26 September 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

1. I have an extra faded black shirt on today and it's dirty, I must have been tired this morning. Good news is I dressed up for work the last 2 days. Even left the fitted at home yesterday.

2. My boss saw me dressed up and asked if BDC had started making dress clothes... lol

3. I was planning on taking the baby to a corn maze this weekend put it's supposed to rain. I guess we will have to clean the house... BOOO

4. I'm tossing the BBQ sauce recipe. Starting from scratch, I think it's kinda plain. Ieisha liked it but I talked it over with my buddy (he's a BBQ sauce connoisseur) and he agrees that it's pretty average. So back to the drawing board. I have 2 bottles left so if you want some email me your address and I'll ship it out. First 2 people who send the info will get it.

5. Cowgirls vs. Redskins this weekend. Everyone is excited even though I'm pretty sure the cowgirls are going to win. Cowgirls are great in the regular season, it's the playoffs they have problems with.

6. Personally I'm happy that China owns all of Americas home loans. it will make that whole 1 world govt thing easier... lol I hate to think that crazy new world order beleivers have a point but damn if it's not amazing that the govt owns all the finacial stuff that was supposed to be private.

7. In other political news this funny:

I'm so mad I cut off HBO and I'ma miss his special saturday night.

8. My boy left me with this quote "It's true that good things come to those who wait, but only whats left by those who hustle" yeah, I love it.

23 September 2008

Donuts for Dad

So today was Donuts for Dad day at my daughters school. I pull up and the whole parking lot was PACKED!!! I drove around trying to catch someone leaving but alas only more people showed up. I ended up having to park like 2 blocks away and walk to her school. I had never seen so many negros in all my days of dropping her off. they were there early too. How negros early for free food? them kids be late as hell to class every other day. Usually I see a couple cute moms, wink at them and they blow kisses at me (ok, that only happens in my head) and MAYBE 1 other dad. Today I saw dudes everywhere some cars had like 3 dudes in them.. I mean wtf? All ya'll not the dad, or maybe they are I don't know. Either way you stealing MY donuts. By the time I got there my daughter was almost late for class and I didn't even get a donut. At least the school is trying, I guess next time I need to get there eariler.

22 September 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up... with Pictures

Ok here is my weekend in picture form:

On Friday I sold this:

This was my truck, I never drove it so I sold it

Then Cooked this:

Jerked chicken with rice and garlic spinach. look I actually cooked a veggie... lol

On saturday I went here:

University of Maryland played some bums, My buddy gave me free tickets.

With this guy:

This is my cousin, ya'll know him as "Puffy"

Then I went to see this:

Great movie, you should see it

With Her:

(Not Pictured)
I didn't get her permission to post a pic

On Sunday I made this:

The BBQ sauce, please ignore the dirty stove.

And watched football.

All that after saying I wouldn't have anything to do this weekend.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, back to the grind....