19 September 2008

You Don't Know Me Son!!!

Title of this blog was provided by Opinionated Diva.

Ok so I read everyone's comments and it seems we all love BBQ sauce. So I'm going to offer to give away Dave's semi-homemade, MSG free, 0 trans fat, straight from concentrate, never tested on animals BBQ sauce to the first person who can answer these 5 questions:

1. Where was I born?
2. How old was I when I had my daughter?
3. What did I cook on the 1st episode of "Cooking with Dave"
4. I've mentioned 1 girl I dated on here, what was her nickname?
5. I have a side business, what do I do?

I removed the link to "Cooking with Dave" and my business from this page just so people can't cheat... lol

17 September 2008


you know the funny thing about the weekends I don't have my daughter? I get incredibly bored. She is supposed to be with her mom this weekend (i say supposed because she rarely spends the entire weekend over there, you know women don't get along) and I have nothing to do. I'm so used to her being around so when she's not everything goes slower and is quieter. I was going to the 1st annual Taste OF Maryland but them bamma's want $22 just to get in and that doesn't even include food... Fukk that. They don't know It's a recession? The taste of DC is free and you pay for food. See what I need is a date. I wanna hit a movie or something, get some drinks you know normal single stuff. Everyone I know is busy, when I have my daughter everyone wants a piece of Dave. When I'm free everyones busy, damn bastards.... Anyway it's only Wed so hopefully business will pick up and I'll find something to do.

Oh yeah I made some peach cobbler last night with the peaches we picked over the weekend....

Pleas ignore the dirty ass silver pan. I used it to catch any drippings

HATED IT!!! all the cobbler part was on the bottom and it was like a thick sticky goo. Paula Dean did me wrong with this recipe. The peaches part of it were awesome though, I spooned them out and plan on putting it on ice cream... lol

16 September 2008

United Nations

I'll do a throwback post tomorrow. Today I want to recap my friday afternoon and open the floor to discussion.

yes I'm disturbed by the hooker boots that came with that barbie

Her is a sampling of my daughters Barbies. She has more but these are the ones I could find. Here is the conversation I had with my baby momma on friday as I was picking up my baby.

*Me sitting down typing a text message waiting for the baby to finish eating a snack, BM in the kitchen*

BM: Stop buying her white barbies... she needs barbies she can relate to!!!
Me: huh? She picks out her barbies
BM: You thin white people buy black barbies? No so don't buy anymore white barbies.
Me: She picks out the barbies based on what they come with, her white barbies came with stuff that the black barbies didn't have.
BM: I don't want her to have them! Don't buy anymore
Baby: Why are you fusing at my daddy, he didn't even do anything!
Me: I know baby, Mommy just wants to fuss
BM: *rolls eyes* She is a black baby, she needs black barbies
Me: she has a bunch of them, she has all kinds of barbies
Baby: Daddy don't say anything else to her *comes over and puts hand over my mouth*
Me: *laughing at the baby* ok baby, I'll be quiet
Baby: He can't talk to you anymore
BM: *goes back in the kitchen mumbling something* honestly I tuned her out and was laughing at my daughter

So here's my thing. These are barbies that I buy and that reside at MY house. I understand my BM's concern that black babies need to play with black dolls that they can identify with but I don't think that playing with a white barbie will make my baby any less black. I mean I played with plenty of white GI Joes and never had a problem. If anything they need barbies that all don't have the same shape. Plus my baby don't care about the color. She wants the stuff they come with. If a black barbie came with the same stuff she would get that one. Why does she have to deal with a racism in her toys?

So is my BM right and I'm wrong for buying white barbies?

15 September 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Aight I think I have alot to cover today so I'ma make it quick

Friday: Got into an argument with my BM. I'ma talk about it another day. what? you don't believe me? why? because I never talk to you about her... oh. Why you trying to make this about you? That's real selfish. that's why our realtionship has problems, it's always you you you. well you you you gets dull dull dull... lmao Well I promise I'll talk about it this time because I really want some feed back. PROMISE!!!

Saturday: Ran some errands then decided to make jerked chicken. It was pretty good but some how my family knew I was cooking so my mom, sister and neice all came over and ate it. I got like 1 little ass piece. I'ma have to make it again soon.

Sunday: Me and the fam went to a farm to pick Apples and Peaches. It was fun except for my mom insisting that we look on the ground for peaches because they are the ripest. while I agree with her logic I'm not paying good money for peaches that have been sitting on the ground for who knows how long. This led to me declaring that my "tree peaches" can not fraternize with the "ground peaches" because you know they are dirty... lol

That was my weekend in a wrap up... oh and on a football note, being the chargers fan that I am I'm punching anyone named Ed Hochuli. How that bamma going to admit he blew the call like it didn't cost the chargers the game.

Look what MP the great gave me!!!!

Here are the rules:

1.) When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back

2.) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.

3.) Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’

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5.) And then we pass it on!

I'm really honored to receive this award and I'd like to thanks all the little people in my head who helped give me stuff to write about. *thinking....Thanks lil people, your the best*

Since we all know how I refuse to participate in tagging and this looks like one of tagging's cousins, I'm not going to mention anyone else. I hope everyone who blogs is honest on their blog. I know that's not the case but here at Baby Daddy Diaries we're 100% all the time.