16 October 2008


So yesterday me and the producer filmed another episode of the best cooking show on the net. My producer/cousin doesn't want his name known so lets call him "Joe Producer" because why should Joe Plummer get all the shine. BTW Joe Plummer is not even a registered voter, I'll be glad when Nov 5th gets here.

Anyway I'm not sure ya'll know how long it takes to film them 10 min shows. We started at 10:30am and didn't start filming till 1:15 or so. All the other time was setup. Joe Producer takes forever to setup. He breaks out 2 video cameras, like 3 bright ass lights 2 digital cameras and some utility belt. I complain that I'll be happy when I have my food network show so I can work with professionals and he complains that I never have a script and my "winging it" gets on his nerves. And how I tend to mumble and not say complete sentences. Its really just us talking shyt back and forth... good times. Even when we do start shooting I have to stop every 2 seconds so he can switch cameras and take still pics. I can't imaging going this for a living. Spending half the day waiting around for people to setup. We wrapped up filming around 3pm. There is so much footage that gets cut we really could release a DVD.

The whole cooking show thing has taken a life of it's own. I mean it was funny at first we were just messing around. Then the first video hit a couple hundred views on youtube. Then Joe Producer started talking about his portfolio and how he wanted me to set up a website for the show. I mean he wanted me to take it serious. He says things like "Be funny" "We need more personality" like he's the boss. This almost feels like work. You know how hard it is to be funny on que? So I was thinking about where the whole thing was going. Should I be planning jokes? should I continue to just talk and see what happens? I mean all the past shows have pretty much been freestyles. So I send my brother the link to the show. He watches 1 episode and simply says

"Your a Fool, but this is Genius. I want in."

and with that I feel worlds better about the whole thing. Oddly enough I've only shown a couple people in my family the show much like my blog it's contained in this big internet world.

I'm rambling, I might do a part too to this but I'm done for now.

15 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up Wednesday Edition

aaahhh long weekends you gotta love them. I was actually at work yesterday I just didn't feel like blogging. Here how my weekend shaped up.

Friday: I don't even remember what I did. I think I just chilled in the house.

Saturday: took the baby downtown to do a lil site seeing. This is actually one of my favorite things to do. There are so many things in DC that I have never seen and there is a museum everywhere. Some days I just want to be a tourist. We ended up riding the carousel on the mall and strolling thru the air and space museum.

Sunday: Went shopping for some clothes for the baby. Then I voted for McCain!!!! no really my favorite chain taco place has 2 new burritos named after the candidates and I picked the McCain one. I even got stickers!!! Score!!! lmao

(I couldn't bring myself to wear the McCain sticker)

Let me tell you that joint was crazy dope fresh good. The guy at the counter said most people order the Obama one but that didn't look as good to me. It was some turkey chili burrito and that just sounds like I'll be voting from the bathroom. Oh well maybe I'm a conservative eater or something. I'll try it next time.

Monday: Finally cut my grass and replaced the outlets in my kitchen(they were beige and I made them white). Did some other stuff I can't remember. Oh I saw a bunch of commercials for "Max Payne" I'm really trying to see that this weekend.