02 October 2008

Episode 2

Some of ya'll might remember Cookin With Dave, you know that lil show I did a while back. Some of ya'll might be like "this nigga cooks?" and then again some of you might be like "What the fuck is Juice!!! I want grape drink!!" Eithier way I think this episode is way better than the first. As always all comments/suggestions are welcome. If you like it say so, If you hate it please let me know. The producer had a hard time cramming it into 10min so of course it's not perfect but I think it's pretty good.

01 October 2008

A Milli remix

I like this version like 100 times better than Lil Waynes. I was really going to blog about something today but this is way better.

30 September 2008

DC Blogger Meet UP

I'm forwarding this event from SistaSocialite, I'll be there so if you in the area and not busy swing thru. Drop SistaSocialite a email so she can make the reservations.


So, I've gotten quite a bit of responses about the blogger meet up and it seems like everyone has agreed on October 4th, I've found a place to meet and here's the event:

DC Blogger Meet-Up
Date: October 4th, 2008
Time: 8:00 pm
Busboys and Poets Restaurant
2021 14th Street
Washington, DC (202) 387- 7638 (for more details)

Again PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!!! (tj2626@gmail.com)it goes straight to my phone. I haven't been on blogger that much so I might miss your post so its important that you email me.


29 September 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was boring. Friday I spent way too much time in Toy r us is a lil girl who could not decided what barbie to buy. Good thing it was buy 2 get 1 free. she ended up with these bride and groom barbies and a dr Barbie (all black, my BM had to find something else to complain about). So every chance she gets my daughter has them making out. I'm disturbed by this but she says "Thats her honey!" so i guess it's ok.

Saturday, we(me and baby) wake up and I make some waffles with peaches and stuff on top. They were the greatest thing ever made. My BM calls and said she wanted to get the baby for "2 hours" so she could try on her holloween costume. Cool, I needed to go to the grocery store anyway. I get a call at the grocery store,
BM: the baby needs black or brown shoes.
Me: I just bought tennis shoes this month.
BM: I don't like them, they don't match everything and she can't them on and off easliy. (They are pink New balance's so they lace up. baby needs help tieing them so you have to help her. I don't have a problem with it)
BM: It's just $40
Me: I don't have any cash but I'll get her some.
BM: I don't like the shoes you buy, you can't just give me the money or meet me at the store?
Me: Nope.. I'm broke and I need to go home and clean my house
(did I mention that I pay child support? I pay that and still buy clothes, shoes and toys. She hasn't bought my baby shoes in like 1.5 years, If she don't like what I buy she can buy whatever she wants with the money I give her.)

fast forward 10 hours later. 12:30 am, She dropping her off. I was sleep. Another day in the life.

Sunday my aunt calls me, She been trying to get in touch with my mom since 7am but the phone is busy. My mom takes the phone off the hook all the time but I decide I'll go check on her just to be safe. Pack the baby up and head across town. Of course my mom is gone, just left the phone on the floor. We raid her candy dish and as we are heading out moms pulls up. We kick it for a while then we head home to watch football. We had some crazy rain around here on sunday. Like sunny beautiful day rain. You ever walk in the sun and rain at the same time? shyt was creepy.

Anyway back to the grind.