12 September 2008


I realize that I have no idea what I'm looking for in a woman. I get asked all the time what kind of woman I'm looking for. I never can really answer it. I was thinking about the women I've dated and I realize that they were nothing alike. All of them had some quality I was attracted too but they were not the same type of people. I've dated really smart women who caught all the lil remarks I tend to throw and some women who I had to dumb it down for. I've dated beautiful women and average women. Light, dark... big, small I've gone out with all kinds. Honestly if you lined up the women I've talked to you wouldn't be able to find a pattern, I lack a certian type. Well besides most of them being black that is. I wonder if it's called settling down because you settle for someone rather then wait for that perfect woman.

I realize that my daughter needs a playmate. A dude can only play barbies so much. She needs someone in the neighborhood to play with. I know she is tired of asking me and I'm tired of telling her don't want to. I might have to actually talk to my neighbors, I think they have some kids her age. Did I mention I'm anti-social?

I realize this was the best taco pizza I have eaten. Well it was the first taco pizza I have eaten but it was great. I used ground turkey browned in taco seasoning. Looking at the picture it looks kinda nasty but it was good. I brought some for lunch today.

I made some BBQ chicken pizza last week but it wasn't that great. It was good but I'ma have to try it again, something was missing, maybe red onion. Actually I think the sauce I made was too sweet for pizza. I'ma have to make it more spicy. You see the home made BBQ sauce on the stove? yeah I did that. My BBQ game is crazy.. lol

I realize that I really want to do a give away. Jaded NYer did one and I won this lovely calender:

It's full of pictres she took of the city, personalized stuff rocks. Thanks again Jaded

My problem is that I have no idea what to give away or what kinda contest to do. My only thought is I can give away a BDC shirt. But since 90% of people who read this are women and we don't have women's designs that's a problem. I'll have to think it over and get back to ya'll. If you have an idea please feel free to share.

Before I roll let me send my prayers to the folks on the gulf coast. Almost half my family lives in Houston so I hope everyone remains safe and weathers Ike's wife beating ass.

have a great weekend

11 September 2008

Bring it Back Thursday pt.... Sept 11th

I'm feeling real lazy this week so here is another throwback post I did last year about my Sept 11th story. I'll have a real post tomorrow.

On this Anniversary of 9/11 I think I'll recap my day. Well half of it or what I can remember. Before I start I went to NY and saw the twin towers the weekend before the went down. I didn't even think twice about them, they were just some buildings, I was focused on my fake coach and LV purse business.. lol. Funny how quickly things change.

"Were going to war!!" Roe's words echoed thru the office. Getting to work late as usual he began to tell us how he heard on the radio that someone blew up the Department of State building. As I tried to get onto washingtonpost.com I realize that the internet is flooded and it takes like 5 min for the site to come up. On the front page was a picture of one of the twin towers smoking. After talking about it for a while we decided to head up stairs to the roof to get a view of the state building.

Now I don't know about everyone else but word down at my job was that the state building has been hit. Nobody guessed that it was the pentagon until we saw the smoke coming from VA and not DC. It was odd because we could see the smoke but no one knew where exactly it was coming from. At that point being the wise black folk that me and Roe are we decided to leave for the day. They had just triggered the fire alarm and we be damn if we stick around outside 1 block from the capital to be next. Luckily Roe drove to work so we rode out. Traffic leaving DC was horrible I mean everyone was getting out of dodge city. Cell phone service was down so we couldn't check on our moms. Roe dropped me off to my car at the metro and I drove home.
Once I got home my mom was sitting there watching the news. This was odd because she works in VA, close to the pentagon so must have left work way before I did and she didn't even bother to call me at my desk and tell me to leave... lol So I was home watching this unfold on the news and it dawned on me that I had a day off work (yeah kind of fukked up but hey) I had bought some shoes from Nordstrom that I needed to return and I called up the one in Annapolis thinking they were far enough away from any potential targets and they would still be open. Nope they were closing early. Nobody's blowing up Annapolis, I'm just saying that there is no terrorist target there. But they were closing anyway so I was pretty much stuck in the house watching the re-running video of the planes hitting the towers. They really didn't do much coverage of the pentagon, I guess the video wasn't as good. You would think since we are in DC they would focus on the local tragedy and get information for the families of the people who work there. Nope 90% twin towers. So that's my 9/11 story, I learned a couple important lessons.

1. If your in DC during an emergency forget about metro, it's going to be beyond packed and the trains will not be coming quickly.

2. If your in DC during an emergency for get about your cell phone. The lines will be jammed, find a pay phone and take your chances.

3. Always have 1 friend that drives to work, this is important. If Roe has not come to work that day I would have been walking home down Suitland parkway.

God bless the victims and their families, it's been 6 years and I think some more people just died in a fire at the memorial construction site. If you've never been down there you should check it out. It's amazing that all the buildings around there were not crushed. I think they finished rebuilding the pentagon and I heard the memorial for those victims will be finished next year I think. It's like 300 benches or something. Should be nice, provided your allowed to go.

Stay up People.

09 September 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays.. Gotta Story to tell

I wrote this blog back on Dec 7, 2007, I still have never gone to this place.

This blog is being brought to you by one of my buddies. lets call her Ms. Sunshine. She told me this story last week and I'm still laughing about it.

Ok so Ms. Sunshine walks into the Golden Corral over in Largo with her daughter and baby father. Her first reaction was "this place always smells like piss and mop water!". She thinks about leaving but is talked out of it by her companions. As they are seated they notice a guy next to them taking pictures. Not "this is a special day lets break out the digicam" pictures but "It's friday at the club break out the Moet background" pictures only a background of BeBe's kids. I need you to understand this, Golden Corral is a buffet restaurant. A DAMN restaurant!!! this bamma is in the corner with his photo set up like it's a damn club or a party. He even had a DJ booth. So this is far from Ms. Sunshine's comfort zone so she is embarrassed to even be near the dude. Did I mention that there is a line for the pictures? people in line with plates of food from the buffet... No? well there was. Now as the cameraman was taking pics Ms. Sunshine realized that he had multiple backdrops and he had the house mic connected to his dj booth. So he was a DJ/cameraman. Why isn't this stuff on BET? This is where we need to do better... lol Oh and he has a 5 year old kid as his assistant. The kid was rolling up the backdrops as they were being switched. So in between taking pics and playing records he is interacting with the crowd on the house speakers. This includes clowning some lady who asked how many people could get in a pic and playing the voice of a lil boy's conscience as he went for a bowl of ice cream.

Needless to say I have to go to Golden Corral to see this in person. This is the stiff legends are made of. When I do go best believe I'll be posting my pic holding some ribs and coke with a gold caddy in the background... OG style ya feel me... lol

08 September 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I realized 2 things this weekend. well actually 3 but I'll save 1 for another post.

1. I think i want to open a diner. I was looking at diners drive-ins and dives on the food network and all them people look like they have so much fun just cooking for for other people. I like making people happy. I think I would like running a lil mom and pop diner where people can come and get a good meal. I'd have to step the cooking game up though. It's a thought in my head though.

2. I want a boat. I was out crabbing (again) and I realized that I really, really love being on the water. Mind you I can't swim for shyt so I stay on the water and not in it. I saw all these houses with boat docks and private beaches and such and I realized thats I want that. Like really want. I want to have Jet Ski's in my backyard. I want to waste a day just chilling on the water. That's my new goal, I'm buying a house by the water.

here's some pics of me crabbing

Sunrise on the Chesapeake

Me sorting crabs

Catch of the day