11 October 2008

Bonus Episode (Stuffed Strawberries)

Here is a quick episode that my producer sent to me yesterday. It's a combo of a couple things we filmed. I think we filmed this stuff while the apple pie from episode 2 was cooking/cooling. I think this one is great, you get to see me hit up my local Safeway and act a fool for a bit. Anyway Enjoy and let me know what you think. We really do listen to your feedback. We are working on getting a real mic so the next thing we film should have much better sound quality.

10 October 2008

Blogger Meet Up/Honest Blogger

Hey good people, I figured I'd throw out another DMV(dc, md, va) blogger meet up event. No it's not going to be at my house like ColaCutie suggested because unless iCandy giving me free lapdances I don't see a reason to have people I kinda vagley know all in my business. Hell even if she does give me free lapdances I see know reason to invite anyone else over...lol Anyway kayellejaye said she wanted to hit the corn maze and I can think of no better idea then running around a maze in the dark. I mean everybody gets together for drinks and food. Lets do something different. It's holloween season, nothing is creepier than a corn maze at night. Here are the details.

Date: Oct 18th or Nov 1st (which ever one more people are available for)

Time: 8pm (the lady said it takes 2 hours to complete the adult maze)

Located at: Montpelier Farm

1714 Crain Highway Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


So hit me up if your interested in going dave@bdc1950.com

For all you non DMV bloggers:

Sha-Boogie gave me this:

She did it a while ago I'm just late on replying. Actually I got it before and did the whole spiel so as a thank you to her I'll provide this very honest convo I had with my daughter.

*Baby playing, dancing and screaming*
Me: baby, stop screaming.
*baby continues*
Baby: *very calmly* Why you being annoying?
Me: I'M being annoying???
Baby: yes

I just walked away. Honestly I didn't know how to reply, no 4 year old should leave you speechless.

08 October 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt Don't eat there

I just realized that my 1 year blogging anniversary was Oct 2. Like a typical man I forgot. Oh well it's not like blogger got me anything anyway.

This morning I was down at the snack bar getting a donut and some milk. I grabbed a nice looking coconut donut wrapped in plastic wrap and while looking at the other donuts I notice something moving. Upon further inspection I notice it's a baby roach. upon even further inspection I notice that it's wrapped in the plastic wrap with the donut!!! That means someone wrapped up a donut and didn't notice the damn roach attached to it.

I should explain that my building is full of roaches and other bugs, I see them in the halls and the bathroom not to mention every now and then at my desk. We have to places that serve food here and neither one seems like the cleanest place. I don't really trust anything I get from them but after seeing that mess I'm not eating anything that's not packaged outside the building.

07 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up part duex

I love saying "duex" lol it just sounds cool. Anyway here are some pics from the meet up

I have no idea why we all wore shades of gray and I didn't even notice it till I saw these pics. Thanks Kayellejaye for uploading the pics.

So on Sunday I hit up my buddy to see if she wanted to take our daughters to the Corn Maze. Here's what it looked like:

(the maze of death)

Now before entering I asked the lady if there was a "kids" maze? She said yes and that it was real easy, she told me it was a "big circle". I was like cool, I can handle that, no problem. Let me tell you about this "big circle", do you know it took us 45min to get thru? Do you know we lost 2 little girls in this "big circle"? Do you know that a whole girl scout troop got lost in this thing? we past the same lost folks like 4 times, and that was the kiddie one. They said the adult one takes 2 hours to get thru, 2 freakin hours!!! i'm not going to lie, I want to try it... lol Anyway here are some pics of that adventure(side note, I wore the exact same clothes to the blogger meet up, it's a recession you gotta recycle your clothes... lol):

(I look drunk)

(you see her giving me the sexy eye right)

(the baby running off, this is how they got lost)

(the baby taking my order, or telling me to mind my business, i forget which)

(why did my baby just hit this pose the moment she saw a camera?)

And Finally as if all them damn pics is not enough here is a video of me crabbing. I get questions all the time about how we catch crabs so here is me live in action. I have to warn you it's super boring.

06 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I might do this in 2 parts since I had pictures but left my camera at home today.

friday: my friday story actually starts on monday when this chick I used to talk too calls me:

girl: hey, when you going to let me come beat you in the wii?
Me: I don't know
blah blah blah... we talk for a lil while.

next day....

Girl: So when we going?
Me: *thinking, damn she really wants to see me* We can go out friday if you want.
Girl: that will work...

we talked thru the week and honestly I didn't want to go out with her just because I know she boring. I was bored though so I figured what the hell, maybe I'll see something new in her I like. At the very least I'll get some ass. fast forward to friday afternoon, were exchanging text messages about what we are going to do. I offer to take her to dinner and hit Jillians to play some games. She doesn't sound to excited about it so I say I can cook dinner and we can just play the Wii. She asks what I'm going to cook and I let her know I was thinking tomato basil pizza. Then nothing. You know I don't hear back from this chick till 9pm on SATURDAY!!!! I didn't even bother answering when she called. She is dead to me... lol Yes good people Super Dave got stood up, shyt happens. I hate flaky women. I stopped talking to her before for that exact reason. So I spent friday in the house, just me and my pizza... lmao

Saturday: I got up at 5am and went to my boy's house to do some crabbing. We caught a bushel went back to his crib and ate them. Good times. Then I rushed home showered, changed then headed to the rich part of DC to meet up with some other bloggers.

The Blogger meet-up was fun, besides trying to find people I had never seen and didn't know their real name. Besides that everyone came paired up so from a distance we all look like were on a date. Me and ColaCutie met up with SistaSocialite, E2deep, Brran1, 1/3, Leon and kayellejaye. We chatted about everything except blogging.I was almost offended by the waitress who suggested that me and 1/3 wouldn't like the orange chicken because it's not like the carryout's orange chicken. I mean seriously? I hope it's not like the carryouts considering it cost twice as much. This scared 1/3 off but I got it anyway, guess what? it's was great. You can't always trust the waitress even the cute ones. ColaCutie recommended the next blogger meet up happen at my house??? WTH?? that's why you shouldn't have friends, they volenteer you for shyt. Overall we had a good time, shared some laughs. While there were plenty of pictures taken I don't have any. Maybe if they get posted I'll steal them and re-post'em.

I'll post about Sunday tomorrow.