24 October 2008

the Growth pt 3

This is kinda a continuation of 2 other Growth posts I did here and here.

I went to my homeowners annual meeting last night and saw a good 30 people there. Mind you our usual homeowners meeting has like 6 people. If you come to the Annual one you get 1 month of dues free. Free money brings people out everytime.

I was in there listening to people complain about crap and thinking about life and in particular my life and where I want to go. My daughter was playing with a barbie and whispering her dinner order in my ear (she wanted chicken nuggets, french fries and milk, she got spagatti) And I realized that my life has become a constant to do list. Not so much routine but a constant list of things I need to do. To the point I feel bad when I sit and do nothing. All I can think about is dinner, dishes, laundry, designs, homework or cleaning. There is always something that I should be doing. I read during my commute because I can't possibly waste time like that when I'm home. Today I went to lunch with a new friend and I had a moment when I realized I had nothing to to. I didn't HAVE to get back to work, I could afford to do nothing for a minute. It was refreshing. I always realize these moments and take a min to enjoy them. Like when I go crabbing, I make it a point to take a deep breath of the cool fresh bay air. It's those moments that keep me grinding. In hope that I can have them more often.

I guess this Growth moment is about taking the time to enjoy life. Even if it's once a day. Laugh at a joke, smile at a child do something to remind yourself that life is not all about work and money and stress. Honestly the things I remember most are not the things I bought but the moments I had. The laughs out weigh the sadness in my memories. I really miss my brother. He moved to Houston eariler this year. We super close, anytime we together it's not only a party but a funny party. Just typing this I'm remembering all the times we were crying laughing at something silly. I miss those days. Even inbetween all the stresses of life having fun was the top priority.

My other thoughts focused on change. How I've changed just this year. I'm more composed then every before. I think my confidence has grown. I doubt myself less and just go with my decisions. Good or bad I make them and roll with it. I think I'm becoming comfortable with this whole fatherhood thing. I realized that it doesn't have to define me but it does describe me. I'm not only a father but I am father first. I hope that made sense. Anyway this is getting long, you can thank Diva for suggesting I write another growth post.

Have a good weekend!!!

23 October 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt Random Tales

Here is a bunch of work stuff that is'nt really long enough for a while post.

1. The older dude getting on my nerves. We are a meeting and he volunteers to fix something. Why as soon as the meeting is over he's asking me for help on it??? I ended up just fixing it for him. This bamma spends the day flirting with every girl in the building. I went to the post office and he had been down there for an hour talking people up... wtf??

2. I successfully used the term "bridge to nowhere" to describe this project I was assigned.

3. This doesn't happen on the corner but I learned this older dude who hands out papers at the metro stop drives an S class benz. He must be retired or the washington post pays really well.

4. There is this security guard at my job who every time I see I give him dap and chat for a second. I have no idea what his name is. He cool though... lol

5. This dude is leaving kinda abruptly. He put in his resignation on monday and his last day is friday. We think it's because he likes McCain and we crack McCain jokes for at least 1 hour everyday. Not to him directly he just sits close enough to hear us. Yesterday it was that McCain must win every Robot dance competition he enters in... lmao

And with that I'll leave you with this website my buddy Ms Trouble sent me:


Click around on the site and make sure you have some sound.

21 October 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays.... Hustle Shop

I wrote this diddy back on Nov 26, 2006. I was reminded of it while getting my haircut this weekend.

I've been going to the same barber shop for like 12 years or so, It's a great neighborhood, family owned shop where the beauty of the DC area can be seen. You sit in the shop on any given Saturday and you're likely to be offered anything from anyone. People come in selling sandwiches to cases of iced tea. You need the latest bootleg CD no problem, smell good oils or even socks. Everyone there has a hustle even the barbers sell energy juice and run part time travel businesses. Long story short it's a great place to spend a Saturday morning, everyone is happy and you never know what kind of deal will be walking thru the door.

This last Saturday I was waiting to get my haircut (1.5 hour wait) and this lady walked in with a bag. She began to do a semi fashion show of clothing she was selling. Now I used to sell bootleg stuff myself so I know it when I see it. Plus her Gucci fanny pack was a dead give away. I was just amazed that she went from the barbershop to the beauty salon next door to show off what best could be described as a doggie coat. Then she came back to offer the men in the shop some jewelry. The kicker about this whole scene is that she made a couple sales including several via credit card. She pulled a credit card machine out of her bag and hooked it up the barbershop telephone. I've never seen anything like it. I mean who carries a credit card machine around? My hats off to this lady she is my hustler of the week!!!

Earlier this year my barber moved to a different shop. So this past saturday I was in this new barber shop (You just can't let anyone cut your hair, I'd follow my barber anywhere) and 1 dude comes in selling DVD's and another dude came in selling dress shoes. Who the hell buys dress shoes while waiting to get a hair cut? And dude selling the shoes had on some Ferragamo's... you got on $300 shoes on and you trying to sell me some bootleg $40 ones? Even one of the barbers said "what happened to people selling CD's and socks?"

20 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was hella boring. The baby was with her mom and It was howard's homecoming but I didn't go to any of the activities, instead I decided to get some long overdue cleaning/work done. So I spent much of the weekend on my computer. I did head out for food though, that's where this story comes from:

So I was leaving my neighborhood subway with $5 sub in hand and decided to hit my neighborhood liquor store for some "ice". First thing I notice when getting out my car is a blue chevy avalanche parked next to me. Windows were tinted but I could still see the Police badge on the passengers shoulder. Driver was in uniform too, must be off duty cops getting they liquor fix. As I'm walking into the store a young dude passes me on his cell phone, skinny jeans and small ass hoodie on. My first though was "he gay", I get my "ice" and notice there are cups of ice in the freezer. When did liquor stores start selling ice by the cup? who was the first person that came in and asked for a cup of ice? Anyway dude in front of me buys 1 blunt, we all know what for. I get to the counter and buy my "ice", the guy next to me says "Let me get some of that goose.." All I could think was how these Indian dudes have to learn liquor slang.

I'm walking out glance to my left and see the young dude who passed me earlier leaning into a car window. White dude sitting in the passenger seat and appear to do a hand off. Now not saying I've seen or been around hand to hand drug sale BUT this looked just like I've seen in the movies... lol So they make the hand off and as I'm looking at them and all I could think about was the 2 police officers in the car 20 feet away. Then I remembered these are officers in full uniform buying liquor at 10pm. Odds are they don't care.

I go to my car and wonder what exactly is so different about the burbs...