week. What's up with that? And they still let my baby take a nap. She only there like 4 hours a day and she gets a nap. Between that and lunch she only learning for around 2.5 hours. If it wasn't free I'd demand a refund.

3. You see this?

It was my first attempt at making a pizza. No I didn't make the dough (it was Pillsbury can stuff) but I did make the sauce and I was soo in love with it. It was delish... So I'll be making pizza the rest of the month, until I get bored with it and start making something else.

4. you remember how I said my baby momma has a baby drawing of me in her living room? No? well it was a while ago but yeah my baby momma has a baby drawing of me in her living room. she drew it while we were together and decided to hang it on her wall. It's really creepy to me only because I have not dealt with her for like 3 years and I can't understand why she would want a pic of me in her living room. well here's a pic of it, you can judge weather it's such a great piece of art that it needs to be hung or if she just likes looking at me.

5. Reason #20 why I love blogging... sometimes when your nice to people they send you goodie bags to add to your lunch. Thanks again Ieisha!!!

03 September 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays... Daddy to many Son too 1

I wrote this blog back in Aug 27, 2007. It seems fitting to repost it since I was talking to my lil cousin the yesterday and he really is like my lil brother. He even wanted me to set up a play date with my daughter. Here's a pic of them playing together in Dec of 06:

Pleas ignore all toys in the background

This blog brought to you by the lady at my grandmother's funeral that swore I looked like I could be the father of some baby in her family. This led to my sister giving me a "Should you be on Maury?" look. Needless to say it was a funny moment on a really sad day. I swear I have more kids than my daughter, I might have adopted some of my cousins and not remembered. On any given day I'm giving advice on anything from shaving to condoms to 401k plans. I mean really I'm big brother/daddy to some of them. They ask for money, come over and eat my food. It's like I have kids in college and they come home on the weekend blow thru my stuff and leave. I try and give them all the advice I can, you know share my mistakes with them I even feel bad when I see them make mistakes like I should have shown them better. Its funny because I never had a younger sibling, so they are like my lil brothers, but whats the real difference between a father and big brother? once you get over 16 it's almost the same right? An older person you learn life lessons from. I try and show them the world (well the lil bit of it I've seen) and expand their horizons. I might as well be claiming them on my taxes... lol I love my family though and I gladly take them under my wing because being around them and teaching them has helped me be a better father to my one true child.

01 September 2008

God's Funny

So I was all ready to post a blog complaining about my baby momma when Dreamy sends me this text message:

Hey Dave things are bad down here. Declared Louisiana a state of emergency. The storm hit us badly. We have no electricity in Baton Rouge at all. It's crazy down here. Were on curfue can't leave the area at all. Two trees fell on my moms house! Fresh water is going out. 646,000 people are without electricity within the state, 240,000 in BR. I just wanted to let u know I was living. If u don't mind can u let everyone know I'm ok! Ur # is all I have ! Thanks.

God works funny like that sometimes. Just as I'm about to complain I'm reminded that things could be worse. I have power, my baby is upstairs sound asleep and I don't have a tree in my living room. So take a minute to count your blessings and another to send some good will and prayers out to Dreamy, her family and everyone else down south as they try and recover from Hurricane Gustav.

Until next time>>>>>>>>>>> Super Dave